Sons Of The Forest: How To Get Turtle Shell

The sequel of the successful The Forest called Sons Of The Forest is available as early access on steam. Here’s a guide on How to get turtle shell in Sons Of The Forest.

how to get turtle shell in sons of the forest

Sons Of The Forest, a deserted-cannibal-filled survival and horror game is now available on Steam as an early access title. You have to use some survival techniques and various tools to survive on this horror island.

One of the major problems in this game is water. You can get food easily, but finding clean water is difficult. To get clean water, you need Turtle Shells, and in this guide, we’ll show you how you can get and use Turtle shells in Sons of the forest.

How To Get Turtle Shells In Sons Of The Forest

There are two types of Turtles in this title, one is Sea turtle from which you can get shells, and Tortoises from which you can’t get any shells (basically useless). Sea turtles can only be found in the western, northern, eastern, and southern areas as shown in the image.

Keep in mind that Sea turtles won’t always drop the shells as well, so you might have to kill a bunch of them to get shells.

How To Use Turtle Shells As Water Collector

Once you have got the Turtle Shells (remember that you killed defenseless reptiles to save yourself), now you can use them as a water collector. To use the Shells, open your inventory and press the “I” key on your keyboard. Then look at the upper right corner until you find the item.

Now you can equip the item and collect clean water from River. You can always use Turtle Shells to get clean water from the river.

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