10 Lightweight And Interesting Survival Games Android 2022

Strategy, survival, and adventure games have long held a firm place in the hearts of gamers. They provide what ordinary people lack in their daily lives: drive, emotions, adrenaline, and unexpected twists. here we have a list of interesting survival games for android and iOS

You will face a nuclear power plant accident and its consequences, an invasion of genetically modified plants, or a real war. We must admit that there is no desire to confront this. Another thing to do is to play the game!

survival games android 2022
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Lost Light

Lost Light is a 3D ARPG in which you join the Firefly Vanguard Squad, one of the last human survivors within the lockdown zone. Above all, your goal will be to survive in this hostile environment. To accomplish this, you can go it alone or collaborate with other players, forming various alliances.

Lost Light may appear to be just another third-person shooter at first glance. However, it is far more complicated. To begin, the settings are massive, and you can freely explore them on foot or in various vehicles. Furthermore, one of the most crucial aspects of the game is shelter.
The interaction with other players is another feature that distinguishes Lost Light from similar games. You can attack anyone on the screen, but you can also choose to team up with them. You can even save a wounded player’s life, form a temporary alliance, or complete a difficult objective before bidding them farewell. In the lockdown zone, the distinction between friends and enemies is fluid.

Lost Light is another promising Netease release, similar to the excellent “Disorder,” but with new gameplay and a more ambitious goal. Only time and a consistent player community will determine its level of success, as in other multiplayer games. Due to gameplay, lost light is one of the best survival games on android and iOS.

Let’s survive

Let’s Survive is a new offline survival game that is filled with ash, fear, zombies, mutants, and thugs. A shooter, survival, building, crafting, and action world where only the strongest and fittest survive.
When you appear to be the only person left during a zombie invasion, your main rule is to survive. Look for resources and items, and create a variety of weapons. Strengthen your defenses and repel zombie and boss attacks. Keep track of your health, thirst, hunger, and disease status. Finish quests and join survival factions.
Surviving a tragedy is not an easy task. An RPG survival game simulator is a constant search for and collection of items and resources, as well as constant monitoring of character life indicators (hunger, thirst, health, radiation levels).
Every survivor in the dawn of the zombie apocalypse must have his own base with strong walls, craft ranged and melee weapons and armor to save from enemies, and search for various survival items. Create a safe zone to keep you safe during the night, cook food on fire, construct shelters, barricades, and fortifications, and craft as many weapons as you can.

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Crashlands’ plot revolves around surviving a crash on a planet ruled by aliens and monsters. You’ll take on the role of Flux, the main character who must survive on his new planet. You must gain access to your immediate surroundings and learn how to best use the aliens’ available technologies to your advantage.

As you progress through the game, you’ll make friends with some of the aborigines in order to escape their planet. But here’s the twist: as you defeat the aliens and gain access to more features, you’ll become increasingly concerned about living comfortably on this strange planet.


Life After is a 3D survival action game. Players take control of one of the last survivors of a zombie apocalypse that has ravaged modern society. It is now up to you to find shelter, construct defense walls, collaborate with other survivors, and, of course, fight a slew of evil monsters.

You must first create your survivalist before you can begin playing. Choose from a variety of customization options to create a one-of-a-kind character to embody. Choose whether you want to play as a woman or a man, and customize their tools, hairstyle, facial structure, and much more. You can also choose their ethnicity and their pet sidekick.
The control systems in Life After are straightforward. A virtual stick to your left allows you to control movement. On your right, there are action buttons for reloading and jumping. There’s also a mini-map on your right to help you find your way around. This item is especially useful for orienting yourself in your surroundings, and it also serves as a shortcut to your inventory of weapons and other tools.
Make your own tools out of any resources you find on your adventures. Use rocks, hemp, wood, and other materials to make axes, knives, booby traps, barricades, and whatever else you need to survive. However, in Life After, more complex structures are also an option. You can even lay the foundation for buildings before putting in walls, floors, doors, windows, tables, balconies, and other features. There’s more to look at, making life after one of the best survival games android in 2022

The main difference between Life After and other survival games like Last Day on Earth is that this game has a full backstory and much more complex characters. This story takes place in a much more immersive environment that spans several types of terrain.


