13 Most Underrated Games Like Summertime Saga Of 2022

Are you done with the summertime saga and waiting for the next game in the series? we’ve you covered up. we’ve compiled a list of most underrated games like summertime saga while you wait for next game in this series.

The majority of you will concur that Summertime Saga is among the most realistic and engrossing dating sims.

Aside from the obvious draw, Summertime Saga includes compelling storylines, multidimensional characters, and some engrossing game scenarios.

Additionally, the different endings allow you to play Summertime Saga repeatedly without ever becoming bored.

The Summertime Saga can have a certain number of endings, though. It appears that you have already played every Summertime Saga-like game because you are looking for more of them.

Now is the time to simultaneously enjoy something similar and different. You may enjoy these 13 games like Summertime Saga, or you can call them alternatives.

To add a little more spice, we’ve also created a list of best GTA like games to play in 2022

House Party

This hilarious, narrative-heavy 3D adventure game is all about player autonomy and having a good time anyway you want. Because of its distinctive AI and scripting engine, House Party may customise its content to fit your preferences.

Every time you play, you’ll notice something brand-new or distinctive. There are currently thousands of branching stories, dynamic aspects, and hundreds of distinct plots, side missions, and narratives.

It only keeps getting bigger and better because the content is being added frequently! Every new game begins at the entrance with a clean slate for your choices.

good news You’ve been asked to a party at Madison’s house by your friend Derek. No matter how crazy the night becomes, you must make your way through it while being surrounded by a gang of odd partygoers.

Enter a sandbox adventure party game where even your smallest decisions can have a huge impact on the outcome.

Discover fifteen different NPCs who respond to your every comment and action to create thousands of unique branching narratives that will keep you entertained for many hours in unpredictable and hilarious ways.

The gameplay of House Party begins with the talks and develops as a result of the choices that are made along the route. The night is what you make it, with dozens of stories to explore but no real conclusion.


Warning: This game is a highly graphical novel. You may find this as mature content. Be aware

Want to be laid in a free-roaming video game and party with hot girls? The free-roaming, action-adventure game BoneTown is the first to incorporate sex, drugs, and depravity into one delightfully intense experience.

With outrageous drug-induced abilities never before permitted in a video game, BoneTown creates a world where crack makes you run faster, weed lets you jump higher, and of course, you get to bone your way to the top as you seduce thousands of distinctive girls.

It does this by fusing games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption with drug-induced.

You are BJ Blazkowicz, a member of the Resistance, and the final bastion of liberty for mankind. Only you have the nerve, the weapons, and the gumption to come home, eliminate every Nazi in your path, and ignite a second American Revolution.

Get lost in a universe that is brought to life by enduring characters that give the franchise a new dimension of personality.

As you battle the terrible Frau Engel and her Nazi army, you can catch up with old friends and fellow liberation fighters like Anya, Caroline, Bombate, Set, Max Hass, Fergus, or Wyatt. You can also make new acquaintances like Horton and Grace.

Cloud Meadow

Welcome to the world of Cloud Meadow, where islands float through time due to ancient magics and humans coexist successfully with monsters to build advanced societies! Play as Evan or Eve, one of our main characters, as you travel to the frontier to hunt, farm, and breed in support of a developing and varied community of monster folk.

The three F’s—farming, fighting, and flirting—are the focus of Cloud Meadow, a farming simulator, role-playing game, and visual novel.

My Cute Roommate

a graphic adventure for Android that is targeted for adults. We’ll assume the role of the main character in this app, a youngster who just graduated from high school and has moved to the city to attend university.

He will have to share an apartment in the city with his cousin, who he hasn’t seen in a while and who, from what he recalls, isn’t particularly graceful. But as soon as he opens the door, everything is different.

The primary justification for creating this game to amuse yourself is the fantasy of the lovely cousin. Given that it uses the same graphic engine as other games of the same genre, My Cute Roommate is comparable to many of them.

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The game’s interface uses a point-and-click system with static pictures (nearly all of them), allowing you to interact with various items and persons while also having discussions that will aid in the development of the tale.

Sisterly Lust

The name of this fantasy role-playing game appears misleading given its storyline. Whatever it would imply, Sisterly Lust starts out quite depressingly.

The main character’s father loses a custody dispute at the beginning of the story.

While the father is granted custody of the main character, the mother is granted custody of her two sisters.

The plot begins to take shape when the mother saves her third daughter from her ex-husband after years of abuse.

The third daughter, who is extremely different from her two sisters—one older and one younger—is now under the authority of the players.

They are considerably more attractive, daring, and self-assured than your character. It will take some work to cohabit with them and develop the sisterly bond.

Snow Daze: The Music Of Winter

Snow Daze: The Music of Winter, created by Outbreak Games and released by Critical Bliss, features an intriguing premise centred around a family of five.

Jason, a lanky adolescent lad with a passion for music and outstanding audio engineering talents, is the character that players get to play as.

When a snowstorm disrupts his preparations to leave the house permanently, Jason is about to do so. He is currently confined to the home with his stepmother and his 3 stepsisters.

