13 Most Popular Upcoming Indie Games Of 2022

What were the best indie games in 2021 and what do their Upcoming Indie Games version looks like? Let’s Find out!!!!

upcoming indie games of 2022
upcoming indie games of 2022

In 2021, there were a plethora of wonderful independent games to enjoy, and the same is true in 2022. There are many, many more exciting independent games coming out soon than I could possibly include in this list.

If 2021 and the first three months of 2022 have shown anything, it’s that the independent gaming industry continues to produce imaginative, creative, and diverse experiences.

Happily, there are still a tonne of intriguing independent games in development, including everything from charming puzzle games to narrative adventures.

Here’s the list of upcoming indie games for 2022.

OxenFree 2

If you played Oxenfree, you won’t need an introduction to this game.

That game’s creator, Night School Studio, referred to it as “A Supernatural Teen Thriller.” And that pretty about sums it up.

So we can anticipate more mystery, more otherworldly terror, more teeny-bopper conversation, more bizarre radio signals, and a tonne of amazing music in the series’ upcoming book.

The game has the same outstanding visuals that made the earlier one feel so exceptional and fascinating.

The developers have actually been upgrading the first game with secret signals you may find that hint at what is to come in “Lost Signals,” which is interesting because this second game in the series will have connections to the first.
Later this year, Oxenfree 2 will launch on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, and PS4.

And I am eager to return to the peculiar world of Oxenfree. A simple addition to this collection of intriguing forthcoming independent games.

Thirsty Suitors

Outerloop, a Falcon Age developer of Thirsty Suitors made its debut during The Game Awards 2021. The intriguing clip featured “RPG turn-based fighting,” cooking, skating, and other activities that appeared to be related to the game’s relationship aspects.

Jala, a woman at the core of the narrative, has relocated to her small, gossipy hometown. But it appears that close ties to family, friends, and ex-spouses will also be important in this situation.

Still no release date, fans are hoping the game would be released in 2022.

Little Kitty, Big City

We’re about to embark on a playful, delightful adventure as a little cat in a big city. Seriously, it’s impossible to not wish you were a cat, doing everything a cat does.

You can tour the city, interact with the populace, make some friends, and, of course, jump into a bunch of boxes as a wandering kitty trying to find its way home.

The adorable clip also featured the cat donning a variety of quirky headwear. What more could you possibly need? The forthcoming adventure from Double Dagger Studio appears to be fantastic.


Another intriguing 2.5-dimensional game that has been in development for a while ( they had some controversies and lost their publisher), has a similar overall mood to this one.

However, the subject of Replaced is rather distinctive because of the combination of futuristic aspects and the 1980s period.

Although the emphasis is clearly on the visuals, in this case, I’m quite forward to seeing how everything truly functions.

The release of Replaced for Xbox and PC was scheduled for this year but has been postponed until 2023 owing to the unrest in Ukraine.


The black-and-white video game Silt is set in “a surreal oceanic nothingness” at the bottom of the ocean.

There appears to be a lot of exploring as well as a tonne of environmental riddles to solve. Early 2022 is the anticipated release date for the Windows PC version of Spiral Circus.

How To Say Goodbye

How to Say Goodbye, created by Florian Veltman and Baptiste Portefaix, tries to handle the tough issue of bereavement in a vibrant, considerate manner.

You’re stuck in an uncharted world full of ghosts in this narrative puzzle game, which tells the tale of a person who recently changed into a ghost.

You’ll need to find your way through a number of levels where you assist in leading other ghosts to the exit so they can leave what is known as the “liminal space between life and death.”

You aid the other ghosts in leaving and accompany them on their journey to the other side by manipulating the environment and furnishings to solve your escape.

This game is cool until it releases, Let’s see if it’s worth no 1 in our list of upcoming indie games or not.


Developer Jumpship, a studio that Dino Patti, formerly of Playdead, co-founded, created the amazing-looking game, Somerville.

If you’ve played Dead Trigger and Inside from Playdead, which are both excellent games, you might be interested in this.

Inside is among my top ten games of all time, and Dead Trigger was on our list of the Best PS3 Horror Games of 2022.

You could say that Somerville shares Inside’s aesthetic and gameplay, but takes things a step further with fully realized cutscenes and three-dimensional gameplay.

And one of the finest features is that you have a dog by your side the entire time. What’s not to love about it, really?

Terra Nil

The objective of the strategy game Terra Nil, created by Free Lives, is not to rule the world. Instead, the player must revive the globe by restoring the procedurally produced wastelands.

On Steam, a trial is already accessible, although the complete release for Windows PC is scheduled for 2022.


The goal of the “little open-world” adventure Aka, which stars a cute little red panda who was once a fighter, is to find some inner peace.

You are free to explore the game’s hand-crafted islands and engage in a variety of enjoyable activities, such as having a quick nap on a gigantic capybara, using the farming system to tend to plants, and gathering materials to manufacture tools, food, and shelter.

A bike ride, a soak in the hot springs, or simply watching the sky pass by as you go through the diverse biomes of the islands are other ways to find some peace.

Even though you’ll be attempting to find some peace, every former combatant has their own issues.

Nine Sols

Red Candle Games’ stunning platformer Nine Sols draws inspiration from both Sekiro and more current genre classics. Yup! Sekiro.

The 2D hand-drawn imagery is lovely, and the great variety of animation really makes it stand out.

You know what to anticipate with this addition to our list of upcoming independent games if you are familiar with Ori or Hollow Knight, which is ranked first on our list of the Best Indie Games On Steam.

With its fluid movement, furious combat, and futuristic Japanese characteristics, it appears to be an excellent platformer.

Although the fighting and puzzles appear difficult, the prize appears to be worthwhile.


According to creator Joel McDonald, hindsight is about things—”the possessions we hold dear.”

When the game launches on the Apple App Store, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC in 2022, the user will be able to view a woman’s entire life through those artifacts.

Smile Rancher 2

Beatrix travels to Rainbow Island in the sequel to the previous game, which is rumored to be full of odd resources, old technologies, and, of course, a tonne of brand-new slimes to find and gather.

You’ll have your ranch, just like the original Slime Rancher, where you can update your equipment and cultivate in a brand-new conservatory that you may expand as you advance.

As you travel the island, using your dependable backpack to gather Slimes, you’ll endeavor to solve its mysteries while earning the money known as newbucks. The sequel is sure to be just as enjoyable if the previous game is any indication.

A Letter To The Future

Season: A message to the future seems to embody everything I enjoy in some of my favorite video games, therefore it calls to me.

The narrative components of games like Life is Strange or The Last of Us combined with the casual open-world exploring of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Death Stranding (without any combat) (not the same vibe, obviously).

I get the impression that you can play this game at your own leisure and just sort of unwind in the exquisite setting that the developers created.

And when you are prepared to do so, you can begin to decipher precisely what is happening in the narrative.

Bike about in a lovely setting, record some ASMR, take notes, and take some pictures. To me, this sounds like the ideal moment.

I have no doubt that when it launches on PC, PS4, and PS5 in the fall of this year, I will really like this one.

So, this was the list of best upcoming indie games for 2022. To add more spice, we’ve also a list of 10 best retro games on steam

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