Horizon Forbidden West Pc Release Date

Horizon forbidden west will ever have a release date for PC?

Horizon Forbidden West release date for pc
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With Horizon Zero Dawn becoming a huge critical and financial success for PlayStation, the Horizon video game series has been immensely successful.

Horizon Forbidden West, created by Guerilla Titles, was one of the most eagerly awaited PS4 and PS5 games of early 2022. But will Horizon Forbidden West also be available for PC?

Without a doubt, the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel lives up to its moniker. It enhances every amazing intricacy in the first game’s sound architecture by making it bigger and better.

While Aloy’s Crusade is playable on the PS4 and PS5, it would be a shame to not make Horizon Forbidden West on PC reach its full potential.

The Epic Games Store and Steam would most likely receive Horizon Forbidden West.

The platforms where it would be anticipated to launch are both Steam and the Epic Games Store if Horizon Forbidden West does ultimately release on PC. However, other platforms might be a better alternative for Sony depending on how long it takes for the game to arrive.

Additionally, depending on its goals, Sony might develop its own platform for the release of PC games or it might collaborate only with an existing service.

Will there be a Horizon Forbidden West release date for PC?

Officially? Horizon Forbidden West will not be coming to PC, according to Sony. However, since they have already played the “Only on PlayStation” card. So you can be optimistic that Forbidden West will eventually be released on PC.

The best case scenario would be for the game to release sometime in late 2023 or early 2024, and even that would be a positive outlook.

Three years after its initial release, the Horizon series’ debut game was available on Steam. There are currently insufficient leads for the game’s PC release that can be specified.

At first, we would have predicted that the port would arrive three years later as well. But it appears that Sony is mainly aiming for the PC audience given the several leaks that have recently surfaced.

About Forbidden West

horizon forbidden west pc release date
image: PCgamer

Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West must discover the cure for the Blight. A scarlet plague that is obliterating both fauna and vegetation.

She embarks on a protracted adventure that broadens the science fiction backdrop of the game more than Horizon Zero Dawn did.

Horizon Forbidden West emphasises the compassion found in others. And how one connects to that to form new and lasting friendships as the story stays intimate.

It is clear from the dialogue that this game is more than just an open-world action game by evoking memories of Dragon Age.

The technical artistic prowess of Guerilla Games. Which genuinely brings the characters you encounter to life, is one of the game’s biggest strengths.

Players can read their friends’ expressions, whether they are happy or afraid.

The idea of Horizon Forbidden West—finding humanity in oneself and others—is emphasised through this.

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