Top 15 Best Offline War Strategy Games For Android (2023)

Finding Offline war strategy games for your android when most of the world is getting access to the internet is hard these days, especially if categories like “Offline War Games” are stated.

To solve this problem, here are some of the best offline war strategy games for android you can play.

Best War-Strategy Games (Offline)

15 best offline war strategy games for android

Everyone has their taste in gaming, some people like to play games on a high-end PC. On the other hand, some people enjoy playing games on their android or iPhone device. Some people play video games just for fun and some play games because they love the games.

In terms of offline strategy games, N.O.V.A Legacy is one of the best options available. With over 50M downloads, this game has a 4 rating on Google Playstore also. Having millions of downloads with a high rating is hard in these situations.

With these things kept in mind, let’s jump to the list.

N.O.V.A Legacy

Successors of the previous games in the series. N.O.V.A legacy is the fourth installment from NOVA.

Set in a fictional Kal Wardin’s Space, when the alien invades the space. You have to put your armor on to kill the invaders.

In this game, you can customize your weapons. N.O.V.A legacy is a traditional game where you will get rewarded for completing missions and objects. This game is one of the highest operational games on android and is easy to play.

All you have to do is to kill the last enemy standing. Kal Wardin is a Nova retired veteran who is also the main character of the game. With 50M+ downloads on Google Playstore and a rating of 4+ proves that this is the game you should try.

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Kingdom Rush

Kingdom rush is a tower defense game set in medieval fantasy settings. There are four basic towers to strategize with, mage, archers, barrack, and artillery.

Each level comes with a pre-determined path with spaces along the sides, where the players can build their towers of defense. Enemies will come along the path in waves and your job is to make sure that the enemies are dispatched before they reach the end.

Once you’re done with the enemies, you can upgrade your towers with the gold earned by defeating the enemies. You can upgrade towers to deal more damage, upgrading every tower will get you to the next level.

Now here’s the twist. There are several kinds of enemies in the game that have different kinds of powers, you have to be careful while placing the towers because here’s what a good level of strategy is much needed because once you’re set, there’s no way back.

The Battle Of Polytopia

The Battle Of Polytopia is a turn-based and real-time strategy game where you play as one of the sixteen tribes to develop an empire and defeat your enemies in this fictional world.

The game features offline and online modes, meaning that you can play with bots and human players also.

Each game is played on a random map selected by the game itself. There are multiple modes with different conditions and settings. There are a total of 16 tribes, four of which are free and twelve tribes require purchase.

You can start with the free tribes, once you’re familiar with the game, you can either purchase the other tribes or you can continue with the free tribe.

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Galaxy Legends

In galaxy legend, you will create an army, an indestructible army. You’ll have the task of developing a strategy that can get you and your army to victory.

Galaxy legend is a war strategy and real-time strategy game where you can conquer the galaxy with your troops and write your own version of history. You will compete with thousands of players if you choose to play online.

Galaxy legend has 10M+ downloads on Playstore, making me curious to play this game once.

Defense Zone 3 HD

If you haven’t played this game or any previous installments of this game, then this is the time.

This jaw-dropping strategy game surely deserves a name on your to-play list.

You are up against the worst enemy than the nukes, you are against robots. You have to strategize every step so you can win this war, otherwise, there is no second option.

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4 is the fourth installment in the series of modern combat from Gameloft Montreal.

The gameplay is similar to the previous game in this series. Set in the dystopian year 2037, where an undercover armed force dominates the world and fights against a phantom unit.

The game features multiple maps in the single-player campaign.

Mushroom Wars 2

In Mushroom Wars 2, you’ll have mushroom warriors to conquer the fungi on the map. The player that gets full control of the fungi at the same time, wins the game.

All you’ve to do is send your mushroom warriors and defeat the opponents that are already controlling it. Once you have control, you can level up by just double tapping. Once your level is high, they will generate more warriors automatically.

There are three kinds of difficulties in this game, easy, medium, and hard. The greater the risk, the better the reward that you will receive. There are many chapters in Mushroom wars 2, each chapter has more than 50 levels.

You can go with this one if you like real-time strategy games because this will surely get you addicted.

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Iron Marines

From the creator of the highly acclaimed Kingdom Rush Saga series, which is the 3rd game on our list, enjoy RTS gameplay, top war battles, and set your defense to protect your galaxy.

Players control a variety of characters to fight with the highly dangerous space aliens. On top of that, once you defeated the alien enemies, you can occupy their base camp.

Iron Marines is full of science fiction and amazing futuristic gameplay. The game’s sci-fi atmosphere is breathtaking.

While talking with the two creators of the game, they said that, although Iron Marines have defensive towers, this is indeed a real-time strategy game in which you’ll have to build an economy, establish a force and achieve your mission goals.

This game is long-term entertainment, you can’t complete many of the tasks or chapters within a few hours of playing.

This War Of Mine

Think about there’s a brutal war outside and everyone is going to die, now you’ve two options, you can survive by doing anything whether it is legal or illegal, and the second option is you can follow your morals and leave everything to your fate. What you will choose? Survive or Morals?

This world and especially humanity is full of surprises. This world has two sides light and dark. A developer from Poland took advantage of this and created the game This War Of Mine.

You are a refugee who was subjected to merciless fire, if you want to survive this war, you will need to make every single step to find every last resource to survive in this shattered city.

The story took place in a shattered house, you can choose one of the three characters to start the game. Although the house is fallen, you can still find some useful resources by clicking on the palmprint icon. You will find some props that can be used in daily necessities.

The game setting is close to reality. The graphics of the game are also amazing. You’ve to follow a strategy to survive in this ruthless war.

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Door Kickers

An innovative real-time strategy game in which you are in charge of a SWAT team. You can control your team during a tactical intervention.

Analyze the situation, plan a faster route, choose your weapons, and reach the hostage room before the bad guys get the chance.

The specialty of Door Kickers is you can complete the missions within a minute or two. This strategy won’t let you get bored because you will have a new mission after every minute.

Bad North

A rich RTS gameplay with great design.

Simple and cute yet competitive gameplay. The war takes place on a small island where you meet Vikings Pirates. The game is small in size but the overall design of the game has great potential.

There are dozens of generated islands and buildings on the islands. The buildings are the route of the enemy’s attack. All you’ve to do is to guard them.


A game that is trying to transmit the sensation of the most popular games League Of Legends and DOTA 2 into the android operating system.

In vainglory, there are 12 different characters belonging to 4 different groups. You will get the first skin for free for each character. But you will have to purchase the skins later.

The first thing you will notice when you start, the game is very polished. Unlike any other similar games, the overall design has more potential. Not only the controls are very adapted to the touch screens, but the graphics are also extremely awesome and detailed.

War Of Kings

A game inspired by the Age Of Empires. You are in the middle of nowhere. You will start from scratch and it’s your job to make your territory and conquer the neighboring territories because if they get the chance to conquer yours, they won’t miss it.

Conquer the territories before they conquer yours.

To start, you can start by building a farm for crops and other necessary items, feeding your people, using mines to extract metal from the land, and barracks to recruit soldiers.

War of kings is a game where you’ve to wait a long time to be effective in the game. If you like playing long-term, you can try this one.

XCOM Enemy Within

From start to end, this game is completely science fiction. XCOM is a rich strategy game where the player controls a coalition commander in charge of a business from the inside out to the XCOM project.

First of all, you need to build a base. Once you have got a base, you will have the power of the supreme executive.

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