22 Adventure Games Like God Of War (Updated)

best games like god of war

Time to check out some of the best games like god of war.

God of War is widely regarded as one of the best video games of all time, not simply among the best PlayStation exclusives.

One of the most immersive video games ever is created by Kratos’s bond with his son Atreus, which is a pleasure to observe and experience firsthand.

On any platform, including mobile, the games themselves are highly addicting, and as a result, they’ve encouraged many of us to learn more about Greek Mythology, which is excellent for our brains and Stephen Fry’s audio-book sales.

Without further Ado, Let’s check out the best games like god of war, so you can buy and play them right now.

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

One of the games that are credited with helping the venerable Assassin’s Creed franchise emerge from its rut was Odyssey. Ancient Greece is the setting of this open-world game, which naturally has connections to Kratos’ journey.

If you appreciate how God of War handles its fighting, the combat in this game is a tremendous improvement over the combat in earlier AC titles and should be enjoyable to play.

This legendary retelling of historical combat is a must-play choice among video games like God of War.

Horizon Forbidden West (2022)

If you haven’t taken this game seriously, you need to take a hard look at yourself and determine what you’re doing with your life. It’s a visual feast for the eyes and a piece of art that you can’t take your eyes off, similar to Ghost of Tsushima.

Have you seen those terrifying T-Rex robots? It’s also as tough as nails.

In this new game, Aloy has borrowed a page from Link’s book by altering the Hookshot and Glider and creating her version. Although the incredibly enormous enemies are far more similar to the God of War series, it is another game with major Zelda influences.

You know what, if there was a game where Aloy and Kratos could team up, a kind of 100%-better version of Playstation Move Heroes, then I’d be down to see what mayhem they could both start and stop.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Long awaited game, the Red Dead game’s sequel.

But look at how much better the sequel is—I didn’t think RockStar could possibly top it, but they did!
If you enjoyed The Last of Us’ lawlessness, you’ll love the decaying, gang-infested world of RDR2.

It has more attitude than Motley Crüe after a late-night binge, plus it has all the natural beauty of the American wilderness as well.

In a world where the law is finally catching up with and replacing an ancient way of life, people must cheat, fight, and kill to exist. Like a GTA but only with horses.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt 2021

Not only is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt one of the best games like god of war, but it’s also unquestionably among the top games of all time. It offers countless hours of gameplay, a great plot, stunning graphics, and superb combat. What more could a game possibly offer?

Based on Slavic legend, The Witcher. You can all explore “The Continent,” which is divided into 6 sections, in this open-world game. Magic, humans, elves, dwarves, monsters, and other mystical creatures abound in this realm.

You take on the role of the fabled monster hunter Geralt of Rivia, who is looking for his daughter.

To defeat your opponents and make some money, you can employ weapons and spells. Like a true Witcher, you’ll have to research the various enemies you encounter and employ special tactics to defeat them.


There are many similarities between this combat system and God Of War that players accustomed to Soulsborne’s tight and responsive gameplay will notice. Though one could argue that FromSoftware’s combat is generally rougher and less forgiving of mistakes.

The best suggestion for someone who enjoyed God of War is probably Bloodborne.

It is not only a PlayStation exclusive, but it also has some of the system’s most impressive visuals and gameplay. Bloodborne’s eerie aesthetic will captivate any gamer who likes video games with Gothic and Lovecraftian elements.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)

The Elder Scrolls lV: Oblivion’s events take place 200 years later in this game, which is set in the Skyrim region. You play as the Dragonborn. The ultimate goal is to kill Alduin the World-Eater, the dragon that is predicted to bring about the end of the world. As you explore Skyrim, complete tasks and enhance your character’s abilities and magic.

Even if you’ve played Skyrim previously If it’s been a while since you did. It could be worth giving the new mod—which allows you to play as Kratos, albeit from the earlier God of War games—a shot.