Do you prefer to play in a group rather than by yourself? The teamwork process is breathtaking, and the timing and coherence of the action give you goosebumps. Try out the online shooter Unkilled. Your team will face the undead and other terrifying creatures.

The game is set in New York City. There has been a zombie outbreak, which has resulted in these monsters appearing everywhere.

Your mission is to identify the source of the epidemic and eliminate it as a group. You can take on the role of one of the five available characters, each of whom is a member of a secret unit.

Last day on earth

Another game is set in the post-apocalyptic world, but this time you must deal with life after an outbreak of an unknown infection. This terrible disease destroyed humanity in the story. A certain number of people who have remained in poor health are forced to survive and resist the corpses – zombies.
An unknown infection wipes out the human population. Now that zombies have taken over the land, only a few survivors must seek refuge. Arm yourself with weapons to protect yourself from zombies and hunt wild animals for food. Make your camp store supplies and keep you safe. There is also a multiplayer mode in which you can team up with other survivors to flee or clear out zombies in your area.

It will take a lot of effort to save both your life and your mind. Collect resources and objects, be cunning, make your own weapons, and construct fortifications. Zombies can be defeated not only with weapons but also with traps. And anything can be used as a weapon: sticks, old bits, road signs… Any items you find can be used to make weapons.

Day R survival

During the Soviet era, a nuclear power plant accident inspired numerous games, books, and films. Day R Survival is no different. The entire action takes place in the 1980s on the territory of the Soviet Union. All auctions are held online, and you must complete quests and missions, study the terrain, and desperately try to survive.

The entire country is a radioactive desert, where radiation has either killed all life or created mutants. There is chaos, disease, and destruction all around you, and you have no idea where your family is.
Every time, the player is drawn out of the safe camp by the high level of difficulty and the enticing loot. In the Civilization titles, “just explore one more place” is as enticing as “just one more turn.”

Who is it appropriate for? Fans of the Russian post-apocalypse, the Metro, or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. have taken a chance. Despite its simple graphics, the game appears to be very immersive.

You must locate and save them, which will not be easy. You’ll have to travel across a vast country teeming with dangerous mutants without access to food, medicine, or shelter.

Don’t starve

The well-known game has also been adapted for mobile devices. Initially, there was only a computer version, but the developers worked hard, and now smartphone owners can fully enjoy the gameplay.

In the story, you take on the role of Wilson, a strange scientist. The demon deception lured you into a dangerous world with only one instruction – do not starve.
You must manage your food supply, firewood, and other resources from the start of the game in order to keep Charlie, your invisible monster enemy, from attacking you.

As with surviving on a strange island, you can use firewood and stones to cook your food and keep warm. The fire deters wild beasts from attacking you as well. Don’t Starve unlocks new characters with more skills and better survival tools as you gain experience and points.
The task appears to be as simple as possible, but the rest of the world does not agree. Find a low-light source, and some food, and wait for the night – these are your main tasks.

Storm fall: Saga Of Survival

Stormfall is a departure from the zombie survival themes. As one of Stormfall’s masters, you will be labeled a traitor and exiled. You must now survive the harsh outside world to exact revenge on those who have betrayed you.

You must fight and hunt for food and raw materials for your weaponry, build your home and craft items for survival, and create runes to unlock new spells to challenge even the most formidable foes. Complete quests to gain the favor of various factions in the area.

Dead By Daylight

We don’t think we need to tell you what Dead by Daylight is about. What is important is that Behavior Interactive did an excellent job of porting the successful title. Multiplayer is just as enjoyable as it is on the PC. The only thing that bothers us is the choppy animation, which was already present in the PC version. Dead by Daylight is unquestionably one of the best survival games for Android and iOS.
This is what distinguishes Dead by Daylight Mobile: The player can dress up as well-known villains from various horror films and hunt down poor teenagers. Of course, in the asymmetrical game, it’s the other way around: Be hunted and let creep!

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