How To Make Moon In Little Alchemy 2

If you don’t know how to combine element to get moon, here’s how to make moon in Little Alchemy 2.

how to make moon in little alchemy 2

Moon is one of the mysterious wonders of the nature. Making all the way to the moon isn’t possible at all. But what if you can make moon of your own in little alchemy 2?

We’ve been making many of the elements in little alchemy 2, like Universe, Tree, and even Demon. There are many different ways that can be use to obtain moon. Before making moon, let’s have a look at the ways of making moon

Ways To Make Moon

  • cheese + night
  • cheese + sky
  • night + planet
  • sky + time
  • night + stone
  • earth + night
  • planet + sky
  • sky + stone
  • planet + stone

Step-By-Step Guide To Make Moon

One of the easy way to make moon is by combining Plant and Stone. All you need is these two elements to make moon. First we’ll create Planet element

Making Planet

Our first step is making planet. To make planet

  • Combine earth with fire to Get Lava
  • Earth and earth forms Land
  • Combining earth again with land will form Continent
  • Continent and continent form Planet

You have the very first element which is Planet. Once you’ve the planet element, your next goal is to create stone which is an easy step.

Crafting Stone

To get stone, all you have to do is combine Air with Lava, you will get Stone as a result. Now you’ve the both elements.

Lastly, you can combine Planet with Stone element to form Moon

That’s it. You are done. This is how you can make moon in little alchemy 2.

Recipes That Requires Moon

Moon is the easy element to get in little alchemy 2. But as you progress, combining elements is hard and harder. Once you’ve the moon, you can combine these elements with moono element to get new elements.

  • Moon and Deity/ Elixir of Life = Change
  • Moon and Glass = Telescope
  • Moon and Bird = Owl
  • Moon and Sky/ Time = Night
  • Moon and Star = Space
  • Moon and Butterfly = Moth
  • Moon and Ocean/ Sea = Tide
  • Moon and Human = Astronaut
  • Moon and Car / Electric Car = Moon Rover
  • Moon and Animal = Wolf
  • Moon and Sun = Sky
  • Moon and Sun = Eclipse

Final Thoughts

Making moon was the easy part. But once you’re in, combining elements becomer more harder. You can check out our other articles related to little alchemy 2 if you are interested.

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