15 Creative Minecraft Garden Ideas (2022)

What are the best Minecraft garden ideas you can use to create a beautiful garden.


When you think of the video game Minecraft, you might picture towering structures, monuments, and fortifications. Creating a garden is highly underrated in Minecraft.

Not only they look great to attract someone, they can also increase your main attraction by helping it stand out little more.

Here is the list of best minecraft garden ideas

Castle Garden

minecraft garden ideas

Once you have finished creating a very beautiful castle in Minecraft, what next?

A really cool option is to construct a sizable garden either next to the castle or in a courtyard inside the walls if you’re building a castle in Minecraft.

Large gardens are a common feature of genuine castles. the Palace of Versailles in France comes to mind as one cool example.

Creating a garden in front of castle will stand a chance to increase the attraction of castle. You need to try this if you haven’t already.

Zen Garden


Creating a garden in a peaceful place where no mobs disturb you is a great idea. Upon entering, you would be greeted by wooden gates. This is one of the best Minecraft garden ideas you will ever create in Minecraft.

This Zen Garden recreation by Cortezerino is a welcome addition to any Minecraft environment, even though it isn’t quite the Ryoan-ji in the distant eastern country of Kyoto.

Wooden Torii gates will welcome you as you enter, giving the impression that you are being magically transported to a different part of the world. If you look inside, you’ll notice that this tranquil Zen garden is made up of a variety of different types of sand, plants, and flowers.

The big flat boulders are also a wonderful touch because they add some variety to Minecraft’s flat surface landscape. Additionally, there is just enough area to scatter a few adorable accessories throughout.

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Desert Garden


Finding different materials in Minecraft isn’t easy. But finding sand isn’t a big deal at all. And what if you could create a sandy desert garden? How cool it is!!

This Desert Theme Garden by BlueNerd Minecraft might be the perfect idea for you if you want to have some sand-filled fun in your Minecraft Garden.

best minecraft garden ideas and designs

Cacti and other desert plants in pots along the garden’s edges to give it a sandy, desert-like appearance. Alternating between gritty sand, wooden planks, and mud, the floor gives the garden an irregular and natural character.

A small roofed area completes the construction, providing guests and travellers with a place to rest after a day of exploring under the hot sun.

Check out this list of fantastic Minecraft flooring ideas if you think the floor patterns are too simple for your requirements.

Rose Garden

Because of their beauty and meaning, roses are arguably the most popular garden flower, and this garden design makes them the centrepiece of the entire construction.

The majority of the garden is pavement, but there are some green areas that are covered in shrubs and roses, creating a lovely contrast between the cold stone and the warm flowers.

Our stroll through the garden of gardens comes to an end here. There are many gardens here, as you can see, each with a special theme, so there is something for everyone.

We genuinely hope you’ve enjoyed it and that the garden you chose is as lovely as you imagine it to be.

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Rock Garden

rose garden minecraft garden ideas


A cool, thematic Minecraft garden creation is the Yin Yang Rock Garden by Cortezerino. It has a variety of dark and light stones set in what appears to be a Yin Yang pattern.

In one area of the garden, there are towering bamboo trees, while in the other, there are plants and lamps.

The centrepiece, which incorporates the well-known yin-yang symbol and serves as a wonderful focal point for this garden, is of course the main draw.

It takes hours of staring at this garden before you realise that something is missing—a place to hide from downpours!

For inspiration, look at some building ideas from Minecraft.

Fancy Gazebo

A central gazebo is built on top of a round, shallow lake in this Minecraft garden design. Really cool

The roses at the front make it more attractive. Entering the garden will feel like going to heaven.

Of course, the garden would be incomplete without some flowers. By altering the varieties and hues of the flowers used in the construction, you can provide some variety.

Creating a small pillors before the wall adds beauty to the design also. One of the best minecraft garden ideas in 2022.

Jade Arch Garden

This garden design’s remarkable architecture, which is distinguished by stark white pillars topped by jade blocks, which creates some really pleasing contrasts, is what prompted us to include it on this list.

You have some lovely wooden walks that are adorned with lighting and any other decorations you might want to add yourself underneath the pillars.

This is the one for you if you like sleek, pleasant and classic, modern styles!

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Oriental Garden

minecraft garden ideas


a magnificent assemblage of diverse ornamental items that you must wander to observe. In order to achieve that gratifying and lush garden look, you get a wide variety of foliage in addition to mushrooms, sand, and rocks.

Even a bridge and a small creek are present to connect the garden’s two halves.

This garden’s peculiar feature is the Glowstone, which serves as a light source. It’s uncommon to see it utilised over a lamp for a warm, natural glow, but this Oriental Garden design makes excellent use of it.

Green House Garden


Gardens don’t always have to be outside; in fact, in Minecraft, they can even be made directly within your home.

This adorable small greenhouse will let in plenty of sunlight and may fit inside so many homes.

Unless you want to create an automated farm, growing food in a greenhouse or indoor garden is an excellent option.

For those times when you require easy access, it is very simple to have some growing wheat plants, carrots, or other vegetables.

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Large Circular Garden

The gardens we have discussed thus far have all been pretty compact and simple to construct.

We now arrive at a vast and really intriguing design that has several distinct gardening philosophies that are walled off from one another. You can simply navigate all of the garden sections because there are halls between them.

Check out this design if your base is finished and you want a major effort to improve its appearance.

CourtYard Garden


If you want your courtyard to feel like it belongs in a palace, construct a charming design with hedges, tiles, waterscapes, and trees.
Thanks to its lovely concrete pathways, lush grasses, and stunning stone fountain in the middle, the garden has a magical feel to it.

Just picture yourself relaxing in this garden at night after a difficult trek through the open wilderness. For a sparkling and snazzy appearance, construct this garden in a castle, a fortress, a hotel, or even your own base.

Rustic Garden

This is what comes to mind when we picture a rustic garden in Minecraft!

Hanging grass make it look more natural. And adding lamps on every corner is a good way to represent the creativity by player.

It almost has the feel of a huge outdoor “patio” that serves as a crop garden for carrots, cocoa beans, wheat, and other vegetables.

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Cherry Tree

The second topic we’ll cover in relation to the greatest Minecraft garden designs isn’t really a garden at all, but rather an addition you may make to many of the garden designs you get ideas from. You can add these cherry trees to any of your ideas for creating a garden.

A magnificent addition to any landscape, this design is a very huge cherry blossom tree that looks beautiful at all times of the day. You can use them in castle garden, or in a fountain, or even you can make a small garden in front of a big cherry tree.

To further bind everything together, we advise enlarging the koi garden that was originally suggested.

Elven Water Garden

elven water minecraft garden ideas
image: bluenerd minecraft


A grand outdoor structure with two levels, white walls, white hardwood planks, and a Jade green tiled roof. Your Minecraft garden designs can benefit from the light sources provided by lamps.

Despite not being your typical outdoor structure, this one’s architecture is too wonderful to pass up—and it looks fantastic in any garden!

A body of water is present below this building design, which is surrounded by it. Rightfully so, some fences and planters serve as barriers to keep people from falling through the ground.

The structure appears to be deep enough to house an underwater base.

Fountain Garden

Fountains are always a great building subject, and we enjoy seeing them incorporated into different Minecraft creations.

This garden’s layout gives the impression of a royal courtyard with a wide fountain in the centre. The shrubs surrounding it make everything uniform, the paths are sharp and appear to be very clean, and the fountain simply unifies the entire area.

It has a standout design that is both intriguing and expertly crafted.

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