16 Best Free VR Games: Ranked (2022)

Grab your device and get ready to experience some horror + action, as we check best free VR games.

free vr games 2022

No wonder virtual reality has carved out a respectable niche for itself in the gaming space. And the best thing is that gamers of all budget can take their fill and enjoy the unique audio-visual.

With the advancement of technology, we can say that virtual reality is shedding its stigma as a luxuries and has begun to become more and more accessible for many gamers around the world.

Therefore, it is the ideal time to enter the virtual world. We’ve compiled a selection of the top free VR games in this article so you may enjoy them and get some VR experience without spending any money. These are the best free VR games available right now.

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Rec Room

Rec Room is a free VR game that prioritises the neighbourhood. It has one of the highest replayabilities of any VR game thanks to the dizzying diversity of activities and user-generated spaces it offers.

It may be viewed as a social networking site that encourages interaction and downright compels you to have fun! Without being ironic, you can hang out with other groups, meet up with your friends, and even design and create your own thrilling adventure in this strange but immensely amusing world of Rec Room.

It may be played on a variety of headsets, including the HTC Vive, Oculus Quest 2, PlayStation VR, and Valve Index. Rec Room is also available for practically all of the main platforms, including PC and smartphone, but we strongly suggest you give it a try on VR. One of the best free vr games of all time.

Digital Combat Simulator World VR

If you’re a fan of flight simulators, Digital Combat Simulator World VR is a must-try.

A military aviation combat simulator called Digital Combat Simulator World VR allows you simulate flying some of the most cutting-edge aircraft ever created. You can travel across the Black Sea and the Mariana Islands on the game’s big, free map.

With a military aircraft, you can soar through the skies, but you can also control the tanks, ground vehicles, and ships at your disposal. Just be aware that learning to utilise the controls can be a challenge. But you’ll spend numerous hours playing this game if you’re willing to take on a difficult learning curve.

Echo VR

Echo VR is a treat for fans of zero-g, sci-fi competition and one of the first and best free VR games to attract widespread recognition. Echo VR, which was formerly known as Echo Arena, has since grown to include Echo Combat as well. Only Echo Arena is free, though.

Despite this, downloading it is still highly recommended. Toss a frisbee into the goal of the opposing team, you must navigate a zero-g arena as a team. Seems enough, but the end result is some of the most heart-pounding, sweat-inducing VR action possible.

This game’s movement system is unique and intuitive, easy to learn, challenging to master. The game is only available on Oculus systems, like many other excellent VR games.

The Lab

The Lab is an application created by Valve that combines a number of mini VR games into one. If you’re looking for a tutorial or introduction and you recently purchased VR equipment, this is perfect for you.

Have fun exploring space, playing fetch with your robot dog, defending a fortress with nothing but a longbow, and more!

The minigames are enjoyable and instruct you on all the fundamentals of VR gaming. The Lab is arguably the greatest place to start if you want to explore virtual reality.

Propagation VR

Propagation VR is the other game that surprises us by being free. This game is ideal for you if you enjoy games with a good mix of action, thrill, and horror.

Given that it takes place in a subway, it has a slight claustrophobic environment impact in addition to being a standard zombie apocalypse horror game.

The details in the game are incredible, and the gameplay experience and atmosphere are wonderfully genuine. The game works with a variety of headsets, including the HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality.

Oculus Quest 2 users can also use Oculus Link to play the game.

The Red Stare

Investigate your neighbours, gather data, and track down communist spies.

You can play the part of a covert agent in the free virtual reality game The Red Stare.

The action takes place in your virtual flat, where you may monitor your neighbours’ every move and receive information from your handler through phone and fax.

This low-action game puts your capacity for deduction to the test.

Gather sufficient proof to identify the communist spy by keeping a close eye on your targets, paying attention to what they are doing and what they have in their apartments.

Dragon: By H.P. Lovecraft

a piece of fiction with Lovecraftian influences that casts you in the position of an unfortunate mariner who washes up on the shores of a mysterious Eldritch island.

Dagon is a fully fleshed out narrative experience that, at its core, is a horror game that keeps true to the author’s original story.

Even though the game only lasts for 30 minutes, the emotions you experience will stick with you for a very long time.

This critically acclaimed VR horror game is perfect for fans of the bizarre, quirky, and scary.

VR Chat

VRChat has established itself as the top app for communicating with others via VR, and it continues to grow. With so much freedom provided by VRChat, the player’s imagination is the only restriction.

The player can assume the appearance of almost any fictional character and explore almost any landscape because to the player’s access to an infinite number of mods.

