Top 50 Best And Scariest Horror Games Online

When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.” Dawn of the Dead. Here is the list of Top scariest horror games online.

Top 50 Horror games
Horror Games Online

What are the scariest horror games?. Horror games tend to leave you vulnerable rather than empowered. And more than most they are the gaming experience that haunts you long after you play.

Of Course, There is more in horror games rather than running from your enemies. While we’ve picked some obvious picks like Dying Light and Resident Evil 7. You may find other games that may use other tactics to increase your heartbeats.

As Marie Curie Once said, “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.”

So here is the list of Top scariest horror games you can play right now….. If you dare.

50. Resident Evil Remake

resident evil remake
Resident Evil 1 remake

Developer: Capcom
Publishers: Capcom
Platform: PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One
Single/Multiplayer: Both

A refined version of the game Resident Evil 1. If you have enough taste in gaming, Then you may know Capcom released its first Horror game Resident evil 1 in 1996. The game mainly focuses on killing creatures called zombies.

Special forces are sent to investigate a murder in Raccoon City. They are warmly welcomed by the Hordes of zombies, forcing them to take a shelter nearby mansion. But a sword of death is still hanging in the air because zombies are coming closer. They are also short of food and water.

The graphics have been made more detailed to add more spice in horror. New controls and Bloom filters are also added to make the visual more realistic

Conclusively, We can say that Resident evil remake is the classic and improved version of Resident Evil 1 and you should give it a try.



Developer: Frictional Games
Publishers: Frictional Games
Platform: PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One

In the world of SOMA, You will face different horror scenarios underneath the ocean waves. The game takes place in PATHOS-2 which is underwater research center. The machinery at PATHOS-2 has started to gain human characteristic.

Now you need to dig deep into the locked terminals and look for the secret document which will reveal the truth behind the chaos. You have to look for the last inhabitant but you should also be very careful as there is danger all around you in the form of corrupted humans and insane robots.

Frictional games also created a successful game called Amnesia: the dark descendant . So conclusively SOMA deserves a chance.

48. Silent hill 2

silent hill 2
Silent Hill 2

Developer: Team Silent
Publishers: Team Silent
Platform: PC, PlayStation 2 and 3, Xbox One
Single/Multiplayer: Single-Player

Developed under the banner of team silent and multiple developers groups. The second installment in the silent hill series.

This game explores the backstory of silent hill. So you don’t have to worry about silent hill 1. James Sunderland is the main character of the game. James arrives at Silent Hill after getting a letter from his dead wife. Besides He soon meets Maria who is very similar to his wife. He goes on his journey of finding his wife while Maria accompanies him.

They are ambushed and Maria Gets killed while James runs away. The storyline goes with many ups and Downs and it has many twists filled with Horror

This game was widely considered the best horror game ever made.

47. Parasite Eve

parasite eve
Parasite Eve

Developer: Square
Publishers: Square
Platform: PC, PlayStation portable, and vita
Single/Multiplayer: single-player

The main character of the game is Aya Brea an NYPD rookie. She is attending an opera with a blind date in New York. Suddenly, all the people in Opera spontaneously combusts, Except for Aya. Aya confronts Melissa (Stage actress). Melissa flees backstage and mutates into a beast and flees into sewer declaring that her name is now Eve.

The storyline comes with many Ups and downs and twists filled with horror. Parasite eve was the first major American and Japanese game collaboration for the company. This is the best horror game online.

46. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

eternal darkness
Eternal darkness

Developer: Silicon Knights
Publishers: Nintendo
Platform: GameCube
Single/Multiplayer: single-player

Fighting Monster and solving puzzles to further explore different locations. While the gameplay is similar to Resident Evil, Eternal darkness maintains notable differences in gameplay style.

The Story revolves around investigating a murder. Alexandra Roivas find herself returning to her family’s estate in Rhode island after her grand father, Edward Roivas, Her only living relative, is found brutally murdered.

Two weeks after, The police have gotten nowhere with the investigation. Alex Decides to investigate the murder alone. The story goes through many ups and downs. She started to investigate the mansion for clues and stumbles upon a secret room containing a book bound with the human skin called the Tome Of Eternal Darkness. The story goes with many horror and breathtaking scenes.

