13 Minecraft Kitchen Ideas And Designs (2022)

13 best minecraft kitchen ideas

When you think about minecraft, finding the minecraft kitchen ideas may not be the first thing in your mind. You may think of giant pyramids and giant buildings, making your own world of wonders. Food is necessary. And you need to eat to build these heart-pounding things.🙂

And you will obviously need kitchen to cook.So to solve this problem, playhaze presents to you the best minecraft kitchen ideas and design in 2022 to get you inspired.

Modern Kitchen

kitchen ideas minecraft


This Modern Kitchen is a straightforward, stylish addition to any contemporary Minecraft home. It has the standard kitchen and dining room equipment, such as a low dining table, beige wooden chairs, a wall shelf, a sink, and a refrigerator, as well as some decorative accents like potted plants and a wool carpet.

Additionally, a sizable window and some shades allow natural sunlight to pour into the kitchen, lighting it up and giving it a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.

This kitchen’s simplistic construction and clever use of white space create the ideal fusion of aesthetics and practicality. One of the best and basic kitchen to start building.

Basic Kitchen with all necessary items

A basic kitchen is probably the best option if you want something that wouldn’t look out of place in an Ikea catalogue.

With lots of windows and beautiful hanging lights for evening entertaining, these look terrific.

This MCram kitchen is the perfect place to exercise your imagination without becoming overly constrained by technology. one of the simple minecraft kitchen ideas to build your next kitchen.

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minecraft ideas kitchen

A tiny, pleasant kitchen in Minecraft with a hint of modern architecture that makes it cozy. Split levels, counters, a dining island, bar stools, and an open space with bamboo plants are all present.

Making this one of the simple and creative kitchen made by a user on reddit

Although I believe this design is a little too small, it would still be fantastic in a taller house or an underground Minecraft base.

The lamps might be from a mod, but they could be simply swapped out for lanterns to achieve a similar aesthetic. Try this out before the desing gets old.

Mcram’s Modern Kitchen

minecraft kitchen


Modern kitchen by Mcram is most significant brand of Minecraft kitchen. The use of black and white stones in this kitchen’s construction gives it a sophisticated appearance.

The kitchen island has its own unique flooring as well, emphasising its position as the kitchen’s focal point while also maintaining the entire design’s sense of coherence and order.

Additionally, it’s a clever idea to use some hoppers as a ventilation system above the primary cooking area!

Any Minecraft kitchen build, even if it isn’t an exact reproduction of this one, would have a layer of depth thanks to those hoppers.

The floor kind that is provided and constructed in this kitchen is its main draw.

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Modern Kitchen by SimonNoComments

Modern kitchen in minecraft


This design by SimonNoComments gives an extraordinary vibes. A kitchen in front of hills. This player used simple tools to make a perfect kitchen for your need within 2 minutes.

The lamps and grass to make it a perfect kitchen. For your next home, You can use simple tools to make this kitchen within a day. One of the simple and satisfied creation

6Tenstudio’s Modern Kitchen

minecraft kitchen tutorial


The first two on the list are a little less packed than this Modern Kitchen by 6tenstudio, but that’s not necessarily a negative thing. It’s simply different.

In fact, I appreciate how well-balanced this one is, with the stone fridge, hardwood doors, and log furniture and accents. They add some excellent flavour to the space.

The simplicity and accessibility of the materials required to recreate this kitchen are what make it so beautiful.

For your next Minecraft home, you too can design a picture-perfect kitchen with the correct combination of supplies and a little bit of work.

Cellar Kitchen

This tiny sliver of culinary paradise might be suitable for you if you have no interest in windows to the outside world.

This kitchen is a tranquil oasis with wine dispensers and a magnificent extractor fan over a stone island.

It wouldn’t appear out of place in a stone-based home like the Medieval mansion we discussed in our Minecraft house ideas guide because it is primarily made of wood. For your next home, you can try this one!

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Corner Kitchen (No Mods)

best kitchen minecraft

This kitchen makes me feel chilly simply by looking at it, and it was presumably constructed in a colder Minecraft biome!

It is a fantastic illustration of what can be done when creating a kitchen in your Minecraft world without the use of mods.

A highly original idea to decorate the kitchen is to use upside-down pistons as vents.

The usage of frames as cutting boards and a regular door as a fridge are two additional objects that can be used as decorations.

Although this kitchen was undoubtedly built below, if at all possible, some windows should be added.

Normalised Kitchen Interior

minecraft kitchen ideas


One of the kitchen designs that YouTubers who broadcast their gameplay most frequently employ is the normalised kitchen décor. Tables, chairs, and lights are provided.

I adore how this kitchen interior keeps a classy appearance on all counts. Look at those hanging End Rod lamps, for example! the low, smooth table! It is the ideal Minecraft kitchen for a mansion or little home.

Not to mention, the sunroof that is located over the kitchen area helps to further brighten this region of the house during the day.

Additionally, there is flora here, which calms down other gamers.

Medieval Kitchen

13 minecraft kitchen ideas and designs


The Minecraft community frequently creates structures with fantasy themes, and this Medieval Kitchen by MCram is no exception.

Cobblestone walls, stone block reinforcements, a Renaissance artwork, and, of course, a big central dining table to hoist massive amounts of cake, meat, and beer are all examples of how this kitchen’s design draws inspiration from historic architecture styles.

You can bet that this is one of the best Minecraft kitchen ideas to stand out from the crowd, whether you’re building this kitchen on a castle or as a solo tavern. So don’t miss the chance to construct this Minecraft dining room if you’re creating a mediaeval settlement!

Working Kitchen Dinner

Here, things may get a little more difficult but also much more rewarding. Much though having a beautiful kitchen is wonderful, having one that truly functions is even better.

Warm lighting, wooden furnishings, and a functional oven make this Typface creation come to life and will have you whipping up blocky feasts in no time.

You may even hold delicious in-game dinner parties because there is plenty of room for visitors.

Modern Design

minecraft kitchen ideas


This creative Minecraft kitchen idea is amazing!

The use of birch trapdoors as cupboards, a brewing stand as an appliance, and potted plants on the counter in this construction is excellent. There is a window with a tree, and the lanterns provide excellent hanging lighting.

There is a step-by-step tutorial linked above this paragraph for making this kitchen in Minecraft.

Royal Dining Table

minecraft kitchen ideas dining table royal


One of the players’ rarest kitchen ideologies is the royal dining table. The royal dining table is used if the players lack enough room to construct a kitchen.

There are benches and tables in an open area, and one roof has lights mounted on it.
After a few hundred years from the mediaeval era, you can find yet another intriguing kitchen design for Minecraft, like this Royal Dining Table design by Eagle MCraft.

If your Minecraft base doesn’t have a separate cooking area, you can make do with some seats and a long table in a corner.

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