10 Best Zombie Games for Xbox 360

Given our rising interest in zombies, the market for zombie video games on all platforms is also booming. When selecting the top zombie games for Xbox 360, you will discover that having alternatives can be both a benefit and a burden. Once you’ve decided on zombie games, consider all of the conceivable variations as well as your own tastes.
It’s time to check out the top Zombie games for the Xbox 360, so get ready to perform your finest Thriller routines!

The ten games that follow will give you goosebumps like no other if gore fests are what you’re after. Incessant waves of brain-eating cretins, fleeing from scurrying undead villages, and yelling so loudly at your TV are what we’re referring to.

Trust me, You have to turn on the lights when you are playing these games. Cuz you can’t play with lights turned off. It always scared me.

Zombies will always make me feel depressed, regardless of how old I get or how skilled I get at playing video games.

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Left 4 Dead Game Of The Year

best zombie games for xbox 360

With a tonne of firearms and hordes of zombies at your disposal, Left 4 Dead is primarily enjoyable when played cooperatively. The game will grant your wish to be ensnared in a Zombie Apocalypse from both viewpoints.

In higher-difficulty settings, having human teammates is essential due to unpredictable and persistent adversaries, however, killing zombies alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. Additionally, the game provides a number of gaming options that will hold your interest for a while.

Left 4 Dead 2


According to the results, Left 4 Dead 2 is the top zombie game for the Xbox 360.

Players must battle their way through an infected area to an evacuation point in order to be evacuated to safety. This game takes place after the events of the first one, with different characters this time.

Playing as a survivor, you must contend with the environment and zombies in order to stay alive outside.

It has never felt better to smash zombies with a guitar before shooting them with lead. Play through various game modes and enter a multiplayer mode for one of the craziest death matches available.

I’m a big admirer of the realistic mode, which makes killing zombies impossible unless you shoot them in the head. which after reading this essay, I obviously am!

Look no further than Left 4 Dead 2 if you want an authentic zombie experience that simulates surviving the end of the world as closely as possible.

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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

zombie games for xbox 360

Video game Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare is an Action, Horror, Survival, and Western-style Shooter that was created by “Rockstar San Diego” and released by “Rockstar Games.” The game’s protagonist, “Jhon Marston,” searches for a cure for a zombie virus that has killed half of humanity, and his quest is at the center of the narrative.

The game’s zombies come in a variety of forms, including “Humanoid, animalistic, and legendary creatures,” and the player takes on the role of the protagonist as they explore an open area while battling and eliminating the undead.

Undead Nightmare was first released as DLC for Redemption, but due to its enduring popularity among players, Rock Star Games later released it as a stand-alone title.

State Of Decay

State of Decay

Undead Labs created the action-adventure, role-playing, horror survival, and third-person shooter video game State Of Decay for the PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

The setting of the game is a time of destruction following the Zombie Apocalypse. Only a small portion of humanity is immune to the virus after a botched lab experiment turns practically the entire human population into zombies.

Marcus Campbell, the main character, enters the field to rescue the day. You can become comfortable with the protagonist’s persona in the game by acting as the plot proposes.

You must create a refuge for the individuals who are following you and repel any threat.

The game gives you access to roughly 90 different weapons and abilities, including melee tactics, to make it all feasible. You can employ a wide variety of melee weapons to fight off zombies in the game because the majority of the fighting takes place at close range.

Similar to “Grand Theft Auto 5,” you can control the protagonist, walk and run, drive various cars, and engage in open-world combat.

State of Decay offers the most exhilarating and captivating gameplay ever, packed with unique action adventure, RPG, shooting, survival, and stealth features.

With all the fun features this game has to offer, you’ll keep yourself pretty entertained.

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Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2, the Xbox 360 sequel to unquestionably one of the best zombie games ever made, has a lot to live up to. Similar to its predecessor, Zombies Dead Rising 2 occasionally has an overwhelming amount of zombies on the screen.

