14 Best Games Like Diablo If You Are Bored

Here we have best games like diablo you should play in 2022. If you are done playing diablo to the end and waiting for next game in this series.

Numerous fans have a special place in their hearts for the Diablo series. One of the most recognizable game franchises ever created is this dungeon crawler hack-and-slash game.

However, there are instances when the desire for good simply cannot be satisfied by inventing a fresh seasonal character or consistently eliminating the same bosses. So, here are some games that are similar to Diablo that you might like.

Keep scrolling to see additional games with the same unrelenting emphasis on the battle in addition to our suggestions for ARPGs. Give one of these a try and shorten your wait for Blizzard’s next game. Our list of the top 10 games similar to Diablo truly has something for everyone.

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Destiny 2

Don’t allow Destiny 2’s first-person shooter status to blind you to the game’s Diablo-like qualities.
Along with the variety and abundance of riches, the class you choose for your Guardian determines your formidable skills. For example, you can choose to be a swift Hunter, a tanky Titan, or a supposedly sorcerous Warlock.

Each class has powerful ults as well as its unique specialties.

Additionally, there is an epic-scale plot, difficult raids, and, most importantly, superb cooperative multiplayer. If you want top-notch shooting but don’t like Borderlands’ look or humor, Destiny 2 is a terrific option.

One of the best games like diablo is the Destiny series. Have Fun!!!!!!!

Path Of Exile

The continent of Wraeclast is the setting for Path of Exile. Fans of Diablo will unmistakably be familiar with the pace and brutality of this game. The game has a skill tree that may be used with every class and a thriving in-game economy. PvP now has a new dimension, which is one of this game’s biggest charms.

The game’s creators assert that it won’t ever lose sight of its foundations or switch to a pay-to-win model like many other games.

You can decide whether your character belongs to the Marauder, Witch, or Templar camps. Gems are an item you can earn in the game that are used to acquire skills.

The PvP competitive modes, where you can compete against your teammates and move up the leaderboard in Ladder Races, are an uncommon treat that the developers have created. So give Path of Exile a try if you’re looking for some tournaments to test your skills in or just want to have fun.

God Of War

In its previous iterations, God of War was a top-down type game, similar to the Diablo series. Playing as the Spartan warrior Kratos, you slay numerous Greek deities to exact revenge on them for the demise of his family.

All games in the franchise feature tight, responsive hack-and-slash action. Combat doesn’t get boring because of a clever upgrade system, and the gameplay is challenging.

God of War, the most recent installment, won several Game of the Year honors for the same reason I’ve suggested it to you. it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played.

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Warframe, which was first released in 2013, has improved significantly from its rocky beginnings. It has a loyal following that is expanding daily because to the consistent free material, updates, and fixes.

Because of its infamous grind, playing Warframe can be intimidating. Yes, even if you pay, there is no getting around it. I’d advise you to spend money on stuff that makes grinding and combat enjoyable. Why not relax and have fun while doing it?

It could be a little challenging to get the feel of the game if you just started playing it. At first, untangling years’ worth of effort can be a little overwhelming, but after you get the hang of the game, it becomes enjoyable. Newcomers may always count on assistance from the community.

You may rely on them to save you if you find yourself in trouble. Its many hours of questing will keep you occupied for a few days once you figure out its complicated mechanics (or months). While initially annoying, Warframe eventually grows on you.

Its capacity to give you the impression that you are an unstoppable space ninja warrior cannot be overstated.

Grim Dawn

Only a few dispersed communities remain, and humanity is on the verge of extinction at the hands of two tribes of extra-dimensional entities. You must fight back against the powers of evil, one horde of ruthless hordes at a time.

These risks do not have to be faced by you unaided or alone. Grim Dawn welcomes a four-player co-op and rewards you with loot like any decent Diablo heir would. Even a crafting system is available if you enjoy experimenting. When it comes to this genre, GD is unquestionably among the top games, especially if you’re lacking in dark fantasy settings.

DarkSiders Series

Darksiders deviates a little from the isometric dungeon crawling paradigm, but it’s still a game along those lines. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse—War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence—are the focus of the games.

This series is a hack-and-slash RPG, games like Diablo, without the isometric point-and-click action. You’ll become addicted to the Darksiders series’ gameplay because of its wide variety of weapons, abilities, platforming, and even puzzle-solving.

The four games and the story itself take a while to complete. A sizable number of quests can eat up your time, particularly on harsher difficulties.

