10 Best Lego Games On Nintendo Switch (2022)

We’ve compiled a list of the best lego games on Nintendo Switch.

15 Best Lego Games On Nintendo Switch (2022)

In the gaming world, Lego games are now the most popular games among all the consoles. Ever wondered about these Lego games on the Nintendo Switch? No worries, mate. We’ve made a list of the best Lego games On Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Here is the list

Lego Harry Potter Collection

If you are familiar with the Harry Potter series, This game is for you. The reason for this game being on top of my list is because of the series. If you’ve watched it, you may know the value of this game. The quest of Harry Potter to stop Lord Voldemort as shown in the movie is the central theme of the entire Lego Harry Potter Collection game.

The entire seven-year journey shown in the film has been restored with stunning graphics to fit the Lego universe. For fans of both Lego and Harry Potter, this game is ideal.

There may be more Harry Potter video games available for a variety of systems, but none of them will have all the available content. There’s more to explore in the game once you installed it.

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Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga

If you want to watch all of the 9 titles of Star Wars Movies, then this game is for you. whenever you are stressed, try this game and I bet, It never fails to cheer you up.

Literally spanning the entire cosmos is the Star Wars universe. As you travel between 23 different worlds from the Star Wars narrative, pilot over 100 cars and spacecraft.

No matter if you’re using a blaster pistol or a lightsaber, the controls are silky smooth and simple to master right away. One of the best Lego games on Nintendo Switch to play in my opinion.

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel universe has always comes up with a new story and adventure, and you know it never fails to entertain their audience. So now presenting to you, Lego Marvel Super heroes. The Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game was created by Lego and is based on the first Marvel Universe novel.

You can choose Thor, Iron-man, Hulk, Captain America, and others. My favorite character is Thor, and I loved this game. You’ll have to work together to stop LOKI (Thor’s Brother) and other villains from getting their hands on super weapons and destroying the whole world.

This game contains every aspect of the Marvel Universe’s action, suspense, and adventure. You’ll experience the journey as though you’re first engaged in combat with the bad guys while playing them on the Switch.

Lego DC Super Villains

Everyone loves being a bad guy. I mean, I do. I’ve played GTA more than any game in my life. With this game, you can be the greatest villain of all time. This Lego game has an open environment and is set in the DC universe. You have been assigned the mission of wreaking havoc on the recently created Justice Syndicate because the Justice League has been disbanded.

Despite the fact that you are a new villain, many well-known characters—including Harley Quinn and the mad Joker—appear to assist you on your quest.

The oddball group of criminals may be about to find out what this new group of superheroes is actually all about, which is the interesting part.

So dude, being bad can sometimes be good Like THE BOYS

Lego Builders Journey

Do you like puzzles? If you like the games that pushes you to think out of the box. Lego builders Journey is perfect game for you.

a game that explores the universe of bricks. Each level must be completed brick by brick. The puzzles frequently require you to follow all the instructions, but occasionally you’ll need to use your creativity to think outside the box and break the rules. There will be many ups and downs where you will experience both trials and joys throughout the entire adventure.

Also, There’s a beautiful soundtrack to keep you peaceful while playing the game. The entire game is about how to proceed further in builders journey. Be sure to check it out.

Lego Jurrasic World (2015)

I loved jurrasic world when I was a kid. And now LEGO Jurassic world has everything I love to watch when I was a Kid. This film covers more than simply one game. Although the title says “World,” this includes all four Jurassic Park films. So, you can exprience all four titles in one game.

Each of the four films has five levels, for a total of 20 levels. Consider it more of a “best of” label since it’s not practical to play every scene from every movie. I mean you can’t do it bro.

The Lego minifigure dinosaurs are all superbly rendered, and they also look amazing. With that stylish eyeliner, the one up top seems like it could have been in an 80s New Wave band.

As you progress through the stages, the game’s weather system is also wonderfull and the globe hub from which you start also alter.

Who wouldn’t also relish the opportunity to occasionally don a stylish Lego fedora?

Lego The Incredibles

If you’ve watched the incredibles, then this game might be a real fun for you.

With Lego The Incredibles, you may play as the Incredible family in block form. The plot presented in the Disney Pixar movie serves as the foundation for the game. As each of the four extraordinary characters, you get to overcome every difficulty and put an end to crime in the city.

Although this Lego game falls a little short of other Lego games in terms of gaming quality, you will undoubtedly like its Switch version.

In the future, you can work together with a companion to defeat evil and finish dozens of levels. You will see several secrets being revealed as you advance in the game. You will like the thrill this game offers even if you are not a fan of the Incredibles movie.

Lego Brawls (2022)

The objective of the game is to bash your blocky enemies into oblivion. How cool is that?

Players can create their own Lego figures, as well as crazy powerups out of blocks.

This is a different kind of brawler game. The stages are recognisable and appear in other fantastic Lego games, such as Ninjago, the game that we will look after this game.

But why did Lego Brawls beat out my favourite Ninjago game?

This game is ideal for families and friends to play together because it takes an impartial stance.

Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game

Who don’t want to be a ninja to chop enemies head of their necks? This is Ninjago

There’s a good chance that you purchased this game during the lockdowns and Coronavirus issues. Do you recall that? most likely not It’s not like it affected the entire world or anything.

The third game in the Lego Movie series is this one. I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s also my favourite. You’ll have a huge smile on your face after Ninjago.

Still, it’s a force to be reckoned with because to the tried-and-true game mechanics from the past games and the fact that at its core, it’s a superbly built Ninja game.

The action is fast-paced and exciting, One of the best Lego games on Nintendo Switch to play in 2022. Be sure to check it out because life is short and you have the rights to enjoy every last moment of it.

Lego Worlds 2017

Finally, this lego title isn’t based on a movie, WOW, something new is coming. Yes, it’s completely original and a blast from beginning to end.

But here’s one thing. this game might be inspired from minecraft, one of the best-selling game in the world.

If you can build it with Lego, you can build it in Lego Worlds. A Minecraft enthusiast’s fantasy, it lets users construct anything from canyons to castles.

Heck, it’s even feasible to travel atop an elephant or a dragon. You may perform so many different things in this game!

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So this is it. These were the best lego games on Nintendo switch for today. Let us know which game are you going to play. Use the comment section to build another world of discussions. And you can also check out our other articles on Minecraft building ideas if you are minecraft enthusiast.

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