Halo Infinite Live Action Trailer is Here

Check out the stunning New live action trailer for the Microsoft’s next big release

Since the Halo infinite official release coming up soon. Microsoft Has released the live action trailer of the game, And it’s incredible

“We’ve always believed in heroes, it’s time to become one,”

This was in video description.

Halo infinite multiplayer was launched on November 15, but the official campaign version isn’t releasing until December 8(Same Day call of duty releasing Vanguard) Now it’s getting very close.

Microsoft Has also confirmed that the main character “Master chief” Pees in his suits and it smells very bad.

halo infinite

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Microsoft Boss also Explains Why Halo Infinite Co-Op Delay Was The Right Move

“It shows the commitment of the studio–even when it’s challenging, even when it hurts–to only ship experiences when they are ready.” Halo development boss Joseph Staten has commented on the delay of Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op feature, saying it was a difficult decision but ultimately the right one. Speaking to IGN, Staten said Halo and co-op are synonymous, so it was “very, very hard” to choose to delay the feature, but it was essential so the team could prioritize other areas and get the game out the door this holiday.

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