Silicon Knight who is the developer of the game goes bankrupt and disbanded after a decade. Eternal Darkness was praised by many reviewers and won numerous awards. This game is worth a try because this is the in the best category of horror games online .

45. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident evil 2 remastered
Resident Evil 2019

Developer: Capcom
Publishers: Capcom
Platform: PC, Xbox series X and S, PlayStation 4 and 5
Single/Multiplayer: single-player

The genre-defining masterpiece Resident Evil 2 returns, Completely rebuilt from the ground up for a deeper narrative experience. A fresh take on classic horror saga with breathtaking visuals and heart-pounding hypnotic audio. Also A new over-the-shoulder camera, and modern controls on the top of gameplay modes from the original game.

Resident Evil 2 is a classic action, Tense exploration, Puzzle-solving gameplay that defines returns of the resident evil series.
A disastrous outbreak that turns the Raccoon city people into deadly zombies. The character joins rookie police after Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are thrust by an outbreak. The fate of both characters is in player’s hands as they work together to survive and get to the bottom of what is behind the terrifying attack on the city.

This masterpiece is worth a try because it is the sequel to the 1998 resident evil series.

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44. Silent Hill 1

Silent Hill

Developer: Konami
Publishers: Konami
Platform: PlayStation, Portable, vita
Single/Multiplayer: single-player

In this game, We see a character named Harry, he goes to a silent hill with his daughter Cheryl. To avoid an accident harry loses control over the car and they fell leaving harry unconscious. Moreover, when he wakes up he is being known that his daughter is missing.

Harry must save his daughter from the demons responsible for her missing.

The game comprises action, combat, and puzzle-solving. Although graphics are not that high, overall the gameplay and storyline are much better. You should give this game a try if you like puzzle-solving horror games Online.

43. Amnesia The dark descent

Developer: Frictional Games
Publishers: Frictional Games
Platform: PlayStation 4, Microsoft windows, Xbox
Single/Multiplayer: single-player

You have been given the role of a young man with name Daniel, He has lost his memory and all he remember is name and that someone is after him. Playing while roaming in the castle which is basically so horror and dangerous gives you a horror vibe. You have to be high alert because monsters and ghost can attack from any direction of the castle. Hiding and running away may save you from danger. You have to solve puzzle while playing in order to advance the game. Furthermore, game has got very impressive graphics.

42.System Shock 2

Developer: Irrational Games and looking glass studios
Publishers: Nightdive studios and EA
Platform: Microsoft windows
Single/Multiplayer: single-player

System shock 2 is sequel of classic horror sci-fi games. It has come with more improvements. You are awake from a very cold chill cryo tube. Soon, You discover the cybernetic implants which are implanted inside your flesh and the same has been done with the whole ship crew of Von Braun and they are being slaughtered. Infected scream and freely roam in the hall which will make you join them. You become a rogue in them to find and unravel the mysteries. SHODAN which is an artificial intelligence will try to destroy you. Altogether, This game is a decent extension to all famed horror games.


Phasmophobia high school haunt

Developer: Kinetic Games
Publishers: Kinetic Games
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Single/Multiplayer: single-player
Awards: The best debut indie game

A 4 players co-op psychological horror game where you and your teammates of paranormal investigator will enter haunted location filled with many haunted and paranormal activities. Collect as many evidence of paranormal as you can. Use your ghost hunting equipment to search and record of whatever ghost is haunting the location to sell onto ghost removal team.

You can choose to support your team by monitoring CCTV cameras and motion sensors from the safety of the truck. Otherwise, You can go inside and get your hands dirty with ghostly activities that will get increasingly hostile.

Realistic graphics and sound as well, immersive gameplay will ensure totally a immersive experience. Altogether, The game is fun.

40.The Forest

The Forest Main Screen

Developer: Endnight Games
Publishers: Endnight Games and Rabbit Bay games
Platform: PlayStation, Portable, vita
Single/Multiplayer: single-player

After passenger jet crash, You find yourself in a mysterious forest battling to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants.

