Disney DreamLight Valley Revealed For PC, And Console

A good news for Disney fans, Gameloft has unveiled an upcoming new Disney and Pixar Project. A life-sim adventure game called DreamLight Valley. it is coming to PC and Console in 2023.

Disney Dreamlight Valley takes place in the titular Dreamlight Valley. Where a bevy of Disney and Pixar characters have lost their memories after a mysterious event called The Forgetting. That left their village full of strange plants called Night Thorns. You will customize your character, build friendships with the living, and help them recover their lost memories.

Alongside interacting with the Disney villagers, you will also get to customize your homes and towns in several Disney-themed locales. And you can follow Disney stories and minigames with characters like Goofy, Ariel, Mickey, Simba, Moana, Remy, and more. Moreover, There are fishing and cooking activities too, and lots of outfits to customize characters with inspired by several Disney properties.

While, We got an early look at Disney Dreamlight Valley, and are already optimistic about the level of customization available, the fairly non-aggressive monetization, and the future potential for more Disney characters and worlds to make their appearance.

Overall, Disney Dreamlight Valley is being developed by Gameloft, and is set for release in 2023 as a free-to-play for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and PC and Mac via Steam, Epic Games Store,

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