Pubg Mobile Month 6: Release date , Leaked rewards and more

PUBG mobile month 6 royale pass leaked rewards
Image Credit: VG Gamer

PUBG mobile month 5 Royale pass is live now. Month 5 Royale pass will end on December 19. The new Royale pass will be live on December 20 at 7:00 AM (PK). We’ve collected some of the leaked rewards of month 6. The developers are all set to launch the update. This update is huge, Because the rewards are high.

As similar, You can buy Month 6 Royale pass for only 360 UC and if you have purchased Month 5 Royale pass you can get month 6 Royale pass only for 300 UC. Without further due lets get into the Royale pass

Royale Pass Month 6 Reward (1 to 50 RP)

Players will get the below mentioned Reward if they purchase the Royale pass. we’ve also showed free rewards of the month 6

1 RP: Merry Yeti WIN94 and Merry yeti outfit

RP 5: Merry Yeti Cover

On 5 RP you will also get the cover for the merry yeti set which was on 1 RP

pubg mobile m6 royale pass rewards
image Credit: VG Gamer

RP 10: Jolly Festival Helmet Skin

You will Also see Legendry Helmet skin in this M6 Royale pass

pubg mobile m6 royale pass rewards

RP 15: Avatar Frame

pubg mobile m6 royale pass rewards

RP 20: Merry Yeti UAZ skin

The biggest prize of this Royale pass that will make every PUBG Player happy is UAZ skin (top open). You will get UAZ skin if you purchase M6 Royale pass. This is one of my favorite reward and hope you will also be happy to see this reward.

pubg mobile m6 royale pass rewards 
UAZ Skin in m6 royale pass

RP 25: Vibrant Youth set (Free)

In free Royale Pass rewards of M6 You will also see a free suit on 25 RP. which is obviously awesome. PUBG will give you a free suit if you can’t buy or don’t want to buy Royale pass. See how good PUBG mobile team is. Here is the free set on 25 RP

pubg mobile m6 royale pass rewards

RP 30: Frozen guardian emote

On 30 RP you will also see a mythic emote coming to M6 Royale pass

RP 35 : Reptilian Gaze UMP45 skin (free)

And here is another reward from PUBG mobile which is free on 35 RP. You will get this reward on 35 RP even if you haven’t bought Royale pass

pubg mobile m6 royale pass rewards 
free rp rewards

RP 40: Silent night MK12 Gun Skin

Since there is no Gun skin for MK12 Weapon in month 6 Royale pass PUBG have also introduced mk12 golden skin. This gun skin will be the first ever gun skin in PUBG.

pubg mobile m6 royale pass rewards

RP 50: Frozen Guardian Outfit.

Frozen Guardian Cover.

And at the last here is another mythic suit which is FROZEN GUARDIAN SET and FROZEN GUARDIAN COVER. Here is the first look.

these were the updates leaked from tencent gaming studio. Stay tuned for more updates.

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