Build, survive in this terrifying first-person survival horror sequel. Enter a breathing world where every tree and plant can be chopped down. Below ground explore a vast network of caves and lakes. Silicon Knight who is the developer of the game goes bankrupt and disbanded after a decade. Eternal Darkness was praised by many reviewers and won numerous awards. This game is worth a try because this is the in the best category of horror games online .

39. Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th





A third-person horror survival game where players take on the role of a teen counselor, or for the first time Jason Voorhees. You and the d other six will do everything possible to escape and survive while the most well-known killer tracks you down and brutally slaughters you.

You will be given every single tool to survive, escape or even try to take down the man who is behind you and who can’t be killed. Moreover, Every gameplay session will give you an entirely new chance to prove if you have what it takes not only to survive but to the best more prolific killer cinema in history.

A slasher with more kills than any of his rivals.

Meanwhile, Jason will be given some abilities to track, hunt, and kill his prey. Stalk from the shadows, scare your targets and kill them when the time is right in as brutal as you can imagine. Take control and terrify those unfortunate enough to cross your path.

38. Dead by daylight





Dead by Daylight is developed under the banner of behavior digital inc. It’s a 4vs1 horror game where 1 player will play as a killer and the other player will play as a survivor.

The rules are simple, all the four survivors have to escape from the brutality of the killer.

The killer will be playing from a first-person perspective while the survivor will be playing from 3rd person perspective, thus having better situational awareness. The survivor needs to escape from killing grounds which though seems a simple affair but is not all. The environment around the survivors will change each time you play the game.

Play as a team or be selfish and play alone. Playing as a team means playing together and cooperating in difficult situations. All the levels are generated traditionally which means you will have no idea what is coming your way. Silicon Knight who is the developer of the game goes bankrupt and disbanded after a decade. Eternal Darkness was praised by many reviewers and won numerous awards. This game is in the best category of horror games online .

38.World War Z

WWZ french map





A thrilling four players cooperative third-person shooter video game featuring massive swarms of zombies that recklessly rush their living prey. Based on the popular paramount pictures of the same name.

The swarms of the zombies feel neither fear nor mercy. It rolls forward to spread and consume. Together, make your stand and unload your deadly weapon into swarming zombies. Feel the satisfying rush of life as you cheat death and prevail against such overwhelming odds.

Cut the zombies with a rocket launcher, machine guns, grenades, barbed wire, and more. From New York to Moscow, to Jerusalem the undead apocalypse continues to spread.

As the end looms, a hardened few band together and endure. Together, we may bring down the horde and press on. Altogether, the game is fun and breath-taking.




PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, WINDOWS


A quarter-century after nuclear war devastated the earth, A few thousands of survivors still cling to existence in the ruins of Moscow. They have struggled against the poisoned elements.

Fought mutated creatures and horrors, and suffered the flames of civil war. But now, as Artyom, you must flee the Metro and lead a band of Spartan Rangers on an incredible, continent-spanning journey across post-apocalyptic Russia in search of a new life in the East.

Metro Exodus is an epic, first-person shooter from 4A Games that blends deadly combat and stealth with exploration and survival horror in one of the most hypnotic game worlds ever created. Silicon Knight who is the developer of the game goes bankrupt and disbanded after a decade. Eternal Darkness was praised by many reviewers and won numerous awards. This game is worth a try because this is the in the best category of horror games online .

36. Last of us 2



PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4


A Game played from a third-person perspective featuring elements of the survival horror genre. The player covers post-apocalyptic environments such as buildings and forests to advance the story. Use the massive weapon to take down the creatures. Ellie, who sets out for revenge after suffering a tragedy, and Abby, a soldier who becomes involved in a conflict between her militia and a religious cult. Silicon Knight who is the developer of the game goes bankrupt and disbanded after a decade. Eternal Darkness was praised by many reviewers and won numerous awards. Last of us 2 is worth a try because this is the in the best category of horror games online .

