20 Best PS3 Racing Games Of All Time

If you own a PS3 and you want some action, you are in the right place. we have a list of 20 different Best PS3 Racing Games.

PS3 still has some of the amazing titles that still maintain the charm. We already published a list of the Best PS3 zombie games of all time, you can have this list if you like to play in a dead end, where the world is ending and you are the only survivor.

If you are doubtful of PS3, just remember that Need for Speed series is the one you can play on your PS3 and GRID series and many more like these.

So, let’s check out best PS3 racing games to have your next adventure full of joy.

Need For Speed: Carbon

It serves as the tenth instalment in the Need For Speed series and is an arcade racing game called Need For Speed Carbon. After the events of Need For Speed Most Wanted, NFS Carbon takes place in the fictional city of Palmont City.

It will always be fun to be able to wander around the city at will and compete for Cabon Canyon territory. It remains one of my favourite race venues throughout all video games.

Another feature allows you to create your own crew, so I can finally join the illegal street racing gang I’ve always wanted to be a part of. Who’s going to amount to nothing now, my former headteacher—whose name will be withheld out of respect for his or her privacy—eh?

one of the best ps3 racing games to play


An open-world arcade racing game is called Fuel. The game is set in a different post-apocalyptic version of the United States and features a sizable map with a playable area of about 14,400 square kilometres.

The region’s geography features woods, deserts, and mountainous hills.

The gameplay involves competing in a variety of races spread out across the landscape. Each race is unique, and you can experience varied weather conditions, including sandstorms, tornadoes, lightning, and thunder.

As you go through the game, you’ll also be able to unlock new vehicles.

Wipeout HD Furry

The game types here provide the best value for the money, even though the new circuits are fantastic.

It should come as no surprise that Sony Liverpool preferred to distribute them as an expansion to players rather than having to wait for the launch of a brand-new game.

Fury is a no-brainer if you enjoyed Wipeout HD. Get it right away.

Split / Second

With players destroying everything in their path as they chase after gold, Split/Second is high-octane action right from the start.

It’s all about taking the biggest chances in Split/Second. Players must commit to engaging in power plays, driving recklessly, and performing actions that will definitely result in your licence being suspended.

best racing games on PS4

Every irrational action charges a power metre, which enables players to create enormous explosions. These explosions have the power to alter the entire track, creating new passageways or completely blocking off others.

Yes, Split/Second is the deserving winner of our list of the best PS3 racing games because of its extreme madness and capacity to still make me gasp in awe even after 12 years.

Burnout Paradise

The game is set in the imaginary city of Paradise City, where you can participate in a variety of events like racing, stunt runs, road rages, and more.

In contrast to earlier games, Burnout Paradise is entirely open; even when you participate in a race, you are free to choose your strategy as long as you cross the finish line.

It takes hours to complete the game’s tracks in single-player mode, but sadly, the online multiplayer servers on the PS3 have been shut down.

Burnout Paradise

The more recent remastered version of the game might appeal to you if you prefer playing online over single-player. Overall, this is an essential PS3 purchase for arcade fans.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

There is no need to search any farther if you’re looking for a driving franchise that is completely central to the racing game industry. One of the best PS3 racing games is without a doubt Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which is one the best examples.

The vast scenic courses and super cars vs. cop cars, along with all the other thrills and spills we’ve come to expect from these games, will be back.

The unexpected nature of these events and the sheer pace at which they’re performed make this a difficult game to put down, regardless of whose side of the law you choose to play.

Pure (2008)

This game will be a blast for you to play if you enjoy showboating and performing tricks (which is the major reason we all still play Tony Hawks so much).

As the game progresses, improve the calibre of your tricks by boosting your bar with each successfully executed move.

Race the traditional way if you choose, or compete in trick attack modes where the goal is to score the maximum points. Make use of powerups to annoy your teammates, and try to avoid being the player that runs out of fuel first.

GRID Autosport

The ninth instalment in the Toca series is a simulation racing game called Grid Autosport. As you advance in the game, you’ll be driving more realistically as you take off from various opponents to appease your sponsors.

The career mode is separated into several seasons, and at the start of each season, the player can select from a wide range of racing teams.

To cater to all types of racing lovers, there are over 108 automobiles available, including DLCs. Each car is separated into tiers and classes, and over 15 real-world circuits are accessible in addition to a few made-up courses.


DiRT 3 almost always seeks to improve and expand upon its excellent predecessor.
If the DLCs are included, there are more than 50 automobiles to enjoy. Depending on the difficulty setting you select, you can utilize this ability up to five times during the races, just like its predecessor.

This is an absolute must-have for fans of off-road racing because to its gorgeous graphics and responsive, precise controls.

DiRT 3 is the game you should be playing, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned player of the DiRT series and the long-running Colin McRae Rally series that came before it or someone seeking for a way into off-road racing.

Midnight Club : Los Angeles

Race in this vintage racer, which still has fantastic visuals, using both modified vehicles and bikes. Earn rep points by participating in illicit street races, eluding the cops, and escaping, then you’ll be able to unlock more cool cars and cool parts.