Dark Souls III

The ARPG genre underwent transformation because of the Dark Souls series. It significantly increased the importance of time and patience in a genre where attack spam was becoming increasingly prevalent.

Another game that probably drew inspiration from this idea is the most recent installment of the God of War series. Which chose to give Kratos a shield and a one-handed axe rather than presenting the player with two chain blades at the beginning.

In Dark Souls 3, there are numerous options for players to create their ideal build. Everywhere you look, you can find swords, spears, and shields, and each one has a unique way of dispatching enemies.

Even better, one can design a Kratos-themed construct and use God of War-inspired weaponry to sever enemies. However, if you liked the more challenging parts of God of War, feel free to step it up by around 50 notches with the Dark Souls series.

This and other soul-like games will push you to the ultimate edge as a player.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

Devil May Cry’s frantic combat is back and it’s better and sexier than ever. Demons are destroying London as a strong demon king has let a portal from hell open.

But the crowd’s preferred demon slayers have shown here to tidy up the mess. As you retake the city from the army of demons, pretend to be Dante, Nero, or V.

You can now play as Vergil in Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition and carry on his quest for additional strength and drive.

Elden Ring 2022

If you like games with extremely high levels of difficulty and incredibly powerful bosses, Elden Ring might be the greatest God of War alternative for you. The same creators who produced the Dark Souls series also produced Elden Ring. It’s regarded as one of the top video games of 2022 as well.

Dark Souls and Elden Ring have a lot in common in terms of gameplay. If you’ve played any Dark Souls games previously, Elden Ring will make you feel right at home. It has an open-world environment, crafting, magic spells, and a variety of weaponry for combat.

It takes place in the mythical “Lands Between,” a realm ruled by a number of demigods. Starting out, you get to select a character class that determines the particular equipment.

Far Cry Primal

As its name suggests, Far Cry Primal takes place in the Stone Age. Because of this, most of the fighting in this game is done with melee weapons, which makes some of the tense, close-quarters battles feel very similar to those in God of War.

You’ll remember what it was like to be Kratos when you’re in that kind of jeopardy.
Players must create their weapons in this Stone-Age-era game to survive other warriors, saber-tooth tigers, mammoths, bears, and other ferocious monsters.

As you explore a long-forgotten planet, pick a character type, develop their skill tree, and level them up!

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Finding a game that could surpass the tale of God of War for its devotees is tougher to find than combat and oddball characters. But the Final Fantasy VII Remake is worth playing.

The many fighting techniques used here won’t really matter to you because of how well the story is written.

But Final Fantasy 7 Remake succeeded in exceeding all anticipations and became one of the top action role-playing games on the PlayStation 4.

The most recent installment of the Final Fantasy series from Square Enix will satisfy anyone yearning for games like God of War.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

You follow the hardships of a Pict warrior named Senua in this gloomy fantasy realm from the eighth century that is based on Celtic and Nordic customs.

She is afflicted with voices in her head, a sinister presence that follows her, and flashbacks to her past. leaving her native Orkney to travel to Helheim in an effort to save her dead lover’s soul.

In order to do this, Senua must locate the goddess Hela, but in order to find her true love once more, Senua must face many dangerous foes in her way.

The game is influenced by both Celtic and Norse mythology. This means that in terms of inspiration, plot, and gameplay, it is quite comparable to God of War.

There are certain gods, names, references, and even locations that are similar. In Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, there are two primary gameplay components. Senua can engage in boss battles, battles with monsters, and disfigured Norsemen in the first section.

This covers attacking with her sword, avoiding, and even parrying. The second section focuses more on the game’s narrative. Senua may explore and engage with the surroundings thanks to it. When in this state, she can also set off events, riddles, and other plot points.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

The action-packed fun that the Metal Gear Solid series has been renowned for is present in Revengeance, which is set a few years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

The bloody, up-close action in this game will bring back memories of God of War. It feels fantastic to swing a melee weapon through swarms of foes in this location.