35. Dying Light

dying light 1


PUBLISHERS: Warner Bros Interactive

PLATFORMS: PlayStation5, Xbox One, Microsoft windows


An official release from Warner Bros Interactive. Dying Light has a zombie apocalypse theme and is set in an open-world environment where the player can travel on a vast land.

This game got free-running mechanics which will allow the character to jump from one roof to another. The majority of fighting is with a melee weapon. Kayle cran an undercover agent is sent to face the eMusic in the infected city of Harran.

Dying Light has two dynamic modes. In the daytime, the player can roam around and collect weapons and other items as well as can save a survivor. Although zombies are slow, they will grow in numbers and that is where the danger arises.

A comprehensive weather system is also included in the game. Players can set the weather as foggy, windy, or rainy.

When night arrives, the infected zombies become more dangerous and they get the ability to sprint. Their senses increase and this is where the danger begins. At night, zombies can also jump from one roof to another like the players.

To avoid physical contact with zombies, you can use your night senses so you can locate zombies in the dark. Silicon Knight who is the developer of the game goes bankrupt and disbanded after a decade. Eternal Darkness was praised by many reviewers and won numerous awards. This game is in the best category of horror games online .

34. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard



PLATFORMS: PlayStation5, Xbox One, Microsoft windows


Resident Evil 7 has been developed under the banner of Capcom ltd. An imposing addition in an already owned resident evil series.

Continuation of resident evil 6 series. The game has been set in modern-day America. A whole new level with an open-world environment and tense gameplay. It has brought thrilling horror to a whole new level.

Players will control Ethan Winters, a civilian who has acquired few combat skills. Ethan winters have a variety of weapons such as axes, shotguns, explosives, and flamethrowers. Altogether, with shining visuals and imposing gameplay Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is a game to try out.

33. The vanishing of Ethan carter

DEVELOPERS: The Astronauts

PUBLISHERS: The Astronauts, THQ Nordic

PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch


This game starts as Paul Prospero a detective receives a letter from Ethan Carter, A young boy having awareness of the supernatural. Paul is also equipped with paranormal activities. He goes to a fictional valley called Red Creek Valley to find the boy. As he already knows that the boy is missing and his family couldn’t find him. Paul starts to explore Red Creek Valley and examine the dark secrets of the valley.

You can explore this fictional world at your will and roam around. The abilities given to you will help you to solve the mysteries. With a set of all abilities, you will be solving all the mysteries and crimes to move forward in the game. Your Main mission is to find Ethan carter.

Altogether, the vanishing of Ethan Carter is an exceptional thriller horror game with immersive game-play. Amazingly detailed in its visuals and sound technology. You should give this game a try. Silicon Knight who is the developer of the game goes bankrupt and disbanded after a decade. Eternal Darkness was praised by many reviewers and won numerous awards. This game is worth a try because this is the in the best category of horror games online .

32. Resident Evil 4



PLATFORMS: PlayStation2, PlayStation4,


AWARDS: VGX Award for the best game of the year

Resident Evil 4 is a third-person survival horror game developed by Capcom. Players control Leon Kennedy who is sent on a mission to rescue the U.S president’s daughter Ashley Graham, Who was kidnapped by a cult. In a rural part of Europe, Leon fights hordes of villagers infected by a mind-controlling parasite.

The game is played from a third-person perspective. This game has won many awards including the VGX award for the best game of the year. The gameplay focuses on action and shootouts with fewer survival horror elements.

Unlike other games in the series, In this game players can jump out of the windows, dodge an attack, or can kick down a ladder.

Altogether, Immersive gameplay, detailed visuals, and an open-world environment give you a horror vibe. You should give this game a try. Silicon Knight who is the developer of the game goes bankrupt and disbanded after a decade. Eternal Darkness was praised by many reviewers and won numerous awards. Resident evil 4 is the in the best category of horror games online .

31. Last of us 1



PLATFORMS: PlayStation3, PlayStation4,


A survival game where you are surrounded by zombies. You have to keep yourself safe otherwise you will become a zombie too. When playing the game, it seems you are really into the game. You have to do anything to survive on the planet.

Players will be attacked by zombies several times. You have to fight for your life. Other humans are infected or dead already.

