9 Best Zombie Arcade Games Of All Time

Aim for the head, you better don’t miss the shot. we’re going to list some of the best zombie arcade games.

Arcades are a constant fixture in a busy mall; the lights, sounds, and general ambiance may entice visitors of any age. Arcade games, such touch-sensitive beat games, full-body tracking, and the like, also advance with current technology worldwide.

zombie arcade games

Also, a zombie arcade. It turns out that zombies make the ideal antagonists for video games because of their insatiable desire for flesh, and mindless nature. The fact that murdering them is essentially ethically acceptable

because they are already dead.

Zombies have been the subject of countless arcade games (many of which are light gun shooting games! ), as they are frightening, numerous, and exciting to battle.

But which are the best? Let’s find out some of the best Zombie arcade games.

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House Of The Dead

The first game in Sega‘s long-running, immensely famous zombie lightgun shooter series still plays fantastically today, despite the visuals not having aged all that well.

The combination of campy, B-movie-style horror and addicting shooting action was a great success when it was first launched. It was a complete revelation.

The House of the Dead not only served as the catalyst for the rest of the franchise, but also for a number of spin-offs, a (bad and completely unrelated) movie, and a recent HD remake for the PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox platforms.

Not bad for a reasonably early 3D game that has been around for more than 25 years! It had a significant impact and is still highly appreciated today!

Planescape Torment

Mostly narrative-focused, with little emphasis on fighting. The Nameless One, the main character, is an eternal man who loses all memory upon death. To retrieve his memories of these prior lives and learn why he was made immortal in the first place.

the game centers on his trip across the city of Sigil and other planes. The Nameless One may be accompanied on his quest by several of game characters, most of whom have already met him or have been affected by his deeds in some manner.

The Typing Of The Dead

Yes, in this variation of Sega’s wildly successful House of the Dead series, players must respond to words that are displayed on-screen by typing them as soon as they can to kill the oncoming zombie hordes.

It’s the kind of idea that seems impossible to implement.

But it still does. Sega’s bizarre attempt is actually a really enjoyable, entertaining, and engaging game to play; its Dreamcast port even made it to our list of the top Dreamcast games.

Furthermore, it can actually increase your typing speed and accuracy. For a silly zombie game, not bad, huh?

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DOOM (1993)

One of the most important games in the history of video games is Doom, Generally mentioned as one of the best games ever created. By 1999, it had reportedly sold 3.5 million copies and was set in military facilities on Mars’ moons and hell.

The player must move through the space to get to a designated exit chamber to complete a level. The game’s levels are organized into named episodes, with the last level emphasizing a boss battle against a particularly challenging foe.

While the environment is shown from a 3D viewpoint, the adversaries and objects are displayed as 2D sprites from a variety of fixed viewing angles, a method known as ray casting that is frequently referred to as 2.5D graphics.

Quake 1996

Before exiting a level, players explore it, fighting creatures and discovering hidden regions. Achieving the exit advances the player to the following level.

Doors are opened by switches or keys. There are three pathways with easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels available before reaching an episode.

The player must plunge through water and enter a hidden corridor to reach the fourth skill level. “Nightmare,” which was “that horrible that it was hidden, so people won’t stroll in by accident”.

When playing in multiplayer mode. People on various computers connect to a server and can either play the single-player campaign cooperatively with one another or compete with one another.

Carn Evil

CarnEvil was a popular and enjoyable lightgun shooter that is now mostly forgotten, possibly because it was never released on home consoles and possibly because it was eclipsed by The House of the Dead 2.

CarnEvil’s cabinet includes chunky, vibrant pump-action guns and is embellished with eye-catching artwork. The game contains a twisted character design and an extremely disturbing funfair horror scenario (thus the pun in the game’s title).

Even though it’s not the most skilled shooter, this one merits a second chance and a spot on the list of the best zombie arcade games.

Beast Busters

In the game, players take control of one of three militiamen named Johnny Justice, Paul Patriot, and Sammy Stately, who must shoot their way out of a zombie-infested city.

Up to three players can play the game at the same time on the original arcade system. Guns are attached to the machine and resemble machine guns.

Throughout each stage, players can gain a variety of power-ups to help them in battles, such as rockets, grenades, armor, health packs, and ammo.

The House Of The Dead 2

The first game set a high standard for the sequel to meet, yet The House of the Dead 2 was such a success in every manner that it is still considered the best game in the series twenty-four years later.

It’s also, in our opinion, the best zombie arcade game of all time. Despite – or perhaps because of – the ridiculous tale and hilariously bad voice acting (as you’ve undoubtedly guessed if you’ve made it this far down the list, those are definitely series traits! ), the game plays well.

The House of the Dead 2 had great music, a wide variety of creative bosses, and a special Venetian backdrop. And even branching pathways across its levels, offering quite a bit of replay value — which seemed incredibly refreshing in arcade games at the time.

Despite the fact that it’s becoming more difficult to locate a House of the Dead 2 machine in a functional condition in arcades these days. It has been ported to a number of home consoles including the PC.

It’s still a tonne of fun to play, and because it also includes its superb sequel, picking it up is well worthwhile.

Zombie Revenge (1999)

Another House of the Dead spin-off, Zombie Revenge is a scrolling beat ’em up that is a tonne of fun and has a tonne of references to those titles.

Similar to the House of the Dead video games, this one has a silly plot and bad voice acting. It has the same inimitable B-movie charm that is difficult to resist.

And who wouldn’t want to run around kicking and punching zombies, let’s face it? There are numerous opportunities to accomplish precisely that in Zombie Revenge!

Want to fire at zombies or make other things into weapons? With a tonne of weaponry to add to your arsenal, Zombie Revenge has you covered there too. One of our favorites is the cannon shot, a rocket launcher concealed within a guitar box.

This game is worth a try that’s why it’s on our list of zombie arcade games

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