PUBG Mobile Announces Warframe crossover event

PUBG Mobile has announced a surprising crossover collaboration with Warframe bringing the battle Royale together with the online multiplayer shooter.

Starting from Match 10 to April 19, The PUBG mobile players can earn warframe themed skins and other items by completing missions and events.

The players are expecting more Warframe content coming in the next week. Because the developers say that more events will be announced soon.

Pubg Mobile Warframe crossover event
credit: Pubg mobile

PUBG mobile is the mobile version of the popular pc battle Royale game.

The pubg mobile has a unique history in collaboration with crossover like league of legends and BlackPink.

In Warframe, players control a Tenno, a member of an ancient warrior race who finds themselves in the middle of an intergalactic war between multiple factions.

Tenno wears armored suits called Warframe along with a variety of weapons to fight in this hostile environment.

Warframe, then is the perfect match with PUBG mobile.

Digital’s extreme free-to-play shooter was first released in 2013 and has been a growing success ever since. PUBG mobile Warframe crossover.

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