10 new free RPG games for PC in 2022

The number of free RPG games for PC is rising, which means the F2P MMO community has a lot more options than it had previously. There is a good game to play on the PC even if your wallet is accumulating cobwebs and your bank account is best friends with zero.

There is also something for everyone to enjoy, from massive free MMORPGs to online battle zones. Free games are no longer only limited to MOBAs and Runescape; there are shooters that can compete with Overwatch, space games that are as glitzy as Elite, and MMOs that can hold their own against Warcraft that don’t require a subscription.
Along with games that are entirely free to play, we have also listed MMOs with extensive free trials. Here is our list of 10 new and free RPG games for PC in 2022.

Genshin Impact

free RPG games for PC

Genshin Impact provides a wide range of products. a free-to-play game with some of the least obtrusive mechanisms available. The real game, which is touring the huge, untainted land of Teyvat, can be started once you’ve finished the main plot. There is always more to do, more to earn, and more puzzles to solve wherever you go.

Obviously, the main character travels with others. Instead, they create a four-player team from more than 20 characters that may be swapped out to form the ideal team for any given objective. The characters can be acquired through gameplay or the game’s gacha systems, just like gear. Each character has unique talents that fill out the typical RPG kinds as well as specific elemental themes. Through the game’s intricate crafting system, both people and equipment can be enhanced. There is more to look at it, making it one of the best free RPG games for PC.

Diablo Immortal

free RPG games for PC

Diablo Immortal from Blizzard Entertainment means that the battle against the demons need not end when you leave the computer. The game was created for mobile devices. Later was also launched on PC, bridging the gap between Diablo II and III in an MMOARPG setting.

Following the alleged demise of the Archangel Tyrael. Mankind must deal with the consequences, which is where Diablo Immortal picks up. One of the many issues is the scattered pieces of the Worldstone, which are just waiting to be collected by Diablo’s minions to hasten his return.

In Diablo Immortal, players can select from one of six classes. The traditional Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard are among them. Each of the six classes has special talents and capabilities of its own.

Six new bosses are also included in the game, including the Glacial Colossus and The Skeleton King. Every one is located in dangerous areas and presents players with a different task. Therefore, before engaging them, players will want to be well-prepared.

Star Trek Online

free RPG games for PC

Even though MMO character creation tools allow you to customize your avatar’s chest hair density, eyelash length, jawline, and other features, Star Trek Online has far more customization choices. Are you sick of playing as a human? It’s great that there are 30 different race options accessible here, including Gorn, Rigellian, Romulan, Klingon, and more.

In Star Trek Online, questing and advancement follow a similar pattern to television episodes: one moment you are exploring space, and the next you are negotiating with or firing lasers at, one of the numerous antagonists from the franchise. Star Trek Online does a fantastic job of translating the storylines and tone of the TV episodes into a F2P MMO, whether it be in starship fights or on the ground where the action takes the style of a third-person shooter. The Deep Space Nine crew is also added to the game through additions like Victory is Life, which updates it even more frequently than a TV show would. There are many things to explore making star trek best free RPG games for PC still in 2022

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Destiny 2

destiny 2 free rpg games for pc

Prepare yourself for Bungie’s Destiny 2’s solar system exploration. The PS4 and PC versions of the game now support free-to-play on Steam.

The whole game’s plot, access to all guardian classes, a variety of multiplayer activities, and a tonne of new gear are all included in this new free version, which is exactly what players have come to expect from the buy-to-play game.

In the sci-fi setting of Destiny 2, players assume the roles of Guardians in order to defend the remaining portions of Earth from alien invaders, specifically a race known as the Cabal. The plot continues up after the Cabal has successfully attacked and the Guardians have lost their power; they now need to figure out how to reclaim it.

Take on anything from simple story missions to 3-player strikes and 6-player raids when you team up with pals. Take part in game events and compete against other players in various PvP types, such as the classic deathmatch.

The game does provide a few alternatives for purchases, such as the most recent expansion and various sums of silver for buying in-game things. There are many things to explore making star trek the best free RPG games for PC still in 2022

Lost Ark

free-to-play rpg games

The enormous adventure in Smilegate’s free-to-play multiplayer ARPG is full of places to discover, people to meet, and an antiquated evil just waiting to be vanquished. In Lost Ark, players enter the Arkesian realm and set out on an adventure through many locations in search of the Ark of Legends. Before they take over, stop the army of the demon Kazeros. Hurry though, the demons are also looking for the Ark.