 The main character is Joe. Whose family members are already dead or infected. He is the only one who can save the world. Joel is tough and his actions are brutal. After all, he has to fight against zombies.

The game last of us is all about the main player who is fighting against the zombies. The players have nothing to lose and have no fear.

Joel’s partner’s name is Tess. She feels little resistance while killing the zombies because she is emotional. So because she has already a brutal partner, she becomes confident when pulling the trigger. Altogether, this game is worth a try.

30. Bio Shock 2 Remastered

DEVELOPERS: Irrational Games

PUBLISHERS: Irrational Games

PLATFORMS: PlayStation3, Windows, MacOS, Xbox 360


Bio Shock 2 remastered continues the series Bio Shock We have seen underwater metropolis Rapture. You will have the opportunity to explore the Rapture and kill the incoming enemies. You can collect money, health and ammo. There is a whole army of lunatic humans. You can use different weapons to attack the enemies. An award winning storyline. Superb blend of first-person shooting. You will see that there is a monster who is snatching girls and bringing them back to rapture. All in all this game is amazing and worth a try.

29.Little Nightmares

DEVELOPERS: Tarsier studio, Super massive games

PUBLISHERS: Bandai Namco

PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4, Windows, , Xbox


Confront your childhood fears. A whimsical tale that will confront your fears. Explore the most disturbing dollhouse offering a prison to escape from and a playground full of secrets to discover. A vast, Mysterious vessel inhabited by a corrupted souls looking for their next meal. Overall, this game is amazing because you will unleash your imagination by connecting to your inner child.

28. Limbo


PUBLISHERS: Xbox Game studio

PLATFORMS: PlayStation 3, Windows, , Xbox one


A little boy is wandering in a creepy jungle looking for his lost sister. This game got award for the storyline they created. It’s a basically survival game where you have to save the little child from the creepy jungle. Just like all the other 2d game, you can move the boy forward, backward. You can make him jump-up and jump-down. The little boy can also climb ladders and walls on ropes.

There are lots of bloody obstacle in his way. All you have to do is to save this little child from all the bloody obstacle which are of many forms.

27. Inside




PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4, windows, Xbox one


AWARDS: The game award for the best art direction

In this version of INSIDE, player is going to control a red shirted boy who is avoiding death. This boy is running widely and some masked face men are chasing him with flashlight. The boy must escape these guards and dogs. Because dogs will rip him apart. A monochromatic platform game where you are going to highlight some object of the environment by using colors.

The red shirted boy can walk, run and jump over the obstacle. As the story advance, you will be able to control the bodies so that you can solve different puzzles.

26.Bio shock

DEVELOPERS: Irrational Games

PUBLISHERS: Irrational Games

PLATFORMS: Windows, Xbox 360


The game has been set in the 1960s, where a plane is crashed in the Atlantic Ocean. All the passenger in the plane have been drowned except for one person Jack. Jack manages to reach a light house where he founds a rapture, A underwater city.

Jack is caught by powerful and genetically mutated citizens. The player is equipped by some advance weapons. And he can pick up some more weapons as he advance the game.

On a conclusive note we can say that Bio Shock is a adventurous game. It has gained popularity all over the world since its release.

25. Alice madness returns


PUBLISHERS: Spicy horse

PLATFORMS: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3


After the events of first game Alice now blames herself for the fire that killed her family and her house. She then escapes into a horror version of Wonderland where everything is very different from the fairytale of Wonderland.

She was able to get out of that world. Now it is the year 1875 when Alice: Madness Returns occurs as she lives in an orphanage in London. She lives with Doctor Angus who is a psychiatrist and uses hypnotism to cure the children. After sometime Alice has a hallucination and she thinks of herself to be in Wonderland again. A whole new story comes into being which will be fascinating as well as horrific.

24. Among the sleep

Among the Sleep

DEVELOPERS: Krillbite studio

PUBLISHERS: Krillbite studio

PLATFORMS: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4


Among the Sleep is a first person horror game, in which you play as a two year old child. After waking up in the middle of the night to mysterious sounds, you start exploring the dark looking for comfort.