There are several mini-games to play, so there is never a lack of activities for the gamer. The community, though, is what makes this game so appealing.

The gaming community is a physical representation of the internet. Whether that is a good thing or a negative thing, it will make for entertaining conversation.

Fly Dangerous

Fly Dangerous by Stargoat Games, a racing that puts users in the backseat of a quick spaceship, is now in early access. Just to be clear, this game does not pretend to be a flight simulator and instead mostly functions as an arcade-style racer.

Therefore, jumping into a workout and running through a few rings may be extremely enjoyable.

Fly Dangerous is a free game that is still in progress, so there isn’t a lot to do there, but there is an online leaderboard and a free roam option to give it a little replay value.

The game supports keyboard and mouse, gamepad, and steering wheel in addition to the flying stick, which is the best control method for the spacecraft.

Mission: ISS

We enjoy the games that take place in space, and this is the second space adventure on our list.

Mission: ISS provides you with a ticket to the International Space Station, where you can wander around, look at the station’s spectacular view of the earth and space, and learn about its architecture.

Again, as the main objective is to wander and take in the incredible ambiance, this may be thought of as more of an experience than a game.

It is an extraordinary experience that will undoubtedly give you the impression that you are the main character in a science fiction film.

Rock Life: Rock Simulator

Since it is an immersive simulation of being a rock, Rock Life: The Rock Simulator is essentially a humour game. Not a stone with googly eyes or an anthropomorphic boulder, just an ordinary rock.

There isn’t much to do in this free VR game besides gaze at a rocky companion and change the scenery. The player does nothing but stand still.

Even though this experience is quite basic, living a life when the only purpose is to exist can be quite soothing.

Rock Life can be therapeutic in the appropriate circumstance, albeit certainly not for everyone or most situations.

A shopping tour to Eklan Tor

Best free vr games
Credit: Gamerant

The majority of free virtual reality games transfer users to distinctive worlds for brief visits. They are not designed to occupy players for extended periods of time like non-VR freebies like Apex Legends.

In essence, they provide a momentary diversion from reality and provide individuals a chance to travel to a foreign location without leaving their homes.

A excellent illustration of how VR can produce quick but memorable experiences is A Shopping Trip to Eklan Tor. Players must look around this tiny universe, which is located in the lovely village of Eklan Tor, to find a few things.

The game should just take a few minutes for someone to finish, but the memory of it will last much longer.

Gun Raiders

When it comes to first-person multiplayer shooters, Gun Raiders doesn’t go too far from the norm, but it does the essentials well.

The fact that there aren’t many free-to-play FPS VR games available means that Gun Raiders meets a need, despite the fact that it might not initially seem like a stellar recommendation.

Beyond merely being available, Gun Raiders boasts good controls, a few modes to add variation, a respectable assortment of weaponry, and a vibrant visual aesthetic.

As the game gradually improves into a more comprehensive and gratifying bundle, it also frequently receives updates and fixes.

Eye Of The Temple: First Steps

Do you enjoy the Indiana Jones films?

Do you enjoy travelling?

Then you should definitely play the game trial; it will make you feel like an explorer who goes on expeditions. You can lose yourself in the enigmatic atmosphere of the temples while avoiding the game’s potential hazards by running or dodging them physically.

You understand that there are many possibilities when you embark on an adventure, and the delight you experience in this game is the most accurate.

For us, the WalkOVR Trio, particularly the bending and crouching capabilities, gives you the best experience in Eye Of The Temple.

Spider Man : Far From Home VR

Spider-Man: Far From Home VR puts you in the role of the wall-crawling hero and is based on the same-named motion picture. As you assume the role of your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, climb, scale, and stick the landing.

With its easy gameplay and exciting setting, this game does a superb job of making you feel like a superhero. You’ll be swinging past buildings in New York City, just like in the movie, and it’s a blast.

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of the Spider-Man series, you should still download this free VR game onto your device.

By no means is it lengthy, but it makes for some entertaining humour, especially if you keep up with the Spiderman universe.

Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet the medic

Have you ever wished you could perform on the operating table without having to deal with the stress that goes along with it?

If yes, you need to play Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet The Medic.

You take on the role of Team Fortress 2’s Medic in this free VR medical game. You are in charge of performing life-saving surgery on the Heavy, the game’s largest combatant class.

The game’s appeal lies in the fact that it frequently manages to be absurd.

Your table contains not just medical supplies, but also the silliest items, such as an axe, a sandwich, and a baseball bat, to mention a few.

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