10 best FPS games for low end PC to play right now

It’s difficult to find anything to play when you have a low PC. But we’ve created a list of best FPS games for low end pc, so you can enjoy these First-Person shooter games on your potato PC.

Even if your computer isn’t the fastest, you may still enjoy the excitement of using an RPG to take out squads of adversaries or the rush of carefully managing your ammo to complete a level. Globally, there are about 3.2 billion players. But one of the most annoying things you could come across is downloading a game that looks fantastic but performs poorly on your machine. Watching the action frame by frame is not enjoyable, and in FPS games, performance is crucial. Here are some of the top first-person shooter games for low-end PCs.

Doom 3

Doom 3 focuses solely on action horror, as opposed to the other Doom games, and if it succeeds in terrifying you to death or not. Unfortunately, because it didn’t feel like the original classic Doom games, many players didn’t like this game.

According to Doom RPG, the first reboot of the Doom series, Doom 3, is a predecessor to the original game. In the year 2145, scientists are performing scientific, biological, and advanced weapon design research on Mars. Unfortunately, these studies culminate in the establishment of a portal to Hell, which causes a disastrous invasion of demons at the Mars base.

The game’s gameplay is similar to several others from id Software. There are many demons to kill and a wide selection of weapons to pick from. Additionally, the game has puzzle-solving, which wasn’t present in earlier titles. If you’re looking for a horror game, Doom 3 is unquestionably a game changer. It’s also one of the best first-person shooter games for low-end computers.

Star Wars: Republic commando

FPS games for low end PC

One of the best Star Wars video games may regrettably never see a true sequel, leaving us trapped in that cliffhanger forever. This franchise instalment differs from earlier games in that it emphasises tactical first-person shooting. The narrative of the game places you in the role of the Delta Squad, which is entrusted with performing increasingly difficult tasks as the game progresses.

The game’s command mechanism is among its best elements, despite the smooth and enjoyable gameplay. You have complete control over issuing commands to your team members as a Delta squad leader. This technique is essential for surviving the progressively challenging missions, particularly boss battles. You’re in luck because Star Wars: Republic Commando doesn’t need a powerful computer to run. I can assure you that it will function flawlessly on a laptop or low-end computer. Go directly to the Steam/GOG page if you plan to purchase this game.

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Portal 2

FPS games for low end PC portal 2

The groundbreaking gameplay, narrative, and soundtrack that made the first Portal the recipient of more than 70 industry awards and develop a cult following are all featured in Portal 2.

The single-player mode of Portal 2 features a vast number of sneaky test rooms, a variety of brand-new puzzle elements, and a cast of interesting new characters. Players will re-connect with GLaDOS, the occasionally deadly computer companion that helped them through the first game, and explore previously unexplored regions of the Aperture Science Labs.

The two-player cooperative version of the game has its independent campaign with a special plot, test rooms, and two fresh player characters. Players are forced to reevaluate all they believed they understood about portals by this new model.

The darkness 2

FPS games for low end PC

One of my favourite first-person shooter games ever is The Darkness 2. The fact that the game will never have a sequel, primarily because of the game’s poor sales and what happened to the comic on which it was based, stings.

You assume the character of Jackie Estacado, who must free his girlfriend from the depths of Hell where she is imprisoned by the Darkness. He will have to deal with the Brotherhood, a group of armed cultists aiming to strip him of the Darkness’ abilities, so his quest won’t be simple.

The Darkness II manages to incorporate components common in role-playing video games like skill trees and experience that allow Jackie to enhance his attributes yet having the same gameplay mechanics as any other first-person shooter. Due to his dark abilities, Jackie has additional superhuman skills that give him an edge over opponents. Jackie has similar abilities to the Soldier of Fortune, including the ability to blow adversaries’ heads off.

Both laptops and low-end machines can run The Darkness II without any issues. This game will run reasonably well on an Intel HD 4000 and a core 2 duo, but not flawlessly.