The game explores horror through atmosphere and exploration, not with scores and combat systems. In Among the Sleep, you’re scared and trying to make sense of the world.

23. Deadly Premonition

Horror games online deadly premonition

DEVELOPERS: Access Games

PUBLISHERS: Microsoft Corporation

PLATFORMS: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 3


Playing as special agent Francis York Morgan, it’s your job to investigate the brutal murder of a young local beauty in the town of Greenvale (A fictional map). Amidst the backdrop of soaring mountains and a small American suburb, York must solve the mystery of the Red Seed Murders and stay alive in a place where supernatural creatures and a mysterious ax-wielding killer seek to end his investigation for good.

Deadly premonition offer a open-world environment to discover. You can freely roam around. This is the best horror games online you’ve been looking for.

22. Left 4 dead

Horror games online


PUBLISHERS: Valve games,

PLATFORMS: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 3


Left 4 Dead is Arcade and horror game. It’s the first installment in the left 4 dead series.

There is a very dangerous virus who attacked on a country and large number of peoples infected by this virus. This virus damages the cells of the human body. So the government of the country decided to to give the task to player and his team to try to control this virus and help the infected peoples.

Players can use many types of weapons, first when the player starts the game he only can use a pistol. But when proceeds to the higher levels of the game. He will also find more weapons. If you are a zombies fan then this horror game online is for you. Altogether, this game is fun.

21. The land of Pain

Land of pain

DEVELOPERS: Alessandro Guzzo

PUBLISHERS: Alessandro Guzzo

PLATFORMS: Microsoft Windows


Darkness hangs in the air, Something strange appears in the woods. Your life is about to change forever.

In this horror adventure, you’ll have to learn how to survive as you head off a dark and disturbing evil. Explore a huge and terrifying world, flee from a relentless enemy, solve puzzles, and unravel the ancient mystery that’s befallen this land.

Your only chance of survival is to run as fast as you can, and exploit the environment to hide yourself. Explore buildings, caves, swamps, graveyards and more. This game provides and open-world environment to explore. Altogether, this horror adventurous games online is worth try.

20. We happy few

W happy few Horror games online

DEVELOPERS: Compulsion Games

PUBLISHERS: Gear Box software

PLATFORMS: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


We Happy few is the tale of a plucky bunch of moderately terrible people trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial in the city of Wellington wells. Conformity is key. You’ll have to fight with the drug-addled inhabitants. Most of them don’t kindly to the people who won’t abide by their not-so-normal-rules

Altogether, The game is futuristic, Discover the darkest history of three rebellious citizens of Wellington wells.

19. Darkwood


DEVELOPERS: Acid Wizard Studio

PUBLISHERS: Acid Wizard Studio

PLATFORMS: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


Darkwood provides a new perspective on survival horror. Roam ever-changing open-world by day, then hunker in your hideout and then pray for morning light. Survival horror from a top-down perspective that is terrifying to play.

Explore the randomly-generated sinister woods, craft weapons, and discover new secrets. And at night, find the shelter, set out traps, and defend yourself from the dark. Overall, This game is worth a try.

18. The evil within 2

Evil within 2

DEVELOPERS: Tango Gameworks

PUBLISHERS: Bethesda Softworks

PLATFORMS: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


The player control Sebastian (a fictional character). He lost everything in his life. But when he has been given a chance to save his daughter. He must descend once more into the nightmarish world of STEM.

Horrifying threats emerge from any corner as the world twists and warps around him. Sebastian will use advanced weapons to survive through the shadow to survive.

17. Dead Space 2

Dead Space

DEVELOPERS: Visceral Games

PUBLISHERS: Visceral Games

PLATFORMS: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


Dead Space 2 is based on a full-action strategical game. The story continues from the previous game in the series Dead Space 1. The suit and the game is enhanced compared to the previous game. There are a lot of other features are added to the game. The game is totally enhanced and the graphics are worth it.

And another crazy thing is that the gun sound is amazing. The evil characters of aliens in the game are amazing. Moreover, they are designed by a perfectionist.

