14 Most Amazing Stardew Valley Farm Layout To Use In 2023

Are you looking for some amazing Stardew Valley Farm Layout design ideas? You are at the right place.

Stardew Valley, a farming simulation game, was released in 2016. The game is available on PC, console, and mobile platforms.

Players inherit a run-down farm in Stardew Valley and must restore it to its former glory by planting and harvesting crops, rearing animals, and doing duties for the locals. As they move through the game, players can also engage in activities like fishing, mining, and foraging.

One of the unique parts of Stardew Valley is the chance to interact with the NPCs and maybe marry one of the eligible bachelors or bachelorettes. Players can also join clubs and participate in festivals to get awards and new stuff.

You can perform various side missions and objectives in addition to the main tale, such as rebuilding the community center and completing the museum collection. The game also allows a multiplayer mode in which users collaborate on their farms with others players online.

The appealing pixel visual style, fascinating gameplay, and soothing ambiance of Stardew Valley have earned it great acclaim. It has received multiple honors and has a large player base.

Overall, Stardew Valley is a charming and fascinating agricultural simulation game that provides players with a wide range of activities and features to enjoy.

No matter what kind of Stardew valley farm layout you are looking for, this list will surely help you out choosing the proper layout.

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Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

15 Best Stardew Valley Farm Layout

After spending a lot of time in Stardew valley, we’ve collected a list of the 15 Best Stardew valley farm layouts which will come in handy if you are trying to make something unique and realistic. No matter if you are worried about making a farm filled with crops and filled with growing flowers. We’ve everything for everyone. It may be less for you but, having something is better than nothing.

Morrowshire Farm


This Morrowshire farm is from a guy on Imgur. In this farm, several mods are installed. A whole new look for fences and a bunch of instant-growing trees. Also, fast-growing grass is added to this farm.

Item spawner mod like SMAPI is also installed in this farm, which allows you to spawn on the items you can’t normally get like mushroom boxes, crates, and barrels.

A farmhouse expansion mod is also used in this farm. Which allows you to have an attic and a basement.

Although there is not much space for the animals here, but its probably profitable farm.

Forest Farm

created by Reddit user shirx

This forest farm is an example of complete discipline. Everything here is made without any mod. You can walk alongside this farm. You may not have many utilities as this one is a standard farm but you can use sheds to store features there.

There is also an animal farm which can be seen on the side of the farm. It kind of looks perfect. Every portion of this farm is well-divided, and the use of sheds to increase the space makes this farm functional and amazing.

There are many reasons to love this standard farm. First of all, it uses sheds to maximize the space which is used perfectly to get the space you want. Second, every portion is divided in a way that helps you walk alongside the farm.

Standard Farm

created by Reddit user mystic-savant

You are probably thinking what I was thinking when I first saw this farm. One of the unique things is the beehouse in the shape of a heart if you look closely.

It may be a standard farm, but it’s also a classical farm. It is one of the great design ideas you can come up with.

Standard Farm- 2nd Layout

created by Reddit user bratcake

A little slime ranch and a watch house make this standard farm extraordinarily practical and truly beautiful. This farm is also an example of good-looking and neat work.

Imagine taking a walk alongside this farm. It feels kind of relaxed. Stunning design.

Riverland Farm

created by cutebanana192

If you wish to go hardcore in Stardew valley, this farm is a good example of the hard work done by this user. Making a functional and beautiful farm in a river is a tough job, especially if you are a new gamer.

But this user has some serious feelings about the game. This player managed to do something extraordinarily great with his Riverland farm. The colors, buildings, farms, and trees are difficult to overlook. This farm has been quite modded, but it still looks awesome.

This idea might be the one if you looking to build something unique that is functional and also gives you goosebumps. If you aren’t sure how to design this farm, you can still get an idea from this to create a similar to this Riverland farm.

Hilltop Farm

Created by Illumonova

This farm is easily one of the best farms you’ll ever see.

By using several mods, the design looks natural and close to your heart. That’s because of the mods, giving you an amazing relaxing vibe.

That’s not it. It is indeed the best farm but it is also functional.

Self Sufficient Farm


If you are a newbie in Stardew valley, consider making this type of farm. There are lots of advantages to this farm.

