New PS5 Games: Best upcoming PS5 games of 2022

If you are wondering what games are coming out in 2022 For PS5 And other gaming platforms . we’ve listed Some of the best Upcoming PS5, Windows, XBOX, and Switch games. This list will continuously get updated as new dates are announced. This list should help you plan out your next month in gaming. You will find out the most anticipated games across PC, Consoles, Xbox. We will be showing most famous games of 2021 and their remastered collection of 2022.

we’ve created a list of bunch of upcoming PS5 games, Console and windows


  • Weird West (PS5, Xbox Series, Playstation 4, PC) – January 11
weird west game
weird west photo from internet source
god of war
image credit: trusted reviews
rainbow six extraction
image credit: trusted review
image credit: trusted reviews


image credit: trusted reviews
horizon forbidden west
dynasty warriors
image credit: twisted voxel

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