16. Dead Rising 4

Horror games online

DEVELOPERS: Capcom Vancouver


PLATFORMS: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox one


Dead rising marks the return of photo journalist. Frank in all new chapter of one of the most popular zombies game.Including a huge array of weapon and vehicles.

Dead rising 4 delivers a heart-pounding experience as players explore, scavenge and fight to survive in an epic world of the sandbox. Players can combine to combat the horde ranging from the practical – to the practically insane.

15. Stories Untold

Horror games online Stories Untold


PUBLISHERS: Devolver Digital

PLATFORMS: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox one, MacOS


Stories untold is set in very dreamy environment where you are sitting on a desk with a very low light of the lamp and the light of the mirror which lies in front of you. Actually, you will play horror text adventure based on the old parser.

You have to explore the old house and experience the strange things happening around you. This game was available on PC 27 Feb 2017.

14. The suffering

Horror games online


PUBLISHERS: Devolver Digital

PLATFORMS: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox one, MacOS


You will control a character called Torque. This man, Torque has been accused of murdering his children and his wife. But, he refuses it and says that he has been framed for this happening. He said he was knocked down during this happening. As he reaches the Carnate island, an earthquake happened and releases some mystic and horror creatures.

The Gameplay is simple. You will have to play in first-person or third-person perspective. You will be given some guns which will be already equipped in that prison. The game play also introduces morality system which checks you moral character several times. Moreover, the game is very horrifying and interesting. Overall, the game is heart-pounding and breath-taking.

13. Silent Hill 3

Horror games online


PUBLISHERS: Team Silent, Konami computer

PLATFORMS: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2

SINGLE/ MULTIPLAYER: single player

The game is set in the fictional area of the Silent Hill game series. The main character is Heather. She is a young girl adopted by Harry. And the main antagonist in this game is Claudia Wolf. She is a cult Priestess who is planning to make a paradise on earth. The game starts very dramatically and Heather wakes up in a mall soon she is confronted by Douglas who claims that he knows about her birth. From here the story begins with much of turns and twists.

Altogether, the game has many twists and horror. Moreover, it will surely give you chills.

12. Rise of nightmares

Rise of nightmare Horror games online




SINGLE/ MULTIPLAYER: single player

Rise of Nightmares puts you in the shoes of Josh, as he tries to save his wife Kate from the clutches of a painfully generic mad scientist. You take control of Josh in a first-person survival horror. A game where players have full range of motion.

Hacking the limbs off zombies, kicking open doors, and sidestepping attacks feel natural, and, admittedly, a little satisfying. Everything about the motion controls serve to make Rise of Nightmares as un-frightening as possible. The game forces you to literally step back from the experience, and as such you can never fully immerse yourself in the story.

11. F.E.A.R 3

F.E.A.R Horror games online

DEVELOPERS: WarGaming Chicago




F.E.A.R 3 is one of the best shooting game. We categorise fear in action games. There are two main characters Point Man and Paxton Fettel. The first one is fearless and super soldier and the latter is a dangerous criminal.

The main aim of the player is to catch the criminals. So now the task is given to him to find his own brother Paxton and kill him. Altogether, game is joyful and full of horror. And overall, you will enjoy fighting between two brothers.

10. Doom 3

Horror games online

DEVELOPERS: Vicarious Vision

PUBLISHERS: Activision

PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox, MacOS


In this game your main aim is to get into the zone of enemies and try to complete your missions as quickly it is possible. When you are going to complete your missions the survival is not very easy because first your opponent is very strong and secondly these levels are very dark.

In the game Doom 3 you will enjoy the use of ten different kinds of latest and heavy weapons like traditional pistols.

09. Bloodborne

Horror games online

DEVELOPERS: FromSoftware Inc.

PUBLISHERS: Sony Corporation

PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4


Bloodborne’s semi-open world structure and hard-earned progression draw heavily from the Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls games that made From famous, though the aggressive new pace of combat is all its own.

These diving, rolling melee battles with an awesome arsenal of transforming melee weapons and tactical sidearms chiseled away my calluses and made me form new ones, even as a hardened Dark Souls veteran.

