Modern Warfare 2 Burger King Skins Selling For $50

Burger King is selling Modern warfare 2 skins for $50 on ebay.

Modern Warfare 2 skins selling on ebay

On eBay, this unique skin with a Burger King motif is going for more than $40. And there are limited skins available right now on eBay. You can go get yours if you really want to.

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When the price of entry is only a Whopper combo meal. You might be asking why someone would be ready to spend more than half the price of Modern Warfare 2’s download. And on a single skin (called “Modern Warfare II x Burger King”).

The exact crossover meal is sold in 40 nations, but none of them are the United States of America, is the response.

According to, the operator skin and an hour of double XP are available in a non-region restricted code. Also, allowing you to visit Burger King, have an artery-clogging meal, and then recoup your costs and then some by selling the code online.

Ebay listings have started to appear between $20 and $40, while some of the buy-it-now prices go as high as $50.

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The strangest thing is that the advertisement with the Modern Warfare 2 Burger King skins appears to have come from the US. Even though it is after hours and the establishment is closed. Our hero still decides to have some soft serve before discovering the locked briefcase containing a curiously brand-new Whopper.

Burger King offers more than simply a dish with a Modern Warfare 2 theme. Even some are entirely dressed out in the green and black of Modern Warfare 2. With enormous posters covering the walls.

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