12 best games like stardew valley of 2022

If you like to play Stardew Valley, Then this list of games like stardew valley will hit hard.

By fusing farming, light RPG gameplay, and a straightforward but successful socializing system, Stardew Valley acquired a devoted following. The combination of these gameplay components and the game’s calming atmosphere results in something that is largely unique. There aren’t many harvests where games like Stardew Valley appear.

What transpires, then, once you’ve seen everything there is to see in this adored cult classic? Fortunately, there are a tonne more fantastic games like Stardew Valley available right now, waiting for you to put on your overalls and grab your pickaxe.

Games Like Stardew Valley

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite suggestions for smartphone and Switch games that either capture the essence of Stardew or reinvent the farming and living simulation genre. You can game all day long with our assistance.

To add more spice, we’ve also added a list of the best games like terraria

The Sims 4


Do you occasionally become weary of farming?

Do you occasionally lose interest in exploring dangerous caves?

Did you ever wish that the locals would stop acting silly and simply follow your orders?

We have the game for you. Don’t consider this to be a betrayal. Consider it a holiday. When you come back, Stardew Valley’s fields will still be there.

Players who want to concentrate on the smaller intricacies of life rather than the larger-scale aspects of games like Stardew Valley may find The Sims 4 to be a fun alternative. That is, up to the release of The Sims 5.


A great alternative to other well-known games, the project featured a classic pixel 2D sandbox with survival, exploration, digging, construction, combat, and all the other fun stuff.

Anyone can exercise nearly unrestricted choice over their course of action, the things and methods they make and develop, the strategies they employ, and other such decisions. Boss fights will give you the willies, the network game performs all required for great cooperative adventures, and random location generation gives the gameplay variety every time.

Action in the video game Terraria APK is completely unrestricted. In other words, you are free to go in any direction, do any action, and simply enjoy the game.

By now, the majority of you should be familiar with Terraria, if not, what are you waiting for? You may build the home of your dreams and fill it with friends and valuables thanks to the abundance of dungeons, bosses, and customizable and transformable terrain in this side-scrolling, pixelated classic.

Visit the App Store or Google Play right now to begin your new mobile experience. Follow the button below to the eShop if you want to start playing right away on Switch.

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Yonder: The cloud catcher chronicles

You may make a delightful little fondant of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles by combining two parts of Zelda with one portion of Stardew Valley. The world and atmosphere lean more strongly toward the Zelda vibe, which is not a terrible thing. Simply, the game is enjoyable to watch.

The seasons will shift dramatically as you travel through the wide world gathering resources and magical creatures. Another important element of the game is the day/night cycle, with certain times being ideal for particular activities. In relation to it, farming, fishing, and crafting are all significant aspects of the game.

It should be emphasized that Yonder’s management aspect is somewhat lighthearted and that socializing is not the game’s primary focus.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon

For Stardew Valley players searching for something a little different, there is also Animal Crossing. Though there are many parallels between the two, it can be challenging to choose a side in the argument between Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing.

Because there are so many versions and editions, games like Animal Crossing may seem a little intimidating at first. The open-ended gameplay, though, lets you concentrate on exactly what you feel like doing. You can spend time with the game’s anthropomorphic villagers, cultivate some crops, hunt for goods, or just relax.

Animal Crossing’s most recent iteration is only now accessible on the Nintendo Switch. With almost 30 million copies sold, nevertheless.

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Slime Rancher

Stardew Valley allows you to build a small-scale slime farm, but Slime Rancher takes things to the next level.

The first-person shooter game immerses you in a sizable open environment full of slimes to farm. You can interact with the slimes and other items on the map thanks to the VacPack your character carries.

You play the role of a farmer, explorer, and zookeeper in the amusing game Slime Rancher. It’s a fascinating challenge to try to gather and manage slimes, and it’s a lot of fun to crossbreed your slimes to create new varieties.

