10 Thrilling Indie Games on Steam To Wishlist Right Now

Are you interested in playing some of the thrilling indie games on steam? Then sit back, because we’re going to list down the best indie games you can wishlist right now

Selecting the top independent PC games requires making some difficult exclusions. A decade ago, the great independent boom brought on by digital distribution turned out to be more of a Big Bang, sending small-team production in a variety of directions that are now difficult to categorize. We have a tonne of options to pick from while making our list of the top indie games on steam because of the sheer amount. possibly too much.

indie games on steam

A distinct form of entertainment that can stand alone is video games.

It can evoke a wide range of emotions, including excitement, terror, sympathy, and joy, just like movies and music.

And I’m naturally drawn to video games that provide more than just simple enjoyment. I adore it when a video game can evoke an emotion in me.

Since I’m an anarchist, these are not listed in any particular sequence.

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Portal 2

Wow, talk about a classic.

The fact that the Steam shop has a sizable archive of old video games is one of its great features.

There is one game that would undoubtedly be among the top 100 if I compiled a list of the best 100 games ever. also, Portal 2.

The Portal series, which emphasises first-person perspective puzzle solving with amazing graphics, was quite innovative when it was initially released.

Although the series’ first two games are both fantastic, I believe the second one is where they really hit their stride. The character and plot truly stood out, and the graphics and riddles were improved.
As you advance through the game, Portal 2 contains some of the best storytelling and delivers it in a distinctive way. The way they tell the tale through the game play is one of the highlights of the experience.

When I chose this, I kind of forgot about the “indie” bit. A AAA studio worked on its creation. However, due to its age, it is currently being sold for independent prices. I’ll therefore allow this to be my one exception.

Your decision, however if you haven’t played any of these legendary game series, don’t miss out.

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The game art in Oxen Free is among the best created, and the soundtrack and sound effects are superb. The plot is also outstanding. This is why my friend likes my taste in gaming.🙂

This unusual story features funny youthful banter, unexplainable otherworldly occurrences, and an exciting voyage into the unknown with a satisfying conclusion.

Low-stakes gameplay simply allows players to progress through the exquisitely designed experience without encountering any significant difficulties.

It’s a cute game that’s enjoyable to look at, and as you play it, the strangeness increases.

It’s the perfect moment to enjoy Oxenfree’s outstanding storytelling, especially since the sequel Oxenfree II: Lost Signals is coming out later this year.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

In terms of gameplay, Disco Elysium is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive games on this list.

There is no conventional fighting here. Literally, you can reason your way out of a jam.

With full voice acting and an increase in game material, “The Final Cut” completes the experience and establishes it as the ultimate version of an instant classic.

The game is even being turned into a television series due to its outstanding art and content, which received numerous accolades. You can infer a lot about the story’s quality from that.

Disco Elysium has earned overwhelmingly positive reviews and fan affection.

So anyone searching for a fantastic independent game with a strong emphasis on story will find this recommendation to be simple.


It is a game that tells a fantastic story entirely without using any traditional storytelling techniques.

By just doing what it says on the tin, you encounter the truly original tale.

There is none. Don’t read. Just live it now.

We cannot guarantee that you will comprehend it. or manage it. But making the effort will be worthwhile.

A little child is taken through a series of unsettling incidents in Inside, which build to one of the most surprising endings you will ever witness.

It’s also one of those games that never makes an effort to justify itself to the player.

I can assure you that every task in this platforming puzzle game will be worthwhile, and the prize is enormous.

Life Is Strange 2015

It’s possible to presently classify the Life Is Strange video game series as mainstream. However, it was once a mysterious serial video game experience created by the independent firm Dontnod Entertainment.

A lovely story about a female protagonist with supernatural abilities was the center of the first series of Life Is Strange, which was released in 5 episodes.

Like Firewatch, the small indie team behind Life Is Strange made the most of their resources and prioritized excellent voice acting and content.

It was crucial that Life Is Strange to be presented in the most exquisite, considerate way possible because the plot of the film deals with some really weighty issues.

Life Is Strange got over 75 Game of the Year award nominations at the time of its release and was hailed by Eurogamer as “one of the best interactive story games of this generation.”

At the 2016 BAFTA Games Awards, it took home the prize for best Story.

Life Is Strange may be adapted into a television series, similar to Disco Elysium. Therefore, additional evidence of the story’s high caliber is provided.

A superb addition to this collection of independent games with a narrative focus, and one not to be missed.

Paradise Marsh

It’s a game where the objective is to return fallen stars to their homes in the sky by capturing tadpoles, admiring the surroundings, and discovering lost poems. Yes, of course.

Given how serene and magnificent it is and how Disasterpeace’s music enhances it even more, this appears to be Proteus’ natural evolution!

“A short thoughtful game about exploring a tranquil marsh,” is how it describes itself. immediately on my wish list.


When two legendary games are mentioned that should be joined, I’m a sucker for an “X crossed with Y” pitch. With Riftbound, Pokémon and Plants vs. Zombies will finally meet. YES. Seriously, have a look at the trailer up there; it’s exactly that.

During combat, you can employ spells and combos as well as evolve your characters. Barrel Smash Studios, an Australian husband and wife partnership, is responsible for this.


Acolyte has big goals. It’s an ARG (alternative reality game) that was published on Steam and features a built-in AI helper that speaks normal English.

The idea is that you are a QA tester who is interacting with this new AI to test it out. Naturally, the mystery will then start to come to light, and as it is an ARG, it will do so in the real world as well as in the game.

You may already play a demo, which I just did, and wow. I’ve been working hard on the natural language stuff, and while it’s really darn excellent,

it can’t quite handle it when you don’t answer a question appropriately. Additionally, the recent hiring of writers George Lockett and Olivia Wood by the devs is amazing.

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Valheim stands out from the crowd of co-op survival games because of its beautiful visual aesthetic and ethereal Norse backdrop.

You may build mead halls and roundhouses in relative peace while admiring the sunset and the approaching mist because the survival mechanics are rather forgiving.

However, those looking for a challenge can set sail across the procedurally created wilderness, wading through marshes and scaling icy mountains to take out a number of Valheim bosses and earn a tonne of medals and gold.

Just keep in mind that the boar loves you.


Wildermyth is the ideal option if you’ve ever wanted to play through a tabletop roleplaying campaign with friends without relying on a dungeon master to create your narrative.

Each story is procedurally generated, so you always experience a completely original story as you play through the adventures of your particular group of heroes as they journey out into the world and meet various adventures that mold their identities and personal stories.

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