12 Best Zombie Games For PS3 Of 2022

Grab your weapon, Whether it is melly or a gun, cuz we are going to list some of the best zombie games for ps3.

Action games in the Survival subgenre take place in a dangerous, vast environment where players can begin their journey with little to no equipment and must gather resources, forge tools, and survive for as long as they can.

Many survival games have online modes that let players interact with a single universe. Most survival games are centred on procedurally or randomly generated worlds.

Zombie games for ps3

Open-ended survival games are extremely similar to the horror-survival genre, in which players must survive in an unusual environment, such as a zombie apocalypse.

For exciting video games of various genres, like First-person Shooter, Survival Horror, Role-playing, and Stealth, zombies are a well-known motif. Zombies are living dead or vicious monsters that prey on humans.

Some of the most terrifying monsters in history have always been and always will be zombies. These games will have you on the verge of yelling and chewing your nails when a figure suddenly appears in your field of vision.

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The Last Of Us 2013

The Last of Us

I am aware that this game frequently ranks at the top of my rankings of the best PS3 games. But with good cause. The game is a remarkable masterpiece that inspired a TV show. Enjoying extraordinary success as one of the most played video games ever!

Here come Joel and Ellie, a smuggler and a young woman fighting for survival in a decaying, desolate version of America. All they want is a vacation from the mutants who want to devour them and the people who want to murder them.

This game performs much better than it appears. As adversaries close in on your territory, Joel and Ellie become more effective as a team, and mutants that want to rip your face off are destroyed, it’s important to maintain your composure.

Give this game a try if you want a Zombie game with a more extensive adventure mode that you can play through and so much exciting action that you’ll definitely need treatment afterward.

Dead Space

zombie games for ps3

A direct successor to Dead Space 2, Dead Space 3 is a fantastic new Action, Horror-Survival, Stealth, and Third Person Shooter video game.

The narrative picks off where Dead Space 2 left off. Allowing you to take on the role of Isaac Clarke, and work with John Carver. And make an effort to put an end to the Necromorph threat once and for all.

This time around, the game features more formidable and lethal foes, an action-packed gameplay style, and a new rig suit that allows you to explore and eliminate your targets more effectively.

Your ultimate objective is to defeat all Necromorphs while battling John and other combatants. As well as other new foes including The Wasters, and Nexus. Human opposing factions, Unitologist Soldiers, and enduring the greatest environmental hazards imaginable.

Dead Space 3 is a terrific video game to play and enjoy. With sizable weaponry, stealth tactics, improved mechanics, stunning visual effects, a well-written plot, and immersive gameplay.

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Walking Dead Season 1 And 2

zombie games for ps3

a serialized interactive graphic adventure game with a narrative focus. The game opens with Lee, the main character from the first season, being driven away in a police car after colliding with a walker.

Our hero is forced to flee and must now contend with this new post-apocalyptic world where walkers lurk around every corner.

Story-wise, this game is a masterpiece. Providing the authentic feeling of a zombie apocalypse and exploring the endless possibilities of what might happen if both of the first two seasons were made available on the PlayStation.

The game takes a different route, focusing more on dialogues. Making decisions here will affect the course of the game, and believe me, the game will force you to make some hard choices.

Resident Evil 5


On today’s list of the best zombie games for the PS3, Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 4’s sequel, Resident Evil 5, which is an absolute monster of a game, wins the silver medal.

We’re back to fighting the corrupting Las Plagas parasite. That infects people and uses that breathtaking over-the-shoulder perspective. That we initially saw in the fourth game.

Additionally, Sheva, Chris’s sidekick, is introduced. The two characters team up as they struggle to stay alive as chaos erupts all around them.

Similar to Resident Evil 6, there is a co-op mode where players can cooperate on different consoles or via split-screen.

Additionally demonstrating that the PS3 can more than hold its own in a world where the PS5 rules supreme, the graphics are fantastic.

These zombies are seriously angsty and aggressive, and they are trying to kill Chris. By shooting and displaying projectiles and sharp things at him. Chris can engage them in close battle if things start to get ugly, but I prefer to keep my zombies as far away as possible and simply blast them until they vanish.

Call Of Duty: World At War

call of duty world at war

A fantastic First Person Shooter (FPS) and Action-Adventure video game, Call of Duty: World at War transports you to a time during World War II when nearly the entire planet is at war.

Call of Duty: World at War immerses you in the most massive, realistic, and chaotic combats you have ever encountered thanks to its use of Call of Duty.

You can cooperate with your fellow warriors in the multiplayer Co-Op mode to endure some of the most terrifying and challenging fights ever fought.

Your mission is to combat a technologically sophisticated and fearsome foe by engaging in intense combat such as “Kamikaze Fights, Ambushes, and Banzai Charges” and use the best tactics and techniques to defeat your foes.

This game is awesome, with everything from vehicular warfare to explosions, heavy gunfights, air attacks, missiles, and brutal melee combat.

The variety of opponents, tough environments, and challenging circumstances all add to how much you like the game. You can enjoy the fast-paced gameplay, ultra-realistic graphics, and many more thrilling elements in Call of Duty: World at War.

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Dead Nation

The interesting top-down shooter called Dead Nation is set in a post-zombie future. In the game, you can pick between two characters. One male and one female—and navigate through hordes of zombies on each level.

Dead Nation is a twin-stick shooter that is entirely viewable from a top-down isometric perspective. While you will typically be firing at approaching zombies, you do have the option to employ melee attacks up close.

You start out with a fairly simple weapon, but as you go through the game. You’ll be able to unlock stronger and more diverse weaponry. To buy upgrades or new weapons, you’ll need gold, which you may find scattered throughout the stages.

