10 Best PS4 Fishing Games In 2022

Fishing is a good thing to spend some extra time with nature. But what if you can do this on your PS4, Playhaze presents to you the best PS4 Fishing games you can play while sitting on your gaming chair. Ultimately, you can enjoy real fishing while sitting on your sofa. How cool this is?

best ps4 fishing games

These games will seal the deal for any fishing enthusiasts out there, with some of the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve seen on any of the finest PS4 games and realistic simulator action that will push your nerves to the limit.

Let’s find out what game suits you for your next fishing adventure.

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Legendary Fishing

In this famous fishing experience, you can catch over 20 different varieties of fish, ranging from king salmon to largemouth bass.

Unlockable gear, objectives, different places, and hours of fun alone or with friends and family are all included.

Casting, hooking, and reeling! In this arcade-style fishing game, you may choose your tackle and refine your skills in three different modes. Challenge yourself with the career mode, which includes 80 tasks that will take you from casual angler to legendary fisherman. Perfect your techniques to gain access to ten different settings with a variety of fish in four seasons and weather situations.

Play with up to four friends or family members and challenge them to catch various species of fish. PlayStation®4 console: To cast, use motion controls with PlayStation®Move (classic controls also available).

The Fisherman: Fishing Planet 2017

It comes to reason that a game created by fishing aficionados for fishing enthusiasts would be at the top of our list of the best fishing games, right?

The Fisherman blows the competitors out of the water with 143 different fish to capture. Try your hand at everything from spinning to trolling… not to be hard on the fish.
Everything from the day-night cycle to going through four seasons while watching the countryside change is pure genius.

And, with 19 various stages around the world, including rivers and lakes, you won’t be bored for long. With over 1,000 distinct pieces of equipment to equip, this title instantly becomes the most immersive fishing game ever created!

Join forces with angles from all around the world as you form teams, or compete against your friends. There are numerous ways to play and lots to learn as you progress.

Yes, The Fisherman: Fishing Planet is the clear winner of the best PS4 fishing games challenge, and long may it reign!

Fishing Sim World

In this very comprehensive fishing simulation, you will go around the United States and Europe. While one could argue that most fishing games are soothing, Fishing Sim World is without a doubt one of the most peaceful.

It’s the ideal fishing game for when you need to take it easy. The movement is a little more subdued, but it’s perfect for times you just want to zone out and try to catch some fish.

Master All the Different Venues Using Your Skills and Tactics: Including Famous Lakes Like Gigantica, Guntersville, Lake Travis, and More

Fishing Sim World: Collector’s Edition is a collection of Fishing Sim World. A slew of add-on content that provides exceptional value while also improving the player experience. Including 6 new lakes with exciting new fish types.

Try Hundreds of Different Items and Equipment: The Collector’s Edition includes all of the gear from the base game, as well as over 80 more pieces of equipment such as boas, rods, and fishing accessories.

Fishing Sim World Pro

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour has a very detailed career mode in which you go from a novice angler to a tried-and-true professional angler. As you advance through the ranks, your social media presence and sponsorship opportunities will grow.

With 10 sites to master and over 199 other fishermen to compete against, there are plenty of opportunities to hone your skills. You can also get sponsorships and expand your social media profile.

Fishing Barents Sea: Complete Edition (2019)

This home console edition includes the original Windows game as well as all subsequent add-on features. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your fishing SIM requirements!

Barents Sea, the predecessor to North Atlantic, sends players out into the Norwegian Sea. Work your way up from your grandfather’s ancient boat to your very own cutting-edge vessel as you explore the perilous waters.

The Barents Sea changed things up by showing how commercial fishermen work as opposed to recreational fishermen. It provides an excellent overview of the entire process, from scanning to quota planning and trawl control.

Players must even recruit new members at the tavern and go shopping for supplies.

The Catch: Carp & Coarse

You’re ready to go…. The line tightens, your alert sounds, the fish strikes, and the struggle begins!

