How To Get Portal Gears In Sonic Frontiers (3 Easy Ways)

Want to get into cyber space portal? You’ll need Portal Gears to do that. In this guide we’ll show you how to get portal gears in Sonic Frontiers.

The game is just released, and we all are trying to get every secrets while playing it. Portal gears are one of those essential item that can let you open cyber space portal. But before talking about getting portal gears, let’s have a look at what is Cyber Space Portal?

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What is Cyber Space Portal?

Portable gears are collectable items in Sonic Frontiers and they can be used to access cyber space portal. Cyber Space Portal allows you to play mini games that are related to previous sonic titles. But, what are the benefits of playing mini games? Well, you guessed that right. If you complete mini games, you will have the Vault Keys, these keys are essential to progress the story of game. Now let’s have a look at Portal Gears.

What are Portal Gears?

As mentioned above, Portal Gears are collectible items. They are small gear-like objects with a glow. Portal gears appeared for the first time in Sonic Frontiers prologue. However, finding gears might be a difficult job, because game doesn’t state where you can find these items.

So let’s dive in.

How to Get Portal Gears in Sonic Frontiers?

Well, there are multiple ways of finding portal gears in sonic frontiers. But the easiest is by Defeating Guardians. There are other methods also to find Gears. Here is the list

  • Defeat Guardians
  • Explore The Open Zone
  • Defeat Enemies

Let’s have a look at each of the list items.

Defeat Guardians

How To Get Portal Gears In Sonic Frontiers
Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

The easiest way of getting portal gears is by Defeating Guardians. So, how do you find Guardians? Guardians can be found in all stages, they roam around the world of Sonic. But sometimes you can find them by specific hidden spots.

After defeating guardians, they will drop a portal gear, you just pick them up and get access to Cyber space Portal. See, It’s simple, not a rocket science mate.

Explore The Open Zone

How To Get Portal Gears In Sonic Frontiers
Image via IGN

I know the map of sonic frontiers is quite massive. It may be a hard way to get portal gears, but there are lot of hidden stuff in game, that makes me quite energetic. While exploring the open zone you can find tons of hidden stuff all around.

So, you can have Two Kills With One Arrow. While finding for the portal gears, you can have the stuff you didn’t hear about before.

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Defeat Enemies

image via SONIC

Last but not least, by defeating the enemies you will get rewarded by many great items. While exploring the open map, you can find enemies all around the map. Defeating enemies will not only get you rewards but, certainly portal gears from time to time.

The real beauty of the game is each enemy have different kind of weakness, you have to figure it out and kill the last enemy standing.


You found any of the Portal Gear while everyone is searching about it? Or if you have any other method of finding those Portal Gears, please let us know in the comment section. So we can update our post as soon as possible. Helping others is a great

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