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how to make small in little alchemy 2
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Small element is one of the hardest elements to figure out. One of the best ways is to mix Bacteria element with Philosophy to get Small elements. Let’s head to the detailed step-by-step guide on how to make small in Little Alchemy 2.

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Steps To Make Small Element

As you know you’ve to mix Bacteria with Philosophy to form small, but you must make Bacteria and Philosophy element first. This article is divided into two steps. In first step we’ll craft two of the elements we discussed and the last step will be mixing them to get small.

Step-1: Crafting Philosophy and Bacteria

Making Philosophy Element

Here’s how you can get Philosophy elements

  • First of all, you need to form life element. Combine earth and earth to make Land element
  • Land and Land form a Continent
  • Combining Continent and Continent form a Planet
  • Now combine Water and Water element to get Puddle in result
  • Mixing Puddle and Puddle element will form a Pond
  • Pond and Pond form a Lake
  • In next step, you need to combine the Planet element which we crafted in third step with Air to get Atmosphere in result
  • Combine Water with Atmosphere to form a Cloud
  • Now get Fire element which is the basic element in game, combine it with Fire to form Energy
  • Cloud and Energy make Lightning
  • Combine Lake with Lightning to form Life

Now we’ve got our first element which was life, now we’ve to focus on getting egg element, so we can progress further in the game

  • Combining Land and Life to make two Soil and Animal elements
  • Animal and Air element will form Bird
  • Now combine Bird with Bird to get Egg

Now we’ll use birds to get chicken and then combine them with egg to get Philosophy element in result. To get Philosophy

  • Combine Earth and Water to make Mud
  • Now combine the Earth again with Fire to form Lava
  • Lava and Air form a Stone
  • Combine Mud which we crafted in first step to with stone to form Clay
  • Combine Clay with Life to get Human
  • Combining Animal with Human will get you Domestication in result
  • Domestication and Bird form Chicken
  • Lastly, mix Chicken with Egg to get Philosophy

Making Bacteria Element

We’ve our first Philosophy element, now we’ll focus on crafting Bacteria so we can progress a little more in game. Making bacteria is simple. To make Bacteria

  • Combine Life and Mud together to get Bacteria element. (Life + Mud = Bacteria)

So, we’ve both of the element which proceed us to the next step

Step-2: Crafting Small

We’ve both of the elements we needed to make small. Now finally mix Bacteria and Philosophy together to get Small.

Other Ways To Make Small

There are other ways you can use to make small element. Playing with elements to form something new is good. You can try these methods also to make small element.

  • bacteria + philosophy
  • bee + philosophy
  • philosophy + rivulet
  • ozone + philosophy
  • oxygen + philosophy
  • philosophy + seahorse
  • ant + philosophy
  • carbon dioxide + philosophy
  • philosophy + scorpion
  • confetti + philosophy
  • pebble + philosophy
  • philosophy + spider

Elements That Requires Small

There are elements that requires small to make something else. Here is the list of what you can make with small element

  • Small + laptop = tablet
  • Small + pitchfork = fork
  • Small + bird = hummingbird
  • Small + stream = rivulet
  • Small + stone = pebble
  • Small + alchemist = little alchemy
  • Small + dinosaur = lizard
  • Small + tablet =smartphone
  • Small + Monster = Goblin
  • Small + jupiter = saturn
  • Small + ocean = sea
  • Small + computer = laptop
  • Small + clock = watch
  • Small + rock = pebble
  • Small + lake = pond
  • Small + hill = boulder
  • Small + Demon= Goblin
  • Small + boulder = rock
  • Small + swimming pool= aquarium
  • Small + pond = puddle
  • Small + Jörmungandr = Ouroboros
  • Small + continent = land
  • Small + wind =gust
  • Small + river = stream
  • Small + shovel = spoon
  • Small + pebble = sand
  • Small + life = bacteria
  • Small + mountain = hill
  • Small + tree =bonsai tree + plant
  • Small + sea = lake
  • Small + air = gust
  • Small + planet = mercury
  • Small + earth= pebble

Final Verdict

There are many things you can make in Little Alchemy 2. You can craft almost anything you can imagine. Even Little Alchemy 2 lets you create Creatures in game. If you are interested you can check out our other articles on Little Alchemy 2

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