Slime Rancher should appeal to you if you like Stardew Valley’s exploring and animal-raising elements.

Sun Haven

Sun Haven is a Stardew Clone, not merely one of the games like Stardew Valley. You are transported to three separate worlds by Sun Haven’s Premise. ‘The Cozy Human Town of Sun Haven, The Beautiful Elven Village of Nel’Vari,’ and ‘Urban Monster City Withergate,’ are three different worlds. There are seven different player races—including humans and animals—to be discovered by exploring the three realms. Continuing the game? Well, it’s Stardew Valley with a new skin.

As you proceed through the game’s main storyline and encounter its primary antagonist—though not necessarily in a violent way—you will gradually gain more power and skills during your stay in Sun Haven.

Harvest Town

Harvest Town is as close to a Stardew Valley clone as you can get without downloading Stardew Valley in terms of fundamental gameplay and graphics, and we mean that most nicely imaginable.

It provides tonnes of freedom, excellent RPG aspects, and lots of pixelated fun that let you explore and play any way you like. In this portable life simulation, you can cultivate your farm during the four distinct seasons, go on adventures, and make friends with the locals.

The Farm: Sassy Princess

Would a game not smell as lovely if it went by another name? Sure, but the moniker “The Farm: Sassy Princess” surely caught our attention.

You gather crops, build a new family, do missions, and, of course, fish in this beautifully pixelated farm simulator. Whenever you need to take a break from your busy life, use your phone to have a fun, relaxing experience and transform into the ultimate sassy princess (though our editor may fight you for that title)


Forager is a relatively recent addition to idle games that are accessible across almost all platforms. Games with faster pacing, like Forager, are ideal for dipping in and out of your commute to and from work.

The artwork is very cute and brings to mind the first Pokemon games for the Nintendo Gameboy. You control a high-spirited animated tiny figure that resembles a marshmallow with an axe.

Less emphasis is placed on socializing, relaxing the player, and open-ended storytelling due to the game’s speedier, action-oriented gameplay. If those were the features of Stardew Valley that you liked the most, you might want to pass on this one.

Garden Story

Lots of farming, fighting, fishing, and other enjoyable activities are available in Garden Story, all from the viewpoint of a cute, sentient berry. Rebuild your home, and assist your fruity friends.

Fight the invasive Rot that threatens the land as you traverse a beautiful landscape as the recently appointed Guardian of The Grove. It’s adorable, intriguing, and cozy.

Garden Story contains a lot of material similar to that found in Stardew Valley, such as fishing and farming, but it focuses a far greater emphasis on battle than Stardew does.

Along Concord’s quest, expect plenty of dungeon exploring and some intriguing combat.

Garden Story is a laid-back, elegantly understated game with tonnes of material that you may play at your own speed.

Farm Together

In one of the most tranquil and adorable villages you’ve ever encountered, Farm Together gives you the incredible opportunity to engage in farming and crafting.

The gameplay of Farm Together allows for multiplayer, which is its strongest feature. You can manage your farm and develop the area around it while playing with friends or even complete strangers. Additionally, you can bar a certain player from visiting your website.

Story of seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

The legendary Harvest Moon is being replaced by the Story of Seasons series. Harvest Moon, which invented the casual pairing of making friends and getting your farm on, had a significant impact on Stardew Valley.

We all enjoyed a satisfying farming experience with Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town thanks to XSEED game publishers. Because there are so many NPCs in the town with unique backstories and conversation starters, you’ll never grow bored. You represent the main character who returned to repair his grandfather’s old farm and made the decision to live a farming lifestyle.

Being an attractive bachelor or bachelorette allows you to start a family with your ideal spouse, exactly like in Stardew Valley.

It would therefore be a fantastic pick… if it weren’t for the fact that it was released in 1996.

So it seems sensible to start with Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. It’s one of the games like Stardew Valley, but with a kid-friendly, cartoonish feel.

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