Sons Of The Forest: How To Heal Kelvin

It’s great to have an NPC around when he can build, and gather things for you. But what if Kelvin is hurt and you need to heal him?

Kelvin is one of the NPCs in the crashed airplane. Kelvin will help you gather different kinds of resources. As shown in the image, you will give him instructions and he will help you in gathering sticks, and logs.

Kelvin lost his sense of hearing after a plane crash, so you need to write down the instructions and show him, and he will do exactly what you say to him.

It’s great to have that kind of NPC around. So if you’re grateful to have a friendly NPC around, you might be wondering how to heal Kelvin when he is hurt in Sons Of The Forest.

How To Heal Kelvin

“You can heal Kelvin in Sons Of The Heart by holding down a single button”.

No matter how hurt Kelvin is, when he is hurt, he will be downed, meaning he is in need of healing. While he is injured, all you need to do is go near him and press and hold the action button –E on your keyboard. You should see a confirm button, meaning Kelvin is being healed.

However, some people reported that the heal button wasn’t working and Kelvin keeps dying in missions. Because the game is in early access, the bugs are just normal things. But most likely, Midnight Games will fix it up.

If he takes more damage, he’s at risk of dying. So you have to make sure he gets healed on time. If he’s dead, there’s no bringing him back (unless he’s Superman).

On the other hand, you can bring him back by reloading a saved game.

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