12 Amazing Multiplayer survival games For Pc In 2022

What are the best Multiplayer survival games for pc?

It’s important to note that we define “survival” very broadly since we wanted to give something a little bit different from the vast majority of first-person wilderness games where, among other things, you grow hungry and stuff constantly clips through walls. The fact that the player must, you know, survive, is the only thing some of the games on this list have in common.

multiplayer survival games for pc

Obviously, a lot of PC games revolve around that idea. But we’ve selected a group that, at its core, feels like it’s about surviving—either alone or with others—in the face of an unfriendly universe. Our recommendations will point you in the direction of the (not so) safe pastures of the greatest survival games on PC if you have the fortitude to outlive experiences like the scary The Long Dark or the aquatic beauty of Subnautica.

Get ready to experience misery and a lot of pain in these exciting survival adventures, whether you enjoy enduring the horrors of war or the new generation of hunger and disease management games.

Second Extinction

The dinosaurs are now on the planet. What’s more, those massive creatures have mutated into something far more sinister, making this development even worse. Second Extinction is all about banding together with two other allies to reclaim their home planet. And the best way to accomplish that goal is to use a massive arsenal of firearms to annihilate those dinosaur hordes. It’s time to join the fight against Earth’s new ruling class and give humanity the necessary advantage.

No Man’s Sky

It’s simple to exaggerate the notion that No Man’s Sky was a critical and commercial failure. On Its release and has only slowly recovered through subsequent updates. The more accurate statement would be that it did an excellent job of giving a particular kind of experience at launch (and sold a tonne of units in the process) and that it now offers a more varied collection of experiences.

One of those experiences has been surviving from the start. You can play No Man’s Sky on a collection of inhospitable worlds. Scrounging for resources to construct a home or to power your subsequent frantic jump across the galaxy.
Now it will reward you with better and more interesting worlds. Enormous sandworms, pilotable mechs, allies to team up with, and much more. Even though there are 20 better survival games on our list. Few of them can compare to No Man’s Sky in terms of scope and refinement.

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The Forest

The Forest is a popular game because of its enemy AI system. In this game, players are on a plane with their son when it crashes on an island. With your son missing and no survivors among the wreckage, players venture out into the dense forest area, only to be met by an unusually mutated tribal group. At the start of the game, these people are more curious than anything else, but as time passes, they become more hostile. Some will follow you to see where you’re constructing a base; they may destroy your structures, charge you only to back down, or test the strength of your weapons.
You never know what to expect from these creatures, but thankfully, you don’t have to survive and find your son alone. In a co-op game mode, players can find support for up to eight players online.

7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die is a game about waves of the undead. Players in this game can collaborate as they venture out into the open in search of resources and gear to fortify their base. Players can construct defenses, traps, and other useful equipment in the hopes of dealing enough damage to the undead or repelling their attempts to overthrow your base.

The game, as the name implies, revolves around a weekly interval, with players having six days to prepare for a large wave of undead to arrive on the seventh day. This allows players plenty of time to fortify or repair their base. Within the game, players can band together to try to survive the waves, which can help you build up your base.


Grounded is another early access title on our list, but it comes from a reputable developer, Obsidian Entertainment. These are the same people who brought us Fallout New Vegas, The Outer Worlds, and Pillars of Eternity, to name a few of their previous works.

In any case, Grounded is a game in which players are transformed into young children shrunk down to the size of an ant. Players are trapped outside and must fight various rodents and bugs to survive. However, as players progress in their exploration and survival, it appears that something far more sinister is at work here.

Ark Survival Evolved

When Ark: Survival Evolved first hit the market in 2017, it quickly became a huge success. We know that a sequel is in the works, and it is being developed with the assistance of actor Vin Diesel, who is serving as an executive producer. Having said that, the first game casts players as a protagonist washed up on an island’s shore.

With other players and hostile creatures such as dinosaurs, players must quickly build up their inventory by grabbing as many resources as they can. In terms of survival, it’s a pretty stacked game. While you must be concerned with various vitals such as food, stamina, water, health, and so on, there is also a great deal of emphasis on simply developing your character within the world. Players can form tribes, collaborate to build their base, cultivate crops, tame dinosaurs, and raid other players for useful gear.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is unquestionably one of the best multiplayer survival games available. The game may have launched with a few too many bugs, but that doesn’t diminish how enjoyable the multiplayer mode is. Playing Dying Light 2 with friends is an experience that ranks among the best multiplayer games, not just multiplayer survival games.

It’s a lot of fun taking out zombies as a group and parkouring your way through Villedor. Techland, the game’s developer, has also stated that it will support the game for the next five years. So there will be plenty more content to keep you occupied.

Day Z

DayZ is a large open-world MMO game in which players must survive the zombie apocalypse. Not only are you stranded in this open world full of overgrown cities, mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers. But you also have to contend with the undead and other players.

Players begin by scavenging for items. Everything you can find to feed and heal your protagonist. As well as armor and weapons to further protect yourself from enemies, is critical. You can, however, collaborate with friends to overthrow other players in the open world. Making this game one of the best multiplayer survival games for pc in 2022.

Furthermore, there’s always the possibility that you’ll come across another player who is also alone or with a small group, allowing you to join in and continue your search for resources or raiding.


SCUM bills itself as a “prison riot survival game.” If that description piques your interest, continue reading. A private island in Croatia is set up for up to 100 players. Those participants are portrayed as prisoners forced to fight for their lives and freedom while competing in a bizarre game show.

The fame you gain from certain actions can help you advance because it goes towards useful items. SCUM has extensive character customization, crafting, and combat systems that make every moment feel as real as possible.

Did you just place a butt nugget on the map? Anyone who finds it can use it to track you down and kill you, so poop carefully.

No More Room In Hell

In No More Room in Hell, as one of eight survivors. You must defend yourself against the shambling (and always hungry) undead menace. This mission is made more difficult by the fact that weapons and ammo are becoming increasingly scarce. This means that encounters with waves of zombies can be nerve-racking if you’re not properly prepared.

Remember that the further you are from your friends, the more difficult it will be for them to hear you over their headsets. You must defend your shelter, and shoot down the zombie opposition. And hold on long enough for everyone to be extracted from their perilous situation.

The Wild Eight

Ask anyone if they’d be willing to live in Alaska. And they’ll almost certainly say no. But we’re sure those same people would be much more willing to brave Alaska’s freezing temperatures in video game form. One of these games is The Wild Eight.

After surviving a mysterious plane crash, up to eight players will be forced to embark on a perilous journey. Blizzards and beasts can kill you in an instant, so you’ll need all the help you can get. The stirring plot and well-tuned gameplay of The Wild Eight are well worth the price of admission.

This War Of Mine

11-bit Studios has a talent for creating bleak, yet tense survival management games. This War of Mine takes place during a fictional war, and you are tasked with looking after a small group of survivors trapped inside a besieged city. Survivors must stay indoors during the day. Which is when you manage your hideout, deciding how to spend precious, finite resources.

There are so many demands, but so few problems that can be solved at the same time. When the sun sets, you can send a survivor out into the darkness to look for supplies in the ruined city. Out there, terrible things happen.

Your survivor may have to commit atrocities to get the medicine and food their friends require, returning to the base with emotional scars.

Guilt and shame can weigh heavily on survivors, causing them to lose their appetite and even the will to live.

This War of Mine does not glorify war or the ability to survive it. Instead, it tells harrowing stories and forces players to grapple with survival ethics. It’s also far more effective than Frostpunk due to its more intimate perspective.

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