Choose from a variety of classes, each having a variety of advanced class possibilities, such as the sword-wielding warrior, the mage, or even the gunner. Play by yourself or with friends (or strangers) to explore seven enormous continents full of unusual peoples and animals.

Simple to learn system with lots of customization options are provided by Lost Ark. Create the combat style that suits you best by using the game’s “Tripod” system to unlock up to three layers of customization for each skill. There is more to look at, making Lost Ark best free RPG game for PC still in 2022

Other elements offered by Lost Ark include guilds, crafting, and other systems that players have come to anticipate from online games. It is entirely up to you what you want to do.

Final Fantasy XIV

final fantasy XIV

It was never going to be simple to create an MMO based on the popular Final Fantasy series. Square Enix had to take another stab at Final Fantasy XIV after making a complete mess of it the first time, which ultimately led to the creation of one of the best MMOs available for PC.

Final Fantasy XIV does not require players to grind endlessly with many characters to determine which combat class they wish to play, in contrast to other MMOs. The ability to choose between the game’s eight combat classes is instead miraculously unlocked after you reach level ten. It is also one of very few cross-play MMOs, which means you can inhabit the same world as PlayStation users. You lucky thing.

Secret World Legends

Secret World Legends

A free-to-play sequel to The Secret World is called Secret World Legends. Funcom’s Secret World Legends substantially reworks gameplay, levelling, talents, and other aspects of the game. While retaining the storyline from The Secret World. The new action combat and other aspects are intended to appeal to a wider audience than the first game. Even though the game’s narrative is still its primary focus.

The game immerses players in a sinister and enigmatic world full with conspiracies, magic, and legendary animals. It begins with a little Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft mingling. There are mummies, cults, Cthuhlu-like sea creatures, zombies, and more. As one of three super-powered foot soldiers, the player can choose to work for the Illuminati. The Templars, or the Dragons. They will visit areas that are somewhat genuine, such coastal Maine, Egypt, and Transylvania, as well as real destinations like New York, London, Seoul, and more.



Defense of the Ancients, the original MOBA, was followed by Dota 2, Valve’s top-tier, free-to-play competitive MOBA. Dota 2, which was introduced in 2013 as an alternative to Riot Games’ League of Legends. Turns up the strategy dial and is frequently rated as one of the greatest MOBAs in the world. It demands mastery of one’s hero and excellent teamwork.

Over a hundred heroes, each with their own special skills, are chosen by two opposing teams of five players. Three lanes, each guarded by a group of defensive towers and patrolled by AI foes. They are friendly to one of the teams and respawn frequently, are used for movement.

Both teams can defeat the neutral foes that are present in the “jungle,” the area between lanes, to get bonuses. The goal of the game is to get past the rivals’ defences and enter their base, where their Ancient is housed, in order to destroy it.

Heroes exist in a wide range of flavors, with a vast range of skills and responsibilities. They gain strength when their squad eliminates AI adversaries and other players. Gaining experience to level up and gold to spend on equipment at their base. A crucial component of the strategy is making the appropriate purchases for your function, to the extent that having the right “build” is a key component of your strategy.

Star Conflict

Star Conflict

Players in Star Conflict assume control of a skilled space pilot to find and battle for extraterrestrial treasures. Hidden throughout the game’s vast environment. The evolution of the game is building up a larger and larger fleet of ships. Ranging from quick fighters to massive floating behemoths, before being granted command of your fleet. In PvE missions and raids, you and your buddies battle armies of aliens or space pirates. While PvP lurks everywhere you go. You’re never far from a new weapon type or ship module thanks to the game’s amazing tech tree and selection of ships. So there’s always an incentive to keep playing. This is also one of the only free MMOs that supports VR play thanks to Star Conflict’s Oculus Rift support.


Enlisted free-to-play RPG game

In this free-to-play WWII shooter, storm the beaches of Normandy and engage in combat throughout Europe. As they take on several important campaigns from the conflict, players in Enlisted can fight and strategize. Each new setting gives special weaponry, vehicles, and aircraft to help you in battle. With the option to swap between any soldier under your command, and every combat strategy, from tank to aerial support. Is available for you to experiment with as you create and enhance your AI squad to include a variety of specializations. From flame troopers to tankers.

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