Additionally, as I already indicated, you can employ a variety of weapons and techniques to gain the upper hand.

EMPs and the ability to slow down time to avoid obstacles or cars in your path are just a couple of the cool features that set MC: LA apart from its rivals.

… except for the three impending releases.

Gran Turismo 6

The twelve-part Gran Turismo series includes the realistic racing simulation game Gran Turismo 6. This is the pinnacle of racing simulation games for the PlayStation 3.

It features amazing visuals and realistic driving, and the game’s insanely realistic and refined game physics provide both experienced gamers and newcomers with a completely new gaming experience.

Gran Turismo 6 has an enormous amount of material, with over 1200 cars to pick from and more than 20 vehicles made just for the game.

There are also 37 tracks accessible, some of which are brand-new exclusive tracks, and you can play the game locally with a friend or compete in career mode.

Wipeout HD

A collection of PSP games operating in high definition, Wipeout HD appears noticeably better as a result of the visual improvement.

The eighth entry of the well-known Wipeout series is the frantic, futuristic racing game Wipeout HD. In the game, you engage in high-speed anti-gravity racing events in a futuristic scenario.

The controls feel great, and overall, it’s the greatest Wipeout game in a very, very long time. The game is extremely polished from beginning to end. Do not skip this.

Blur 2010

Blur’s utilisation of 14 actual locations for the songs’ locations is a big advantage. Even bosses must be defeated in order to receive upgrades for your automobiles akin to those found in Need for Speed.

The present that keeps on giving is this game!

The method through which players get followers in this game is an additional cool element.

While there are several minigame obstacles to overcome, such racing across flashing arcs on the course, fans are equally as impressed when you bash another driver into the ground.

Do as the populace requests!

Test Drive Unlimited 2

The nineteenth installment in the Test Drive series is the open-world racing game Test Drive Unlimited 2. You begin the game as a driver employed by Tess Wintory.

As you drove her to a particular area, Tess was surprised by your driving prowess and offered you the chance to compete in a major racing competition happening all over the island.

There are more than 100 cars to unlock in the game, ranging from sports cars to SUVs and other vehicles, and it is set on two main islands, Ibiza and Oahu, providing the player with a vast territory to explore.

Gaining experience points is how you advance; there are 60 levels available.

Joe Danger

Joe Danger has a lot of characteristics that make it seem like it was created by Nintendo, and it will consistently surprise and excite you.

The level design promotes return visits to search for all the hidden stars and coins. It has vibrant, cartoon-style images.

Motorstorm 2006

You can get all the fast-paced ATV action you could want on your PS3 with MotorStorm. I enjoy my sports with all the action and none of the mud.

Players in MotorStorm have access to a wide variety of incredible off-road vehicles. Trucks, bicycles, ATVs, rally vehicles, and a great deal more are discussed.

In terms of the possibilities accessible to the player, this is among the most thrilling racing games I’ve ever played. I know that when bikes first appeared in Mario Kart, everyone was ecstatic, but wait till you see an off-road buggy take on the powerful Mud Plugger.

Oh, and your engine has the potential to blow up. I probably ought to have brought up that earlier.

Sega Rally Revo

The fourth entry in the Sega Rally series is the arcade off-road racing game Rally Revo. The game, which focuses solely on arcade gameplay, intuitive controls, and stunningly bright visuals, is far from realistic but yet provides a tonne of fun and enjoyment.

Sega Rally Revo offers 16 different tracks with a total of over 30 licenced cars grouped into different classes, some of which can be played backwards.

A wide variety of terrains are available on Tracks, including polar, canyon, jungle, and safari.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

The narrative in Most Wanted is even more your own creation than it is in other sandbox games.

It is the racing game for those who don’t often enjoy playing them. You won’t be penalised if you miss that apex or give up on that annoying racing line.

Unquestionably, it’s one of the most thrilling sensations. There’s more which makes this game one of the best ps3 racing games

F1 2012

This game, like F1 2013 before it, includes all of the teams and drivers from the 2012 Formula One season. Play on the brand-new Circuit of the Americas in Texas as well as the legendary tracks and Grand Prix races from this legendary year.

In Champions mode, test your abilities against specific obstacles. This effectively implies that you have to cross the finish line ahead of other F1 winners, which is much harder than it seems!

Along with challenging qualifying modes and a tutorial mode that enables players to practice abilities that will give them an advantage over other players, the game also features a quick season mode called Season Challenge that functions like a condensed tournament.

Gran Turismo 5

However, Split/Second has so much to offer that it’s simple to suggest it to aficionados of kart racing and arcade racing alike.
There are 1,000 incredible automobiles in GT 5, and there are 20 different racetracks to choose from.

So there are 20,000 distinct ways to play this game, I take it? What a deal for the money!
Players can now drive a Ferrari or a Bugatti, two automobiles that I will never… ever acquire.

Split/Second offers enough action and pleasure to suggest to everyone, even if racing games aren’t generally your thing.

Ther’s more to look at making this game one of the best ps3 racing games.

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