Will There a PC Version Of Silent Hill 2 Remake | Silent Hill Remake Leaks

There are rumors that say Konami is developing a Silent Hill 2 remake that supports PC and PS5 also. In collaboration with the Bloober team.

silent hill remake leaks, is there a pc version of silent hill
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About Silent Hill Franchise

In 2001, Silent Hill 2 was initially made available for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC. In it, James Sunderland’s wife Mary writes him a letter inviting him to visit the town of Silent Hill.

Konami, a publisher of video games, has seen significant transformation in the last ten years. Konami was formerly one of the most well-known publishers in the business, creating beloved classic games like Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, and Castlevania.

However, Konami shifted its focus away from traditional gaming in order to pursue other business opportunities.

Due to these modifications, Konami cancelled Silent Hills, a Silent Hill project being developed by Hideo Kojima. Since then, the survival-horror series has been inactive.

A true new Silent Hill game hasn’t been released in over a decade, but it appears that may be changing sooner rather than later. Reliable leaks and speculations indicate that Konami has several Silent Hill projects under development at several studios.

A brand-new Silent Hill game is being developed by a Japanese firm, according to VGC, while Annapurna Interactive may be working on a narrative-driven adventure game in the style of Telltale’s games.

However, the third alleged project is maybe the most intriguing of them all.

Silent Hill 2 Remake Leaks

One of the reliable source told that silent Hill 2 Remake is being Developed in collaboration with team Bloober.

If the rumours and leaks are accurate, Konami will be creating a remake of Silent Hill 2. Leaker NateTheHate wrote about this potential project on Twitter, which is how fans first learned about it.

NateTheHate claims that Bloober Team, the developer of Layers of Fear and The Medium, is working on a real remake of Silent Hill 2 rather than a straightforward remaster.

These are some of the leaks that was confirmed.

  • Game will be developed by bloober team
  • The game will offer an over the shoulder camera view
  • The game will be available on PC and the PlayStation 5 exclusively for a whole year. There is no set release date, but following the presentation, the game will be up for wishlisting on the PlayStation Store.
  • The graphics are defined as breath-taking and something that is truly next level

A PS5 and PC exclusivity sounds like what Sony has planned for including PC as part of the release schedule for games moving forward.

If the remake of Silent Hill 2 is real, maybe fans will see it soon. The Medium played very similarly to a classic Silent Hill-style game, so it will be interesting to see what Bloober Team is able to pull off when given the opportunity to remake such a classic in the genre.

However, some are sceptical that Bloober Team can do the game justice given its focus on first-person horror games.

And with a title like Silent Hill 2 Remake to start that partnership, it is indeed looking like a fruitful relationship. However, we don’t know what the plans are for the game after the 12-month launch.

Will there a PC version of Silent Hill 2 Remake

If the leaks are true, which seems to be true. There will also be a PC launch. Game will be launched on PS5 and on PC. There is no set release date but you can wishlist game after the reveal.


Additionally, Konami did not retain the original Silent Hill 2’s source code, which made it particularly challenging for the Silent Hill HD Collection to live up to expectations set by fans.

If this remake materialises, horror lovers would have the option to faithfully revisit the horror classic on cutting-edge systems.

Let’s hope for the best. Because Silent Hill 2 remake is rumored to be in development.

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Will there a pc version of silent hill 2 remake?

Yes, rumors are there will be a PS5 and PC launch. There is no release date for the game right now. But you can wishlist once revealed.

Is silent Hill 2 getting a remake?

According to leaks, silent hill 2 is under development in bloober team studio, the studio behind the medium and layers of fear

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