How To Make Algae In Little Alchemy 2 With Basic Elements

If you are looking for how to make algae in Little Alchemy 2, you are at the right place.

How to make algae in little alchemy 2
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Little Alchemy is a fun game, where initially you will be given four basic elements(earth, air, fire, water). You can almost make anything you want in this game. Even the game has options to make creatures.

All you have to do is imagine and you can make it by combining elements. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to make algae in Little Alchemy 2. While you are on it, you can check how to make big in Little Alchemy 2, becuase Big is the basic element of the game and you’ve to make it first before making anything else.

Here is the step by step guide for creating algae in Little Alchemy 2

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How To Make Algae In Little Alchemy 2

Algae is considered as a plant that lacks stem and roots. They can be found on water, they usually make a layer on water. They also provide food to the aquatic life.

We’ll be using four basic elements we discussed above to make algae in Little Alchemy 2. This article is divided into two steps. We’ll use these two steps to make algae.

Step 1: Making Plant in Little Alchemy 2

Before making algae, you need to make plant. Here is the first step. In this method we’re going to use four basic elements fire, water, air, and earth to make plant element.

Here is the step by step guide

  • First step is to combine water with water element to make Puddle
  • Now combine Puddle with another Puddle to make Pond
  • Combining the Pond with another Pond will form a Lake
  • Combining Lake element with another Lake element will get you a Sea
  • In next step, we’ll combine basic Earth element with Sea Element to get Primordial Soup
  • Now, you can combine Fire element with another Fire element to form Energy
  • Now combining Primordial Soup with Energy element will form Life element
  • Earth and life element will form Soil element
  • Now the last step is combining the Soil element with Life element to get a Plant element

Now that you are done making your first element which is making Plant Element. Now, you’re only one step away from making algae in Little Alchemy 2.

Step 2: Making Algae In Little Alchemy 2

When you’ve the plant element, you can make algae without much effort. This step is simple, all you have to do is combine Plant element (which we already made in first step) with Water Element to get Algae element.


What You Can Make With Algae In Little Alchemy 2

There are numerous elements you can make through Algae. In case you are intersted here is the example.

  • Algae + earth = plant
  • Algae + lake = swamp
  • Algae + sun = oxygen
  • Algae + boulder = moss
  • Algae + rock = moss
  • Algae + stone = moss
  • Algae + land = plant
  • Algae + carbon dioxide = oxygen
  • Algae + pond = swamp

More Methods To Make Algae

There are other methods which can be used to make Algae in Little Alchemy 2. You can use grass to make algae. However to make grass you’ll need plant element. So why bother making grass when you can use plant to make algae. In case, you are still intersted, here is the combination of making Algae with other elements


Algae needs water to stay live. So you’ll have to make a suitable condition, you can simple do this by adding water element with water element until it becomes Ocean. This is the final state of water element in the game.

Final Verdict

We’ve covered every single details of making algae in little alchemy 2. Let me know in the comment section if this article helped you making algae in a simple way.

Spending more and more time in game will unlock hundreds of element, making algae will unlock more ideas into your mind, and if you are interested, you can check out our more articles about Little Alchemy 2 mentioned below.

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