10 Best Offline adventure games for android in 2022

Are you searching for the best adventure games for android? If yes, You are at the right place. The world of mobile gaming has evolved. Among all game genres, adventure games are among the most distinctive. It lacks any distinctive mechanics. The player must simply embark on some form of adventure throughout the game. So long as a game contains a plot that the player can engage with, it can be an adventure game. That makes writing this list extremely challenging because there are so many games that are up for consideration. So, here is the list of best adventure games for android


best adventure games for android

Limbo, which literally means “the home of the spirits of unbaptized newborns,” is one of the greatest offline adventure games for Android. Here, you can see a baby striving to avoid the perils of the real world while also employing the survival tools at his disposal to try to spare himself from future suffering. Playing this game will give you chills because of its great background music, dark theme, and graphics.

LIMBO is one of the most challenging and creative video game you’ll ever see. The traps and hurdles are everywhere. There is more to look at, Making LIMBO one of the scariest and one of best adventure games for android. You can find free demo on playstore, or you can buy full version.

Grid: Autosport

best adventure games for android

Become a professional racer and win the most thrilling competitions in racing, from the revered asphalt of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the congested city streets of Barcelona.

At home or on the go, take in AAA racing at its finest!

Compete against your opponents in 2-player split-screen racing or 8-player online or local wireless races.

Grid auto sport is one of the tough and challenging game. You must try this if you haven’t still yet.

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best adventure games for android

The follow-up to BADLAND, which was named Apple’s Game of the Year, comes BADLAND 2!

Fly through amazing, hand-painted worlds loaded with clever traps, riddles, and challenges to survive! With levels that extend and scroll in all directions, you may see the award-winning BADLAND planet in even more breathtaking splendour. Utilize novel components to your advantage, including liquids, flamethrowers, frost, magma, water, and volumetric burning light. On your route to safety, you can sprint and hop along the surfaces as a rolling character while falling through fatal rifts, flying in any direction, competing online, and more.

There is more to look at it, Badland is one of the best adventure games for android

Dan: The man

Dan the man best adventure games for android

Halfbrick Studios, the company that also made the arcade games Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, developed Dan The Man. The gameplay in both of these games is identical to that of Super Mario Bros. You must engage in combat with the bots in order to defeat them in this game of bot warfare.

Your objective is to advance by carrying out your obligations in the amusing universe you are defining with the control you offer and eliminating all of your adversaries. The game has three separate game modes, including Battle Mode, Endless Survival Mode, and Story Mode.

By displaying subtitles between the scenes, the Story mode will expand on the game’s plot. You can play Dan The Man with a better understanding of the game and its stages after reading this. After completing the main campaign, there is additionally Survival Mode, Battle Mode, a series of progressively challenging arena clashes, and weekly challenges that include minigames, time trials, and arcade brawls. There is more to look at it, making this game one of the best adventure games for android

For those who prefer a point-based game, there is an endless survival option where you must fight your way as far as you can through waves of attackers. To finish particular stages and obtain certain achievements in Battle mode, you must engage in fierce combat with the foes. You will be given various tools and abilities to use in battle with your foes.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto odyssey best adventure games for android

Many gamers have been anticipating Alto’s Adventure ever since the first teaser in September 2014 was made public. It is the first instalment in Noodlecake Studios‘ Alto series; Alto’s Odyssey is the name of the sequel. In the future, we’ll launch this game.

Going back to Alto’s Adventure, the game’s aesthetics and audio are praised. With these two components working together to create a wonderful experience and endless-run gaming, you’ll feel relaxed. Therefore, if you were looking for a game to relax or pass the time, you have found it!

With Alto’s Adventure, you can enjoy an endless run from a fresh angle. Not to mention, the game’s aesthetics, effects, and physics will win me and any other picky gamer over. Simple control movements, such a backflip or slide to accelerate, will be executed in awe-inspiring ways.

With its graphic visual style and fantastic graphic effects, Alto’s Adventure stands out as a whole. Continuous terrain that is generated at random, reducing repetition. Weather and the cycle of day and night are dynamically displayed in the meantime.

