17 Best Fallout 4 Mods For PS4 You’ll Need (2022)

Most of the games on PS4 don’t have mods, but that’s not the the case with Fallout 4.

17 Best Fallout 4 Mods For PS4 You'll Need (2022)

Mods are fun when it comes to change the way of playing. Well, most of the PS4 titles don’t provide mods for most of their games due to some restrictions from Playstation. But that’s not the case with Bethesda. There are mods available for PC, PS4 and Xbox on bethesda website. Although, there are limited of mods available on PS4 as compared to PC version of Fallout 4.

But here’s the thing, the mode I’ll be showing you in my list are “must”. Although you can’t enjoy more than PC users, but atleast you can have a taste. Without any further explanation let’s jump into the list and have a look at best fallout mods for PS4.

Stronger Dogmeat

Fallout 4 Mods For PS4

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, stronger dogmeat mod is for your dog companion. Usually Dogmeat has been doing 1-2dps when he attacks the citizens of wastelands. In this situation, Stronger Dogmeat increases his damage to 58dps, making this deadly enough to kill anything in his way. This mod is available on PS4, Xbox one and PC.

Any Mod Any Weapon

Fallout 4 Mods For PS4

Ever wondered how to craft your gun in Fallout 4?

Forget it. Any Mod Any Weapons lets you create anything when you are on the workbench. Ever wondered shooting a rocket from a hand revolver? Yes, you guessed that right. Everything is possible in this mod.

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Simple Green

Fallout 4 Mods For PS4

Bored of the fallout 4 graphics?

No worries mate! This mod is going to change the graphics just for you. As the title suggest you will have a touch of life with this mod. This mod is mostly focused on spring. If you like nature this mod will let you fall in love with nature. Try this out and let us know how it looks.

Settlement Supplies Extended

best fallout 4 mods ps4

Do you know this mod was the first mod to be added in Fallout 4? Well, now you know.

The best part is that this mod doesn’t mess with the game’s display or graphics at all, meaning this one is lore-friendly. Adds a hundred of new settlement and decorations for your base without changing graphics at all.

Lowered Weapons

It’s all about guns safety in Fallout 4. If you can’t handle the gun you’re gonna make someone’s balls out of his trouser. Just kidding.

Lowered weapon is one of the best mod in fallout 4. I don’t like to aggresively point gun at someone’s head at all. there’s the thing when this mod comes handy. Whenever the gun isn’t aimed or fired, the gun is lowered to less aggresive position where you can just calm down people.

And here’s the best part. This mod isn’t available on PS4 because lowered weapon uses external assets. Yeah, I’m disappointed too.


OCDecorator let you place any object on any other object. Gun on another Gun, yeah that’s what I thought when I came up to this mod.

You can place your guns on shelves or desk with the help of this mod. you can organize everything with this mod even if you’ve never organized your own room. Yes, that’s quite immpresive.

Outfield Retreat

Mods aren’t boring at all. If someone don’t agree on this, show this mod to him right now.

If you’ve seen the Diamond city in Fallout 4, this mod adds a incredible awesome home in front of Abbot’s home, so he can be jealous.

This mod will give you a nice piece of workbench, plenty of unique storage options and a clean water supply for all the survivalist out there. A nice bed for taking some rest. The drawback is this home will be a little tiny, but having something is better than nothing.

Buffed Militia

If you’ve met The Minutemen in fallout 4, this mod is especially for them, not for you mate.

The Minutement are weakest factions. When you meet them at first, they are in drastic need of taking place in politics to protect the common wealth. This mod creates special kinds of Minutemen, each with their respective better weapons than their counterparts.

So, the question is why do you need this mod? This mod is needed to protect the people at minute’s notice.

No Build Limit

If you use the above mod and place a gun on another gun, you can still build a wall to protect yourself.

But in this mod, as the name suggests, there are no build limits. Build anything limitless. But you are still in limits, because if you go too far, you may crash your game. So the moral is, There are limits in being limitless. Be carefull mate.

Choose Your Own Perks

Choose your perks adds a locker by the lift in Vault 111, which contain books that give you a specific perk whenever you read.

Well, can you lose all of your progress with this mod? The answer is no, you don’t need to start a new save to use this mod, so don’t get worried of losing hours of progress.


Whenever you aim with sniper, you can’t see things around you, because it gets darken, leaving your scope as the only way of looking. It just doesn’t look good at all.

This mod helps you see things around you while aiming at anyone’s head. So now, you don’t have to worry about the enemies coming from the right when you are aiming at front. Because if you can see it, you can kill it.

Craftable Ammo

craftable ammo in Fallout 4 PS4

Looting bodies and checking drawers for some ammo is boring.

Why checking drawers for the ammo when you can get bunch of free ammo and bombs with this mod. This mod create a reloading workbench, allowing you to take materials and fill your ammo stores with plenty of bullets and bombs.

Better Graphics

best graphics in fallout 4 mods

Do you know the best graphics of Fallout 4 is only available on PC. Despite that, you can still make Fallout look little more interesting and beautiful with the help of this mod.

This mod helps you create better weather and graphics to look more immersive. Although, this mod isn’t gonna retexture assets, but adds a vibrancy to your gameplay, so it can be more realistic.

Repaired Croup Manor

Repaired Croup Manor

I still wonder how this mansion survived the bombs and is still standing 210 years after bombs dropped. Luckily NoRespawns let you create it’s interior, allowing you to create a proper home here for the people of wastelanders.

It’s one of my favorite and the best fallout 4 mods PS4.

Infinite Ammo

Infinite Ammo for companion Fallout 4 mods

You want infinite ammo to smash enemies head off? You can’t do that brother.

Well this mod is created for your companion, because they love to burn through your ammo. That’s where this mod is handy. As long as your companion has one round of ammo in their weapons, they can fire forever.

Water Redux

Water redux fallout 4 mods

This is why I respect mods more than the game itself. With this mod, you can literally feel the water. Water Redux doesn’t only make lakes, river and ocean clear, but it also cleans the visibility under-water.

The best part is this mod doesn’t conflict with others, simply cleans the water, increase the clarity and under-water visibility.

Forests And Grasslands

Best mods for PS4 Fallout 4 Grass and forest

If you are afraid of the Fallout 4 dull graphics, Pick this mod. When it comes to the games scenry, this mods stands out and add green forest arround you to make it look more immersive.

This mod doesn’t even ruin the post-appocalyptic graphics of Fallout 4. This greenry is added perfectly in line with the setting of game. You will fall in love with this mod when installing on your PS4. This is it for the best Fallout 4 Mods for PS4.


Did I missed any of your favorite Mod? Please let us know in the comment section, so we can update our content as soon as possible. Also, if you are interested, you can read the latest news about fallout 5 release

How to Download Fallout 4 Mods?

You can download fallout 4 mods from Bethesda’s official website.

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