Lost Ark Devs Are working on Gender-locked Classes

Amazon Games will surely open up Gender-locked classes

Lost ark gender locked classes are currently locked to specific genders. Meaning only men can be warriors and only women can be mages and so on,

But talking to Euro Gamers Soomin Park who is the leader of the franchise, said that this will change over time.

While talking to euro gamers he said: “Classes are tied pretty closely to their character models in terms of function and animation. So bringing opposite gender characters to a class takes more work than just making a differently gendered model available.”

Lost Ark has also been criticized for its female characters revealing outfits. While Amazon is aware of the issue. Since they haven’t made any plan for amendment in the game.

Lost ark gender locked classes

When the North American version was released, Park said developers made an effort to include classes that currently have a male and female version in the further along Korean version.

Players will have a choice to choose different genders but, it’s unclear when that will be.

Lost ark has become more popular game since its release on February 11. This game has now more than 20 million users and this is the second most played game on steam. Basically game was criticized due to gender-locked classes and outfits.

Park said, Although we aren’t altering any of the costume in-game, but we are also including in some of the new outfits that aren’t quite as revealing, These are in addition and not a replacement.

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