10 Minecraft Village Ideas In 2022

Are you looking for Minecraft village ideas? you are in the right place.


The Villages in Minecraft are one of the best resources. Villag in Minecraft is the only place where you can comfortably create a house, collect food, build your own farm, etc.

After we saw some searches about village ideas, playhaze decided to create a list for minecraft village ideas and designs. After researching and collecting info from different channels and websites, Here is the list of best village ideas in 2022

Medieval Village

Since the first design on our list is a rather sizable village connected to a port, you must construct it close to a shoreline.

The village’s interior is packed with homes and merchant shacks, allowing you to include other players and enjoy some mediaeval multiplayer action.

The village’s whole perimeter is composed of stone, giving it the appearance of being robust. This is one of the best Minecraft village ideas since it executes a traditional idea.

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Mushroom Village

Stay put! This is my preferred option.

The next village is fantastic for those of you who enjoy fantasy and fairies because, in addition to appearing lovely, it has a whimsical vibe to it. And i love the way this is created, Pure creativity.

The main layout of this village is made up of a few scattered mushroom-shaped homes and wooden roads that link each one to the next.

If you look closely, you will see that the village’s surroundings are also speckled with colours other than green, making the color stand out even more.

If you’re looking for the best Minecraft village ideas, we highly recommend this one and this is also my favorite.

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Underground Village


You may think that this shot was taken at night. But guess what? No!!!!

This is a whole village created inside a mountain. I mean how cool this is. This idea was from the channel named Jintube, One of our favorite minecraft player.

You’ll need lanterns and other light sources to lighten the area and stop hostiles from spawning because sunlight can’t reach the cavern’s cracks.

Fortunately, the constant darkness makes arranging the location of the lights a less strenuous task.

Fun fact: The tree in the middle doesn’t have any vegetation on it. It resembles an antiquated relic because it is composed of stone and hanging blocks.

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Mercantile Village



A town where each home is dedicated to one of the various Minecraft villager vocations.

Each house has a unique design, including armourers, farmers, clerics, cartographers, and more. While a farmer’s home might be furnished with crops and hoes, a cartographer’s home might be lined with books and maps.

Even your own original building concept can be used to provide a little more life to the area.

you can also install a campfire or fire pit in the town square if you decide to move forward with the idea of a village for any late-night celebrations!

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Japanese Farming Village

A Shinto shrine, bamboo, sakura trees, and a Toori gate are all included in this Minecraft village concept, which highlights all that defines what we all know and love about Japan.

There are also houses built in Japanese architecture that you and your villagers can live in.

Even though it’s undoubtedly not Tokyo, this town concept has a unique appeal that can inspire lots of wonderful ideas for your Japanese-themed hamlet. To make your world even more unique, you might want to consider adding some anime mods.

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Desert Village

It’s not always necessary to construct a village from scratch because you may always expand upon a naturally-spawning hamlet.

In order to give it more life in the dry desert climate, the creator of this village took a typical desert village and expanded it by adding defences, buildings, decorations, and flora, as well as fountains and other water features.

You should definitely check out this build because it is fantastic!

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Fairy Village

Because of the fanciful and wonderful nature of the fairies in Minecraft, anything related to them is fantastic.

Particularly in this town design, there are numerous established, intricate buildings and additional decorations that allude to fairy elements.

The vivacious colours and novel building concepts will catch your eye and provide you with all the serotonin you require.

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Kingdom Village


Although this Minecraft village concept may be a few steps above a typical village, I believe it is still deserving of appreciation.

Saying to your pals, “Yeah, I built that,” and then leading them through rows of buildings big enough to house an entire city is the ultimate in flex.

This Varuna-created kingdom village is a fully developed country with red-roofed residences located close to a body of water.

Only the most devoted of builders can hope to complete this huge plan, which includes a large number of homes and structures, a separate pathway, and a towering central castle.

Village In Woods

minecraft village ideas


Because they are different from other ideas, jungle villages are a great idea and rank among the greatest Minecraft village concepts.

The idea of building homes in the woods is quite innovative since using rope bridges to get from one home to another gives you a sense of adventure while still being very practical.

Depending on how big your jungle biome is, this particular village design is intended to be a tribal community with a lot of buildings perched in the trees.

Overall, For users who enjoy playing in multiplayer and want to spice up the experience, we highly recommend this build.

Village By The Ocean

village by the ocean minecraft village ideas

One of the better ideas for a Minecraft village is this one by the water. It is quite well-done, and the builder clearly gave it a lot of consideration. The area boasts a breathtaking outlook and even includes a lighthouse that has a rustic appearance.

The attention to detail is one aspect that makes this project so fantastic. The settlement has a number of distinctive and intriguing features.

Although, The docks do a great job of persuading you that trade is taking place all over the world. A ship that serves as a second focal point has also been added by the builder.

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