Sons Of The Forest: Beaten In Less Than 9 Minutes

You may have been waiting more than three years for Sons Of The Forest to be released, but that hasn’t stopped the speedrunners from spoiling your mood in less than 9 minutes.


Sons Of The Forest is one of the most awaited games. Fans have been waiting for this game for the 3 years, but this speedrunner name Benjamin Romero is on another level.

As reported by PC Gamer and IGN, Benjamin Romero posted a video on Youtube of Sons Of The Forest, this took him only 8 minutes and 45 seconds to complete the full game.

In case you don’t know, Sons Of The Forest was released on 28 February 2023, and this guy posted a speedrun of the game five days later after the launch.

This speedrun was played on normal difficulty, meaning it’s essentially a pure sprint with no rules and regulations. The only goal is to finish the game in the smallest time possible. This also applies to the glitch and exploits present in the game. So, players can take advantage of the bugs in the game.

So you may be thinking how can somebody finish the game in a small fraction of time when I’m stuck fighting with the cannibals and getting trolled by Kelvin. Let me explain. I’ll do the honors.

Taking Advantage Of Exploits And Bugs

One of the exploits is key to Romero’s impressive time, as the beginning of the speedrun is spent running and jumping up a mountain, and falling unconscious, before the game’s respawn system teleports him to the closest’s cannibal village.

This running and jumping up the mountain gave the speedrunner an advantage. And he was able to skip a large portion of the game. He essentially used some more glitches, including using the crafting menu while falling to avoid taking damage.

The game sold 2 million copies in 24 hours according to the game developer, and this guy is one of those 2 million players who was able to finish the game in less than 9 minutes. Basically, when I was trolled by Kelvin, who is the funniest character in the game. He is the one guy who can catch fish with his bare hands while you’re making fish trap. He is the guy who will cut a treehouse for some wood. This guy Romero took the job seriously and decided to complete the game within a small fraction of time.

Meanwhile, when you’re just surprised (actually I’m angry because I’ve watched his video till the end) by this guy’s work. You can read our related articles on Sons Of The Forest. What do you think of Romero? Do you think he deserves an Oscar (angrily)?

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