How To Make Hammer In Little Alchemy 2 (Ultimate Guide)

Welcome to little alchemy 2 guide, where we’ll learn how to make hammer in little alchemy 2.


Little alchemy 2 is all about combining elements. If you have the perfect combination, you can make anything you want. We’ve been making Sword, Idea, and even flowers in little alchemy 2, but now it’s time to make something hard like hammer, so we can break anything we want.

In today’s guide, we’ll be looking at step-by-step instructions on how to make Hammer in Little Alchemy 2. But before that, we are going to show you the ways to make hammer in little alchemy 2.

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Ways To Make Hammer In Little Alchemy 2

There are total of 5 different ways to make hammer in little alchemy 2. Below all of these methods are listed.

  • stone + tool = Hammer
  • rock + tool = Hammer
  • metal + tool = Hammer
  • steel + tool = Hammer
  • tool + woodpecker = Hammer

Step-By-Step Guide To Craft Hammer

There are various ways to craft hammer listed above, but we’ll be start by using the easy method. combining Stone and Tool will form Hammer which is quite easy. But once you’ve hammer, you can play around with other methods also to craft hammer, it’s up to you. To craft hammer we need to craft stone and tool first.

Crafting Stone

First of all, we’ll craft stone. To craft stone, follow these instructions

  • earth + fire = lava
  • earth + water = mud
  • fire + fire = energy
  • water + water = puddle
  • air + lava = stone

Now you’ve the very first element Stone, in next section we’ll craft tool. Crafting tool may look difficult to you, but don’t worry it’s not that hard.

Crafting Tool

Below are the steps required to craft tool

  • puddle + water = pond
  • pond + water = lake
  • mud + stone = clay
  • lake + water = sea
  • earth + sea = primordial soup
  • energy + primordial soup = life
  • clay + life = human
  • human + stone = Tool

Now you’ve both of the elements required. Lastly you can combine Stone with Tool to form Hammer

Stone + Tool = Hammer

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Other Ways To Craft Hammer

If you are enthusiast of the little alchemy 2, you can also use this long road to make Hammer in little alchemy 2. Here is the quick walkthrough.

  • Earth and Earth makes Land.
  • Land and Land form a Continent.
  • Continent and Continent will make Planet.
  • Air with Planet form Atmosphere.
  • Atmosphere and Water will get you Cloud as a result.
  • Fire and Fire form Energy.
  • Energy and Cloud form Lightning.
  • Water and Water form Puddle.
  • Puddle and Puddle make Pond.
  • Pond and Pond will form Lake.
  • Lake and Lightning will form Life.

You’ve the very first Life element, you can further combine it to get tool and metal

  • Life and Land will form Animal.
  • Earth and Water will form Mud.
  • Earth and Fire will make Lava.
  • Lava and Air form Stone.
  • Stone and Mud will get you Clay.
  • Clay and Life form Human.
  • Stone and Fire form Metal.

You’ve the Metal element, you can combine it with human to form Tool.

  • Metal and Human form Tool.
  • Tool and Metal form Hammer.

Recipes That Requires Hammer

Once you’ve the hammer element, you can further combine it to get more elements from it. Below are the listed elements that requires hammer.

  • Hammer + boulder = ore + statue
  • Hammer + box = toolbox
  • Hammer + coconut = coconut milk
  • Hammer + container = toolbox
  • Hammer + Deity = Mjölnir
  • Hammer + earth = ore
  • Hammer + hill = ore
  • Hammer + metal = bell
  • Hammer + mountain = ore
  • Hammer + rock = ore
  • Hammer + steel = bell
  • Hammer + stone = ore + statue
  • Hammer + Thor = Mjölnir

Final Thoughts

You can try more different methods to craft hammer, becuase little alchemy 2 is all about crafting something new. And if you are interested, you can check our other guides related to little alchemy 2.

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