Sons Of The Forest Is No Longer On Steam’s Most Wish-Listed Games

Sons Of The Forest, which sold 2 million copies in 24 hours, and crashed steam is no longer on steam’s top list. Having dethroned by another.

Sons Of The Forest loses steam's most wishlisted games

Sons Of The Forest, which was released on 23 February 2023 is a follow-up to the horror and survival title The Forest released in 2014. The game became so famous and sold 2 million copies in just 24 hours. It certainly crashed the steam server.

Sons Of the forest is the most wish-listed game on steam as of yesterday, but that’s not the case today. Starfield was beaten by Sons of the forest according to the SteamDB charts yesterday. The fact that Endnight Game’s sequel became so famous on its first day was not only a testament to how independent studios can stand out in such a huge AAA competition but also shows proof of people’s love of horror.

It’s a fact that The Forest sequel was a big hype that steam’s server temporarily crashed because of the game, thousands of down detector reports were shown, and many people were struggling to get their hands first on the game.

And that’s not it. The Forest follow-up sold 2 million copies in just 24 hours according to the Endnight game’s developer, the game became steam’s most wish-listed game in no time. But everything has its end, and I guess that’s it for this Early access title.

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However, now that Sons Of The Forest is out, it’s no longer the most wish-listed game on steam, the title goes to StarField. StarField was actually at the top of SteamDB charts before the sequel of The Forest came out.

When StarField Is Coming Out?

Bethesda’s upcoming title Starfield will have a release date soon. However, when this event is taking a place isn’t certain. Things are not exactly clear at the moment. But we’ll be giving you updates on every situation.

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