How to play Fireboy And Watergirl | A complete guide

play fireboy and watergirl

Two close friends, a fireboy and a watergirl arrive at the forest temple. Filled with various traps and obstacles.

Watergirl and Fireboy in the Forest Temple. No.1: The boy and the girl arrive at the temple of the wood in the opening game of the well-known video game series “Fireboy and Watergirl.” To exit, Fireboy and Watergirl must navigate through several levels. This two-player game can only be finished if the two players cooperate to solve each room’s puzzle in the temple. However, Fireboy can’t step into the water and the watergirl can’t step into hot lava. Further, they can still assist one another by pressing buttons and opening doors.

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About Fireboy and Watergirl

There are 62 levels total, divided into 13 white diamond levels and 49 normal levels, spread throughout 7 different elements. At a typical level, there will be a variety of puzzles to solve. Including levers, pushers, boxes, light detectors, mirrors, ice and snow and freeze and melt lights, crystal teleporters, etc. Additionally, there will be a few red and blue diamonds to collect. While they are not required to pass the level, doing so will raise your rating at the conclusion. In a white diamond level, a white diamond must be gathered in addition to ordinary red and blue diamonds to raise the rating. Otherwise, a white diamond level is very similar to a regular level with the exception that one diamond must be collected to pass.

There are two individuals: Watergirl and Fireboy. While Fireboy can slide on ice and snow but cannot climb up snowy slopes, he can traverse lava but not water or green goo. Watergirl can move through water but not through lava or green goo. Ice and snow slow her down, yet she can scale snowy hills.

There are 7 different elemental temples, which are:

The Forest Temple, which contains 10 levels.

The Fire Temple, which contains 8 levels.

The Light Temple, which contains 9 levels.

The Crystal Temple, which contains 9 levels.

The Ice Temple, which contains 9 levels.

The Wind Temple, which contains 8 levels.

The Water Temple, which contains 9 levels.

How to play Fireboy And Watergirl

Use A, W, and D to move watergirl.

A: Use this to move the character to the left
W: Use this to Jump from obstacles and traps
D: Use this to move forward
Use the arrow keys to move fireboy.

Left Arrow key to move character to the left
Right Arrow key to move forward
Up arrow key to jump from obstacles and traps

How to download

You can either play online or download this game from Playstore or the iOS store

Download From Playstore

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