Lost Ark

You can choose from a variety of action-packed characters that can cut, punch, and blast their way through swarming swarms of opponents in search of fresh, tasty treasure and drops you need to finish the game’s numerous tasks.

The powers of each class are incredibly eye-catching and frequently combine quite well for greater impact. As you advance in levels, you can customise them even more.

When the excessively “anime” look is tolerated, Lost Ark may be a lot of fun. It even features a plot, several conversations, and romanceable NPCs that you can complete special tasks for. The game is free to try, so do it!


Sacred initially seems to be a simple Diablo knockoff. But as soon as you start playing it, you’ll realise that it’s more high-fantasy than Diablo. Now that that is out of the way, Sacred is another lesser-known title that is overshadowed by the aRPG juggernaut that is Blizzard.

Since then, it has given rise to three main games and numerous expansions.

However, as the sequels are less ambitious, you should focus on playing the first game. In comparison to most other ARPGs and dungeon crawlers, the first Sacred had a sandbox open environment where exploration is genuinely enjoyable.

If you think you can handle the graphics, give it a try; if not, there are sequels.

Book Of Demons

Each expedition will appear unique thanks to a unique system of randomly generated dungeons, greatly extending the life of the game and giving us the chance to be surprised by unexpected discoveries.

We have continuously faced with fresh difficulties thanks to a well-developed bestiary and a distinctive aesthetic style. It is worthwhile to give Book of Demons a try to decide for yourself whether or not you enjoy this approach to the discussion of video games like Diablo.

Your discoveries might astound you.


Both the first and second Torchlight games are worth playing, in our opinion. The development team for both games includes some former members of the first and second Diablo games’ original development teams. If you’ve been a lifelong Diablo fan, the soundtrack in Torchlight I or II might even seem too familiar.

In any case, Torchlight stands out due to its steampunk atmosphere and whimsical aesthetics. The developers went out of their way to make the loot as addictive as possible with set items delivering enticing bonuses and expanding the options for theory-crafting.

The classes are diverse enough to warrant replayability.

Devil May Cry 5

As some of you may already be aware, Devil May Cry is a frantic hack-and-slash game featuring Dante as the main character. He kills some of the most merciless demons from hell after being sent into limbo.

I won’t go into more detail about the lore because you should discover it for yourself. The most recent game in the series, Devil May Cry 5, is one of the best games like diablo that are currently available.

Victor Vran

Victor Vran is an amazing but unoriginal isometric ARPG that you can’t help but compare to Diablo. Of course, comparing Victor Vran to Diablo is inaccurate and gives it too little credit.

There are no separate classes, the fighting involves jumping and dodging, the weapon sets are all unique and include guns, and the lore is heavily imbued with mostly successfulhumorr.

Although Victor Vran does incorporate features from games like Torchlight and Bastion, it does it in such a way that each element is delivered and combined in a unique way that gives the game its own identity.

Fans of Diablo who are seeking a slightly different route may check out Victor Vran, which has its distinctive design and atmosphere.

Last Epoch

Last Epoch, one of the more recent additions to this list, is a Diablo-inspired indie RPG that is small yet admirable. It also features a dynamic class system, like in Titan Quest or Grim Dawn, where your starting class can develop into a more potent and adaptable one.

The spherical health and mana orbs that the first Diablo game made popularly are also present in Last Epoch’s user interface. Although the independent dark fantasy RPG is still in early access, the cost is reasonable enough to entice anyone to give it a shot.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest, a 2006 release, came close to unseating Diablo II as the best game. This is because its creators implemented a two-class combination system that fundamentally altered theory-crafting and min-maxing in RPGs. Beyond that, it was your typical open-world hack-and-slash dungeon crawler.

Titans are fabled beings that have escaped captivity and are currently inflicting devastation on humanity, according to the game’s narrative. Here is where the player sets off on a mission to decide the future of humanity.

Titan Quest has in-game goods that respond differently to various classes, allowing you infinite character customization options. You can create your character in the game by choosing from a whopping 28 distinct classes. Other well-known locales in Titan Quest include the Gardens of Babylon and the Great Wall. In addition, playing online co-op modes with pals is a lot of fun.

However, Titan Quest has held up well enough in modern times—much like Diablo II—to merit a remake from the creators. That implies that you won’t have any issue starting up your Titan Quest once more and embarking on a mythological journey around the world to kill some Titans who are causing havoc.

Titan Quest ought to be perfect for you if you’re seeking a games like Diablo. Why not set off on a mission then?

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