The white door

The white door

fascinating adventure project with elements of a psychological thriller, an interactive quest, and fantastical circumstances. Robert Hill, the main character, awoke in a medical facility. He has a significant memory issue. It is absolutely unclear what caused it, what was there before awakening, or what to do next. Players will become fully immersed in routine and daily rituals, eventually regaining their memories. one piece at a time. The most important thing is to avoid becoming bogged down in this monotony and escalating the issue. Therefore, players must fully influence the course of events and maintain focus on even the most minute parts of the plot.

You must adhere to the facility’s strict daily schedule, investigate his dreams, and assist him in recollecting his memories. This puzzle game requires players to complete all assignments in a week. This genre of puzzle game is popular because it is captivating. This game, however, is a paid game. The White Door is currently available for free download. To assist you complete this game, you may also watch the website’s video lesson. There is more to look at it because The white door is one of the best adventure games for android.
You shouldn’t miss The White Door because it’s a pretty good game. Come and get this game for free!

Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi

A tough platformer with some RPG components is called Ninja Arashi. You take on the role of Arashi in this game as he battles his way through the corrupted world to save his kidnapped son from the grasp of the shadow devil Orochi. Arashi was once a great ninja. Arashi is prepared to face threatening traps and foes that have pledged to defend the shadow devil Orochi with superior skills and lethal weaponry.
The gameplay of Ninja Arashi is straightforward but addictive, providing exhilarating moments and an unexpected experience. To keep up with the game’s difficulty, you can upgrade abilities with the money and diamond you acquire from adversaries and the environment. Navigate around traps, destroy adversaries who attempt to stop you, and save your son.

Ninja Arashi has a straightforward control scheme: on the left are the controls for movement, while on the right are the buttons for jumping, throwing shurikens, striking with your sword, and using your character as a battering ram. You can utilise the money you earn while playing to develop your talents.

There are three different settings and more than 40 different levels in the game. Each environment is packed to the brim with traps and adversaries that will dispatch your ninja with even the slightest error. The levels are full of peril, including spikes protruding from the ground, rolling rocks, and a samurai standing on a platform.

Jungle Adventure 2

Jungle adventure 2

Adventures in the forest await you. You must battle huge bosses in this free action-adventure game for Android that may be played offline if you want to advance in the game. The plot opens with a cunning magician who has stolen all the fruits in an attempt to become everlasting attacking a Fruity Forest. Hero Addu, a courageous explorer, and his companion Bullion have entered the jungle to replenish all the fruits in an effort to rescue it.

After a brief introduction to the plot, a map with various zones—only the first level is initially available—appears. The other zones are unlocked as you go through the game. The only buttons on the right are for horizontal movement, and the only buttons on the left are for jumping, attacking, and picking up and throwing objects.

In addition to double-jumping, your character can also toss fruit bombs and stones at foes to finish the level. There are hidden passageways you can take during your run to locate rooms with extra fruit to gather and raise your score.

In terms of some of the opponents, Super Mario from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.


 Granny best adventure game

In the first-person horror game Granny, you must try to escape a spooky mansion that is full with traps. However, getting away won’t be simple because the nasty “grandma” would pursue you relentlessly if she even hears a pin drop.

Using the virtual directional pad on the left side of the screen, you may move your character about the house and interact with nearly anything, including opening cabinets and drawers, hiding under beds, obtaining keys, disarming traps, etc.

You only have five days to get out of the house, and you’ll soon discover you’ll need all of them. Keep that in mind. The “grandma” will chase you at full speed if you make any noise.

You may be able to outrun her, but if she catches you she’ll beat you unconscious. When that happens you’ll wake up back at the beginning and one day will have passed. Don’t let her catch you!

With the constant worry of waking the ‘grandma’ and the intuitive control system, Granny is a great horror game. Can you make it out alive?

Sky dancer run

best android adventure game

The finest adventure game for Android to play offline, this infinite runner game will take you on a fantastic journey. The most hazardous gameplay and visuals may be found in this top offline adventure game for Android. You must jump across cliff edges that will send you flying and overcome other challenges in order to succeed in various weather situations. Additionally, watch out not to tumble. Don’t forget to gather coins to reveal additional unique characters and incentives.

Take a deep breath, concentrate and feel the adrenaline pumping as you take that exhilarating jump. The experience might seem frightening and surreal at first, but soon you will find each free fall soothing and relaxing.

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