Sons Of The Forest Crashed The Steam

When the Sons of the Forest take over, even Steam can’t handle the heat!

Sons of the forest launches big on steam

Early access to the game Sons Of Forest is blowing up on steam. Sons Of The Forest was due to launch last evening at 5 PM GMT but ended up going a little late. 265,000 gamers trying to access the game at the same time simultaneously might have been enough to see even Valve’s server fall down.

A sequel to the well-praised The Forest, Sons of the forest is all about chopping trees and crafting weapons on the island which is filled with cannibals. Sons Of The Forest is one of the long-awaited games.

It’s been four years since The Forest’s release, collectively 8 years because the first game was released in its own early access program. The game is going to sit on the top of steam’s list of best-selling games by revenue.

The game became so popular that users reported experiencing issues with steam itself. An error message showed up when trying to access the game’s product page.

After one day of release, users are now posting reviews (Very positive) on steam when the server’s issues are resolved. Atomic Heart was also one of the most awaited games of 2023. But the game’s controversies and initial bugs after the game’s launch have had a bad effect on the game.

Rather than giving players competition, Atomic Heart showed off a 4k trailer. But the developer confirms after the release that the Ray-tracing option will be added later in the PC.

Sons of the Forest is currently the fifth most-played game on steam. The game was intended to launch as a full version, but instead, the game once again followed its predecessor.

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