08. Until Dawn

Until Dawn Horror games online

DEVELOPERS: Supermassive Games

PUBLISHERS: Sony Interactive Entertainment

PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4


Until Dawn is an interactive drama in which players primarily assume control of eight young adults who have to survive on Black-wood Mountain until they are rescued at dawn. The game play is mainly a combination of cut-scenes and third-person exploration. Players control the characters in a linear environment and find clues and items. Altogether, the game is is filled with many twists.

07. Alan Wake

Alan Wake Horror games online

DEVELOPERS: Remedy Entertainment

PUBLISHERS: Remedy Entertainment, Epic Games

PLATFORMS: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360


Alan Wake is an amazing horror game based on a fight between light and darkness. The gameplay is very interesting and awesome. The enemies in this are Taken which are shadows and can attack from every direction with the help of weapons such as knives and shovels. In this game, Alan can dodge the enemies and then again attack them. Taken have shield around them which is made up of darkness and protects them from attacks.

06. Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation

DEVELOPERS: Creative Assembly, Feral Interactive

PUBLISHERS: Sega, Feral Interactive

PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch


It is based on a very interesting storyline. In this game, the player has to fight against an Alien where that Alien cannot be destroyed. Alien has various abilities from which he can detect the hidden player like the Alien can smell or can listen to the breath of the player and then can directly go to that hidden place.

The player also has some abilities like he can use weapons, he can also detect the location, and can also hold his breath so Alien won’t listen to him. Altogether the game is breath-taking and heart-pounding.

05. Oxen free

Horror games online

DEVELOPERS: Night School Studio

PUBLISHERS: Night School Studio

PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, macOS, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows


This game is a paranormal thriller about group of friends who have opened a ghostly rift. In this version of Oxenfree PC Game you will be playing as a rebellious teenager named Alex who has brought her stepbrother Jonas to a night party. The party is in an old military island.

The party went smoothly till you unwittingly open the ghostly gate and everything around you turn terrifying. Now it’s up to you how to deal with the situation. The game has got an intelligent conversation system which will modify the story based on the decisions you make.

04. Siren: Blood Curse

Horror games online

DEVELOPERS: Project Siren

PUBLISHERS: Project Siren



On August 3, 2007, an American TV crew visits Hanuda Village, Japan, a mountain village that vanished completely in 1976. At night, Sol and Melissa stumble upon a Mana ritual, where Yukie Kobe is murdered as a sacrifice. Howard Wright intervenes, allowing Miyako to escape unharmed.

The main gameplay of Blood Curse generally involves controlling a player character from a third-person perspective. The player must complete missions to progress the story while evading the shibito, the game’s main enemies

03. Man of medan

Man of medan Horror games online

DEVELOPERS: The Dark Pictures Anthology


PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One


Four friends and their skipper set sail on a holiday diving trip, with a rumoured WWII wreck to find. As the day unfolds, and a storm rolls in, their trip soon changes into something much more sinister and terrifying! Man of Medan is the first instalment of The Dark Pictures Anthology series and its first season.

02. dying light 2

Horror games online



PLATFORMS:  PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


The zombie outbreak in Harran ended with the death of all of the city’s citizens, with no reported survivors. However, the Global Relief Effort is able to develop a vaccine for “The Harran Virus”, ending the threat of the zombie pandemic. Unfortunately, despite promises to cease all research on THV, the GRE continued experimenting on the virus in secret. In 2021, a mutated variant of THV escapes a GRE lab and starts a second pandemic that spreads even faster than the first. Altogether, game is filled with twists and breath-taking scenes. In Horror and adventurous games this game is in the best horror games online category.

01. Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil Village



PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One


This game received generally favourable reviews, with praise for its game-play, setting, and variety, but criticism for its puzzles, boss fights and performance problems on the Microsoft Windows version. It is set in a snowy explorable Eastern European village.

Structures and buildings in the central village can be climbed and used to fight enemies. The game is more action-focused, with character Ethan Winters now equipped with more combat skills due to military training. Altogether, game is mainly focused on horror and scenes. Overall, This game is in the best category of Horror games online

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