Self-sufficient farms let you relax because you don’t have to worry about the animals. Since this farm is on a wilderness map. You will not be looking after all of your crops because you will be busy fighting with creatures like bats, Golems, and serpents.

These creatures in the game usually attack at night. Once you’re done with this kind of farm. You can fight with these creatures to save your farm.

Making a farm like this also helps you spend less time on small activities like feeding animals and watering crops.

Hilltop Farm- 2nd Layout


You built a custom standard farm for summer, and once you finish building it, winter came out. Now your farm doesn’t look good in winter because you built it for summer.

To overcome situations like these, I will prefer to come up with the idea of creating a farm that is suitable for winter also.

I know that making a farm layout that looks good in wintertime too isn’t an easy goal to achieve. But this guy Fairyofoz on Reddit somehow managed to achieve it. This hilltop farm he created with lots of simple bricks and trees goes very well with the buildings and pathways.

This hilltop farm can be hard to achieve at first. But, you can build a similar farm that is functional too.

Tropical Crops

credit: The gamer

You all know that every crop has its time to grow. If you are trying to get Rice in summer, you can’t do that, unless you’ve something called Greenhouse.

In Stardew Valley, you can grow your crops in two ways. One is if you are on the western side of the game where every farm grows at any time of the year.

Or you can go with the second way which is a greenhouse. At Ginger Island Farm, you can grow a farm at any time of the year. You can grow expensive farm which includes Pineapples, Starfruit, and some Ancient Fruits.

You will have a handsome space to grow your farms here.

Wilderness Farm


If you are a newbie in Stardew valley, you probably don’t know about the visual mods. You will try to build a farm without any visuals.

In this case, you can build a farm like this on a wilderness map. This farm idea can inspire lots of players because there were no visual mods installed to build this farm.

This farm looks good because of the giant crops and can inspire you to build something like that.

Industrial Farm


If you are looking for something that is basic and provides maximum profit. We prefer to go with this one from TheGamer

This may not look like the best farm in the game but, you can earn a handsome income by using this farm. The crops and trees are in the middle and there is less space for the animals, which means they don’t have much space to roam around.

But making this farm will be profitable. You got to give this a try.

Four-Corners Farm


We looked at some of the compact and small sizes of farms in this list. Now it’s time to build something big. This farm feels a lot bigger than the rest.

This four corners farm has got a pretty much of space for crops and animals. There is a lot of space for animals so they can roam around freely. One of the most efficient layouts we’ve listed in out of the all farms we’ve listed in this blog.

With one of the most amazing Stardew valley farm layout, this is one is functional and probably profitable layouts.

Deep Forest Farm


Building a farm in forest is most likely the best idea. It’s because deep forest farm types provides natural looks. You won’t have much space you needed to make a big farm there. Luckily, you can sort thing out here and build a functional layout.

In this layout, the crops are at the center, organized in a way that it don’t take much of the space. Altough forests are always natural but the remaining space here is used to slightly give more exposure of the nature.

Using the barn to divide between natural space and farms gives it a beautiful look and are pleasant to eyes as well. Animals have the free space to roam around in this layout also.

Rural Brewery

Credit: PcGamer

If you want to go all on profit. This layout is absolutely all about profit. This Stardew Valley farm layout isn’t all about crops, because when the kegs are done formenting, will produce wines and juices, resulting in maximizing the earning than the original crops.

The perfect organized line of trees will produce plenty of fruits. This layout will give you much more income than any of the ordinary farm.

The way the trees are organized also give you a beautiful looks. Adding extras like furnaces and bait bins shows the creativity of the player.

Absolutely stunning and attractive layout to try.

Final Words

You maybe thinking about that these layouts are basic. It’s because if you are just starting out in Stardew valley. You can start with the basic that is functional. Building something realistic can take time and isn’t easy to achieve especially when you are a beginner. If you jumped to the advance levels of the game without having the basic knowledge, you would spend hours and get nothing from it.

We’ll suggest to use these basic layouts to create something very basic and functional. Once you’re done with the basic layouts, you can try mixing things up to create something unique.

With that said, these were the best Stardew Valley Farm Layouts both functional and beautiful. Leave a comment to let us know which layout is suitable for your next farm. You can check out our related guides also.

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