Far cry 2

far cry 2

You are a hired gun, stranded in a war-torn African nation, suffering from malaria, and required to strike deals with dishonest warlords on both sides of the battle to establish yourself there.
You must recognize your adversaries’ vulnerabilities and take advantage of them to neutralize their superior numbers and firepower using surprise, deception, cunning, and of course, brute force. There is more to look at, Making Far cry 2 one of the best FPS games for low end pc. You must try this game if you haven’t still yet.

Cross fire

cross fire best fps games

Although 1 billion people have registered, you might not be familiar with this game. You read that right; according to Smilegate, the creator of Crossfire, the game with the most FPS players worldwide. When this FPS game with Counterstrike-like visuals was published in South Korea in 2007, it immediately gained popularity there as well.

There are more than 400 distinct weapons available in the game, divided into 8 main categories. You won’t have to wait long to find a server because there are more than 110 distinct maps and game modes, as well as almost 6 million players online at any given time. This game won’t cause any issues even if your computer or laptop is quite old because it was made for low-end PCs. An Intel Pentium E2180 equivalent or better, an NVIDIA Intel HD graphics equivalent or better, and 1 GB of RAM are the minimum requirements.

Team Fortress 2

team fortress 2

Team Fortress 2, created and distributed by Valve Corporation in 2007, is one of the most entertaining video games to come out in the previous 20 years. The game’s user base today stands at about 50 million gamers.

In case you’re unaware, Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer first-person shooter that offers a selection of 9 unique classes. Additionally, there are other game modes available, including King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Attack and Defend, Payload, and others. You’ll fall in love with the quick gameplay, hilarious characters, and hours of nonstop fun that community maps offer right away. there is more to look at, making this game one of the best fps games for low end pc

All you need to run the game is 512 MB of RAM, an Intel Pentium 4 1.70GHz processor, and a graphics card, or VRam that is at least as good.

Iron Sight

iron sight

The 2018 release of Wiple Games’ free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter Ironsight was warmly received by FPS fans. You can personalise the characters to your heart’s delight and choose from over 100 different weapons.

This game does everything you would expect of a F2P title and is highly polished. You can choose from several various game modes, like Secure Point, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and many others. Overall, Ironsight will satiate your thirst for traditional team deathmatch if you’ve been wanting to play Call of Duty but your computer simply can’t handle it. You will require at least an Intel Core2 Duo E7500 2.93GHz comparable processor, 512 MB of video memory, and 2 GB of RAM to run the game.


A third-person shooter and action hack and slash combine in the action-packed video game Deadpool. The main focus of the gameplay is engaging foes with guns and other melee weapons. As you continue through the story and accumulate points for upgrades, the weapons and ammunition will get more sophisticated.

The fourth wall is broken frequently in this game by allowing Deadpool to speak with the player. Of course, this depends on development and talent. Deadpool comes equipped with swords and weapons by default. Additionally, he gets access to a range of additional weaponry in the game, like plasma rifles and enormous hammers.

You’ll be happy to learn that quick teleportations are also available. When Deadpool falls apart and sustains the damage, the players must be careful to avoid any further damage. This will allow time to recover. Deadpool can eliminate enemies silently with guns, weapons, or stealth kills. There are more cool features to look at, making deadpool one of the best fps games for low end pc

All you need is 2GB of ram and Core to duo or later processor.


A first-person shooter called Dusk has just been published. Retro first-person shooter games like Redneck Rampage and Rise of the Triad served as inspiration for it. That is why it originally had graphics in a retro manner.

The player takes on the character of an anonymous treasure hunter (commonly referred to as DuskDude) who has heard rumors that a treasure is stashed somewhere in the Pennsylvanian capital. To get to the secret treasures inside the fortified town, he must battle through a horde of foes.

In my opinion, Painkiller comes the closest to Dusk in terms of gameplay and frantic pace. Furthermore, the atmosphere is essentially the same everywhere. But don’t worry—you won’t be up against any enormous demons here. There are more cool features to look at, making Dusk one of the best fps games for the low end you can play this game on your low-end PC despite being fairly new. Head straight to GOG or Steam if you want to get your hands on this one.

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