Revengeance is one of the top choices for individuals looking for games similar to God of War for players who enjoy melee-focused third-person games.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Even though Lara Croft has been a mainstay of video games for years, many people still consider 2015’s Rise of the Tomb Raider to be the best entry in the series.

This is the game that many Tomb Raider fans have been waiting for for a while, and the combat, puzzles, platforming, and characters all shine here.

Last Of Us Part I

If you like God of War, especially if you enjoyed seeing Kratos and Atreus’ friendship develop, The Last of Us is a terrific choice. One of the most satisfying game experiences is observing Joel and Ellie’s development as individuals and as a couple.

If you do choose to play this game, waiting until the next-generation remake, which launches in September, is worthwhile (2022). A fantastic sequel is also waiting for you once you’ve completed it.

Ninja Blade

The player assumes the role of a contemporary ninja and fights the hostile creatures using a katana, twin swords, and broad sword as their main weapons.

The fighting style is comparable to Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden. When “ninja vision” or ninjutsu is employed, a chi bar is depleted.

The gameplay is very dramatic and relies on quick time events to complete objectives. once a boss has been attacked until it has no health left, the player must execute a finishing technique known as the dome.

Dante’s Inferno

The comparison between Dante’s Inferno and God of War is often made, although it’s not entirely accurate. It’s safe to say that God of War appears frequently in the game, which may be precisely what you’re searching for.

Dante Alighieri is reimagined in the game as a Crusader Knight who must journey through many levels of hell to save his partner.

Alice Madness Returns

Alice by American McGee was one of the strangest but most fascinating video games ever made. Even though the gameplay hasn’t really held up over time, gamers tend to remember this game for a long time because of how terrifying the world and its inhabitants are.

Alice: Madness Returns, a sequel to this book, was published. Even while the gameplay can occasionally feel overly simple, the incredible story and characters more than makeup for this.

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Castlevania: Lords Of Shadows

The Castlevania franchise has been revived in the game. The plot, which takes place in Southern Europe during the Middle Ages, centers on Gabriel Belmont’s struggle against the evil group known as the Lords of Shadow and his attempt to revive his wife.

Gabriel is controlled by the player in 3D environments as he employs melee abilities to take down foes and go through riddles to advance in the game.

Lords of Shadow was the name given to the game when it was first revealed, and the Castlevania franchise was not referenced.

This was done to avoid the announcement of the game from overshadowing another installment in the series and to conceal their intentions to fundamentally alter the course of the Castlevania mythos.


If you were seeking the master of hack-and-slash combat, Platinum Games is without a doubt it. The Japanese developer, led by the former Devil May Cry production crew, has perfected that technique, and the original Bayonetta serves as the best illustration.

The good news? On PC, you can play it in gorgeous 60 frames per second with full HD visuals, while on Switch, it’s somewhat lower in resolution at 720p but maintains the same buttery smooth framerate.

Bayonetta’s gothic design has never played or looked better. Why wouldn’t you want to see Bayonetta’s stiletto guns in stunning HD, watch her hair conjure demons, or just blast enough angels in the face to blush Atreus?

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

If navigating the landscape was your favorite aspect of God of War, the most recent main Uncharted installment might be for you. The Naughty Dog games feature Nathan Drake on an intriguing journey that many consider being the best series currently available.

Similar to God of War, you may play this Uncharted game without having played the others in the series and still enjoy it, but you’ll get far more from doing so.

The Last Of Us: Remastered

Where else have we witnessed an elderly, worn-out, and regretful protagonist traveling toward possible atonement with a young child by his side?

The Last of Us, I see. Apart from the zombie apocalypse and virus problem, there are numerous ways in which Joel and Ellie’s path is similar to Kratos and Atreus.

Though Naughty Dog’s emphasis on stealth and crafting frequently steers The Last of Us’ action in a direction far different from Kratos’ direct approach,

The Last of Us’ fondness for harsh and chaotic combat is very much in God of War’s wheelhouse.

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