Sons Of The Forest: How To Play Online With Friends

If you’re curious about how you can play online with friends in Sons Of Forest, don’t worry, we got your back.

Sons Of The Forest is one of the most brutal survival and horror games, no matter how experienced you’re in gaming. You will bathe in a sweat if you’re going to play this. The game became so famous even though it is only in the early access stage that it sold more than 2 million copies in just 24 hours.

There’s so much more to come, Devs said. After the launch of early access, there’s no doubt that steam was temporarily down because too many users were trying to access the game simultaneously. There was too much graph in the down detector showing how steam goes down after the launch of The Forest’s sequel.

In case you don’t know, if you’re playing solo, you will have the help of two AI companions. The first one is Kelvin, and later in the game, you will find out Virginia. The AI of the game is much more improved, but still, there is a lot more to survive. Surviving on a remote island filled with cannibals and mutants is much harder than you think.

But you can also play with your friends in Sons Of The Forest. Here’s a guide on how to play online in Sons Of The Forest with your friends and family.

How To Play Sons Of The Forest Online

Sons Of The Forest: How To Play Online With Friends
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There are two available options in Online play. You can either select “Join” which is joining the available servers and “Host“, in which you can host the game to play with your friends. The multiplayer option can be found at the start screen of the game. To start a new server, select “Host” and then “New Game“.

This will bring up server customization including, the world name, the number of allowed players in the game, and if it’s a friends-only server. You can also make the server open for anyone so anyone looking for friends can play the game with you.

Now, you can invite any of your friends with a direct invitation link, or if your server is set to anyone can join. They can join by clicking the join button, and see the available servers.

After pressing the start button, you will be sent to a default spawn point. Where you’ll be spawned once you die. The host is responsible for saving the progress in this game, so you gotta be very careful. Everything you do must be saved before proceeding to the next step or closing the server for some time.

Advantage Of Playing With Friends

One of the perks of playing with your friends is you can heal each other anytime. You can also give each other medication, supplies, and food. When you’re playing with friends, you can attack the hordes of mutants which will be ultimately safe because you’ve more strength.

But the good thing is, Kelvin is still available in multiplayer. You can ask him to do your work, and if he dies while working for you (You have to keep him safe because he’s your only friend). It’s a one-and-done situation. You need to start the entire session again to get Kelvin back.

Sons Of The Forest is now available as early access for PC.

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