You have one additional incentive to beat every last one of the living dead to a pulp on their feet thanks to the leveling-up system, which awards players with new moves as they kill an increasing number of zombies.

Combination cards, which are scattered throughout the game, provide intrigue to exploration and, more crucially, let players combine weapons to create super weapons that last longer, deal more damage, and provide a fresh gaming experience.

Call Of Duty: World At War

call of duty world at war

In Call of Duty: World at War, the zombie mode was, and still is, utterly horrifying.

After completing the main mode, Nazi Zombies is made available, where players must fight to survive against hordes and hordes… and hordes of zombies.

In order to survive, you’ll need to barricade windows, gather power-ups, and essentially find places to hold the fort.
There are many maps to unlock, and they are all brutal.

If using the word favorite for such a terrifying experience actually counts, Night of the Undead and Swamp of Death are two of my personal favorites.

Being able to detonate zombie Nazis in Call of Duty is thrilling in and of itself, let’s face it.

Dead Island 2011

dead island

Another game that incorporates RPG aspects into the zombie game genre is Dead Island. You’ll be spoiled for choice as to what to do first because there are numerous methods to play the game and a tonne of stuff and treasures to pick up as you advance through it.

Additionally, in this open-ended title, you can essentially do whatever you want.
Choose a character from a selection of players with various skill trees, gather points, and use battles to enhance attributes while raising your Fury levels.

Save everything, including stuffed animals and family members, while avoiding or eliminating swarms of zombies in your path.

The adversaries also get considerably tougher as you level up, maintaining a steady level of difficulty and making things challenging for you all the time.
Moreover, if you return to a cleared area, all of the enemies reappear. Talk about using your own back as a rod!

Resident Evil 4

Resident evil 4

The game that revolutionized the Resident Evil franchise and introduced that iconic camera viewpoint is an enormous work of art. And the Xbox 360 version looks fantastic.

To begin with, the zombies in this game are limitless. The moment you start to struggle against the effects of the Las Plagas parasite, they are coming for you and fighting back through the Spanish community you are going through.

In this game, the zombies can band together to eat you rather than merely shambling around dragging their legs and uttering a ‘urgh’ sound.

For crying out loud, they are using explosives and power tools to trap you and prevent you from escaping.
Don’t allow them to get too close; aim for their heads. It’s so much more realistic now that you’re peering over Chris’s shoulder, and as those zombie villagers approach, you’ll definitely need to put on your brown pants!

SAW II: Flesh And Blood

zombie games for xbox 360

Action-Adventure, horror-survival, and single-player video game Saw II: Flesh and Blood was created by Zombie Studios and released by Konami. It is the second film in the Saw series and concentrates on elements of third-person exploration.

Between the first and second parts of the movies, it gives horrifying gameplay inspired by the spooky movie of the same name. The new playable character in the game is Michael Tapp, David Tapp’s son.

The protagonist’s main goal is to uncover the truth regarding his loving father’s passing. He ends up being the target of the vicious adversary Jigsaw Killer and his strangely costumed apprentice.

In order to find a way out, the player can alter the surroundings and non-player characters while viewing the world from a third-person perspective.

Evil Within

Evil within

The Resident Evil film series is a major inspiration for the violent gore-fest that is The Evil Within.

Sebastian, the main character, visits a mental hospital to investigate some killings, all of which are unbearably horrific.

Work your way through 16 chapters to try and figure out what the heck is going on while learning more about the strange hooded man you saw on the CCTV.

This is a survival game, however, it’s quite difficult to survive. There aren’t many weapons, and you’ll probably run out of ammunition every time you need to use one.

That means that the secret to victory is stealth, but that’s much easier said than done when cretinous zombies are charging you!

You’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time because of the powerful R.E. 4 camera angle vibe. Spend the points you’ve earned to increase your stamina and reload speed while also locating and neutralizing vicious bombs that could at any time pose a threat to your life.

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