call of duty vanguard and the Warzone Caldera map delayed one week

call of duty vanguard

Call of duty Vanguard: Season one and Call of duty: Warzone’s Pacific map have been hit with one-week delay.

Amid the protest at Activision blizzard and the resignation of CEO Boby Kotick. It has been announced that both ‘Vanguard’ season one and warzone’s pacific caldera map will launch on December 8, The same day as the launch of ‘Halo infinite’ campaign.

call of duty: vanguard players will get exclusive access to play the Warzone caldera map on December 8.

call of duty warzone pacific caldera map point of interest

  • Airport
  • ancient structure
  • beach defence
  • city capital
  • fishing village
  • nayal shipyard
  • volcano
  • submarine base
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