Take on the hunt of a lifetime by targeting and pursuing monster-sized fish from all around the planet. With 35 species to hunt, you’ll need to perfect your plan, skill, and tactics to catch every boss fish in each venue. To succeed, you’ll need both patience and adrenaline as you carefully select your fishing position based on time of day. Weather conditions, and proper equipment setup before casting out into the water to combat and catch these elusive beasts.

It all comes down to the catch.

35 different species of realistically captured fish await you, each with its distinct behavior and bait preferences.

From float fishing for rudd,icee, and bream to utilizing lures for trout, salmon, and pike, every method and piece of equipment will be required to capture them all. You can also catch rare species like pacu, Mekong, and redtail catfish.

Rapala Fishing: Pro Series

To become a professional angler, you must compete in everyday challenges and competitions. To get your gear just perfect, you can choose from hundreds of different equipment and lure combinations. Keep an eye out for new events that pop up all the time in order to become the best in the world.

From real Ranger boats to underwater catch cams and more, the Pro Series is acclaimed for its real-life authenticity. You can even find your fishing sponsors to help you reach stardom.

Build your reputation, acquire sponsors, and compete for medals and trophies as you aim to capture the top 17 species of fish in North America, from Large Mouth Bass to Northern Pike. Unlock and select from hundreds of authentic lures and equipment combinations as you try to outwit your opponents.

Navigate the waterways in official Ranger® boats outfitted with Mercury engines to find your hidden hotspots. Above and below water catch-cams will allow you to fight fish with outstanding visual representation and real-time fighting action! New tournaments will be added daily, and you will be able to experience real-world weather conditions, as well as create your character and catch the monster and legendary fish.

Dovetail Games: Euro Fishing 2017

Games with Dovetails Euro Fishing narrowly lose out on the third medal in our ranking of the best PS4 fishing games. Bring the action of the game into your living room, kitchen, or even the bathroom if your TV is visible from the toilet.

Euro Fishing employs a cutting-edge physics-based casting and reeling system known as ‘Total Cast Control.’ Dive into the simple casting tutorial before moving on to real-life sites throughout Europe.

Take a peek at the image above! Everything is perfect, from the sun glare on the camera to the angles of the trees.

The fish in this game are extremely intelligent. They behave like real fish, altering their location and behaviour according to the time of day, the temperature of the water, and the weather.

Play against your friends or go it alone as you select the best equipment for the task, organize your strategy, and capture those big-money fish!

Pro Fishing Simulator

Pro Fishing Simulator is a fishing game that incorporates nine of the most gorgeous real-life fishing places in the world, all of which are demanding to be explored. The fish even have realistic behaviour, so you’ll have to work your magic to catch one.

There are weekly and seasonal challenges with global rankings, making this the ideal fishing game for both novices and professionals.

Here are the key features you will see while playing this game.

  • Travel through 9 fishing spots modeled on real-world locations from Corsica to the Black Forest to Colorado.
  • Learn 6 distinct fishing techniques with varying gameplay: fly-fishing, lure fishing, and boat fishing…
  • Capture 79 different types of fish with realistic behavior.
  • Hundreds of items of authentic brand equipment to win and combine: JMC, KastKing, 13 Fishing, Lew’s, Strike King…
  • There are tutorials for all skill levels, a fish wiki to learn more about each variety of fish, and over 100 tasks to complete.
  • Weekly and seasonal challenges are available.

Fishing North Atlantic

Fishing: North Atlantic departs from the previous games’ basic line fishing concept and pushes you into the deep end… literally.

North Atlantic is a well-known sequel to another game that you may have seen before in this list. Aboard an extremely realistic fishing simulator, players venture to the wild seas in a fishing boat.

All you need is someone to spray you with water while you play, and you’ll feel like you’re there!

Discover a whole new side of Nova Scotia while following authentic fishing routes in search of fish of various kinds and sizes.

Use anything from harpoons to lobster pots to grab that fish while coping with terrible weather fluctuations and experimenting with 25 various ship types.

The GPS and AI in this game are fantastic, as is the opportunity to experience what it could be like to captain a fishing boat over the winter.

Fill your quotas while avoiding drowning. Isn’t it simple?

These were the best PS4 fishing games you will like. Comment down if you have a suggestion. Suggestions are appreciated here.

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