Modern Warfare 2 New Update: UI/UX Overhaul

A UI/UX overhaul is coming to Modern warfare 2.

modern warfare 2 UI UX design
image: Archyde

Players of Call of Duty frequently express annoyance with and disagreement over the user interface. The new menu layout for Infinity Ward’s flagship game, Modern Warfare 2, has franchise fans in a state of shock. What actions is Infinity Ward taking to make these features better, then? Here is the scoop:

Despite the expansion of the team and its talents throughout development, Infinity Ward’s UI/UX department has hired seniors, directors, and experienced former TV employees over the last three years.

As a result, players of Call of Duty may find it difficult to navigate the game’s cryptic UI and UX systems, which are in contrast to the clear menu layouts of earlier Call of Duty games.

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Redesigning Modern Warfare 2 Interface

Activision’s intention to update Call of Duty’s user interfaces to a more contemporary, streamlined display for content discovery and the store appeared to be shifting slightly with the release of Warzone and Call of Duty: Mobile.

They sought out that talent and advertised hundreds of UI/UX/Engineering opportunities in order to acquire experts from Microsoft and Hulu.

Design revisions are usually divisive and challenging since, in most cases, the UI/UX team serves as a forum for a number of other important departments, including Art, Design, QA, Marketing, and more.

Time, coordination, and working from home were the main factors that influenced the outcomes. It was mentioned in a talk with a colleague that Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0’s UI/UX will be updated in the future.

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There is a tendency to refine the UI/UX more gradually rather than all at once. The UI and other additional interfaces are still being refined by a number of departments in preparation for Season 1 and beyond.

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