Texas chainsaw massacre game announced

A Texas chainsaw massacre game is in work from the folks behind the Friday the 14th video game.

Gun Interactive who are the creators of the Friday the 13th is partnering with SUMO Nottingham for the game Texas chainsaw massacre. The developer say this will be a horror multiplayer game, Meaning this will be a survival vs murder game seen in the game DyingLight.

Texas chainsaw massacre trailer

“GUN interactive” are developing horror games like Friday the 13th. Due to fights over the rights stopped them to create this kind of content for the games. But it looks like Gun is back with iconic Franchise.

The developers have not revealed any date for the game but the experience will be similar to Friday the 13th. Texas chainsaw massacre will be based on the film. These kind of games are surprisingly common . Typically in these games, One player take the role of the Killer and must capture and find the other players who are survivors. The remaining players can work together and try to survive or die trying.

chainsaw massaccre

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