The time has come for Jason to exact justice on his stepfamily for all of the harassment and bullying he had to endure.

But is it a wise plan? Will this help Jason gain the respect he wants or just make things worse?

The result will depend on the decisions you make.

Waifu Academy

Waifu Academy is one of the top online games like Summertime Saga in terms of gameplay and animations.

Another plot connection is that the protagonist of Waifu Academy is also striving to graduate high school while trying to solve his father’s death.

However, there is a tonne more.

This game has roughly 30 characters, the majority of whom attend Sazaki Academy. Additionally, there is where the majority of the game’s scenes are set.

Waifu Academy has stunning 3D graphics and a plot that gradually unveils terrifying secrets about the protagonist’s closest pals.

This game will have you second-guessing everything you do.

The first time I played Waifu Academy, it was more entertaining than Summertime Saga.

Lady Killer In a Bind

Look no further if lesbian games excite you. One of the best Summertime Saga replacements is Ladykiller in a Bind.

The premise is compelling, but the software appears more like a lesbian dating app. This game is very realistic, even down to the conversation and narration.

games like summertime saga

To make the game more engaging, you must carefully consider your choices. This game, which also has several endings like Summertime Saga, centers on an 18-year-old girl who was tricked by her twin brother into cross-dressing and spending seven days on a school cruise to win a popularity contest.

The Beast sister then attempts to charm and bed her way to the top to earn $5 million.


Credit: Lostgamer

Visual novels are what video games like Summertime Saga are known as, and Melody is the most beautiful visual novel ever.

This first-person video game features some of the best graphics and images, which intensifies the tension of this dating sim.

Players get to live the life of a session musician who decides to leave their job and start over. Players have the chance to tutor Melody along the route. The players’ cards might even carry a date if the coaching goes well.

You take on the character of a musician who quit his job and relocated to a different town across the country. And that brand-new chapter begins when you run across a woman at the supermarket who employs you to tutor her niece Melody in music.

Your goal during the music sessions, when you’re by yourself in a room, is to try to connect with the lovely Melody. How successful you are at this depends on the decisions you make in various situations.

Amber’s Magic Shop

While there are several games like summertime saga available , very few are as captivating as Amber’s Magic Shop.

The game follows Amber, a bisexual protagonist who lives in the city of Isilia in a fantastical world of elves. Amber is an elf alchemist who enjoys creating new substances but also falls in love with whomever she sees.

And that is the game’s high point. It features both a handicraft simulator and a dating simulator for users to enjoy.

Elf alchemist Amber begins her voyage in Isilia, where she also completes her mage training. She doesn’t necessarily distinguish herself from the others as an elf alchemist. And that’s what makes the game so lovely. She will fall in love in the city with both men and women. Your phone addiction will last for hours thanks to the captivating plots.

Tame It

Tame It! adds a new twist to the graphic novel genre. The entire game must be played with emojis. Yes, you must use emojis to do all actions and interact with NPCs.

It features a lovely hand-drawn art style. Tame It is a PC, Linux, macOS, and Android game.

You’ve been trapped on a desert island and must survive by gathering food and other supplies.

You will be able to select from a variety of difficulty settings, which will influence your overall experience.


The Sims 4 is a life simulation video game released in 2014 by Maxis’ Redwood Shores studio and distributed by Electronic Arts. It has always been in the spotlight and is well-known within the modding community. You will be unable to stop yourself from drowning in pleasure once you begin playing this game.

Create amazing homes for any family, then decorate with your favourite furnishings and décor. Visit different communities to meet other Sims and learn about their lifestyles.

Explore stunning locales with unique ecosystems and embark on spontaneous experiences. Control the ups and downs of the Sims’ daily existence and see what happens when you act out realistic or fantasy settings.

Tell your stories your way while building relationships, pursuing vocations and life goals, and immersing yourself in an exceptional game with limitless possibilities.

You may mould and mould a variety of Sims, each with unique appearances, lively personalities, and inspirational aspirations.

Make use of the strong customization capabilities to bring your ideas to life. Make your favorite celebs, your fantasy, or your friends! Change the wardrobe of your Sims to reflect your mood. Give your Sims depth and meaning by giving them odd qualities and lofty goals.

Life Is Good

Life is good
Life Is Good

Life is Good is the final title on our list of video games like Summertime Saga. It is a visual novel game, games like summertime saga, with plenty of things to keep your attention.

In Life Is Good, you must play a character who must leave the city with her mother and sister and relocate to another city.

After shifting, the actual story will begin, and you will have to follow the plot.

Naomi Hayward, a journalist, is drowning in debt and at the end of her rope. Naomi finds herself in Rainy Woods, far from her home in New York, after accepting a request from The Morning Bell newspaper to “uncover the secret of a small English community.”

Naomi, with camera in hand, begins her inquiry and soon discovers an unusual occurrence in which the townspeople morph into cats and dogs when night falls… Then, while she is investigating that particular mystery, a murder happens… Follow her as she tries to uncover the truth about Rainy Woods.

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