In conclusion, given that it can be played online or couch co-op, this is a really nice arcade twin-stick shooter.

Plants VS Zombies (2014)

Plants Vs Zombies
Plants Vs Zombies

I really wanted to rank second, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put it before the next game.

And to be honest, some of you might feel like including this game is a bit of a giveaway. However, the hint is in the title, and Plants vs. Zombies has always been an amazing tearjerker of a game.

Garden Warfare raised the bar significantly. choosing classes, fighting either plants or zombies depending on your preference, and using insane intense weapons that, despite the game’s current military theme, would look silly in a Call of Duty game.

This game feels more like Overwatch with the most bizarre characters, moving away from the classic “defending a patch from approaching hordes.”

Sadly, due to the servers falling down, it can’t be played on the PS3 because it was solely an online game. You must download it on the PS4 if you wish to participate in the action in 2022.

Zombie Driver

zombie games for ps3

Exor Studios produced the video game Zombie Driver, which combines action, racing, top-down, survival, and single-player gameplay. The post-apocalyptic environment in which the game is set is overrun with zombies. Its gameplay features cars, explosions, speed, and blood.

It sends you on an epic journey where you must complete numerous difficult objectives, protect citizens, fend off zombies, and unlock new vehicles.

Similar to GTA 2, Zombie Driver is played from a top-down perspective. One of the eight available vehicles is yours to choose from. Each vehicle has identical steering, movement, and weapons but differs in terms of top speed, acceleration, and damage resistance.

Your vehicle can be outfitted with a variety of accessories and armaments, ranging from a booster to a machine gun.

There are two distinct modes, including Slaughter and Race modes. The goal of the game is to explore the globe, battle zombies, and destroy them with your vehicles and weaponry.

Rescue city residents by completing a variety of difficult tasks.

Popular elements in Zombie Drive include epic boss battles, cargo transport, thirteen distinct types of cargo, unique zombies, mini-guns, dual railguns, and more. The best game to play and enjoy is called Zombie Drive.

Yakuza Dead Souls

Yakuza Dead Souls

Third-person zombie shooter game Yakuza: Dead Souls is the sixth entry in the popular Yakuza series and is a spin-off of that franchise.

After Yakuza 4’s events, a mystery disease begins to spread over Kamuchoro-city, turning its residents into zombies. It is up to our seasoned heroes to stop this pandemic from destroying the city.

Shun Akiyama, Goro Majima, Ryuji Goda, and of course Kazuma Kiryu are the four playable characters, and each has their own tale chapter to play.

In contrast to other games, Dead Soul is a third-person shooter with minor brawler aspects. Aside from the basic zombie shooter action, you can freely traverse the city playing mini-games and engaging in a variety of activities exactly like in the series’ major games.

In conclusion, if you enjoy odd humor, Japanese culture, and zombie-themed video games, you should give this a shot…

There’s more to look at, making Yakuza one of the best zombie games for ps3

COD: Black Ops

zombie games for ps3
Zombie games for ps3

Although over 5.6 million people purchased this game for the epic zombie mode, I am aware that these titles are primarily recognized for their military-themed gameplay.

And Black Ops is the Call of Duty game with the most intense combat!
While taking a break from the fights in the 1960s, switching to the Nazi zombies map Kino Der Toten and unleash a barrage of machine gun fire on the vicious undead warriors in unsettling and improbable situations.

Equipped with Cold War weapons as they struggle for survival in a variety of zombie-themed settings.

I won’t lie, the game is still incredibly spooky even though it was released 12 years ago. I’ll become so immersed in this game that I frequently lose my mind,
just to turn around and find my friends laughing while looking at me.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Video game Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare is an Action, Horror, Survival, and Western-style Shooter. Created by “Rockstar San Diego” and released by “Rockstar Games.”

The game’s protagonist, “John Marston,”. Who searches for a cure for a zombie virus that has killed half of humanity? And his quest is at the center of the narrative.

The game’s zombies come in a variety of forms, including “Humanoid, animalistic, and legendary creatures”. And the player takes on the role of the protagonist as they explore an open area while battling and eliminating the undead.

There’s more to look at, making this game one of the best zombie games for ps3.

Since the main character prefers to move around on foot. He interacts with various game objects, and participates in combat utilizing melee weapons and tactics. And when necessary, employs various firearms to murder the adversaries in a western-style shootout spree.

The video game “Undead Nightmare” offers both single-player and multiplayer options, a compelling plot, fun gameplay, and stunning graphics.

You can play “Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare” on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gaming systems. One of the best alternatives to “Resident Evil 5” is this game, which you can try.

There’s more to look at, making this game one of the best zombie games for ps3.

Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2

Players command Chuck Greene, a former motocross champion, rather than a nasty soldier slaughtering the populace.

I mean, if anyone can quickly flee from swarms of zombies, I think it’ll be him!

Her mother the undead has attacked his daughter (not always undead, obviously). That might be some sort of zombiephillia.
This game is essential “The Running Man” with zombies. Chuch plays a zombie-killing game to earn money for his daughter’s anti-zombie medications. The military is pursuing his blood because some of the undead have escaped and infected a whole city.

Players are only given 72 hours to finish all of their duties at first. That requires three days to find Zombrex for Chuck’s daughter, flee the city, and establish Chuck’s innocence.

Absolutely no pressure!

Move freely throughout an open space while playing the game however you like. Please understand that you are under no obligation to save your daughter or any other players if you choose not to. You can complete a few side quests before focusing solely on slaying zombies.

Overall, Dead Rising 2 is a game that will keep you coming back time and time again. Since there is no right or wrong way to play it and countless endings to discover!

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