Kelvin Can Catch Fishes With His Bare Hands

Imagine you are in Sons Of The Forest and you just took 5 minutes to make a fish trap, and when you’re on the river, Kelvin has already caught a bucket of fish with his bare hands.

Kelvin Can Catch Fishes With His Bare Hands in Sons Of The Forest
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I felt bad at first because Kelvin was so desperate to please me, I was fighting with a giant creature who had me almost killed. But I survived somehow. But then I turned to find my faithful NPC companion Kelvin, whose ankle was deep in water (trying to catch fish with his bare hands) and he was staring at the water blankly.

I had asked him to catch fish from the nearest pond and he was absolutely catching fish with his bare hands. I thought It was a stupid idea to ask Kelvin to catch some fish. But when I reached close to him, he literally had a bucket filled with fish (2-minute silence for those who underestimate Kelvin).

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I was again feeling bad because I wasn’t helping Kelvin to catch fish. Then I quickly searched on Google and here’s what I found.

  • Build a fish trap in water with 25 sticks (this step is currently bugged)
  • Carve a stick into a spear and use it in water
  • Leave the first two steps and Ask Kelvin to fish for you (he’s great at it)

I think I’m not the only one having a laugh with Kelvin in Sons Of The Forest. He has become everyone’s favorite in the game. I wouldn’t even want to survive without Kelvin in this game. (Just don’t give him the order to cut a tree when you’re near a tree house).

What do you think of Kelvin? Did anything like this happen to you? Let us know in the comment section. Meanwhile, you can also check out our other related article on Sons Of The Forest.

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